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You love ice cream? And what you know about it

it likely are loved by all. Pleasant sweet and cool at the same time. And still taste of the childhood on lips. Creamy, chocolate, in glasses, balls, ice cream, fruit. It will be a question of ice cream. But whether this cold refreshing product damages our health? Whether there is in it some advantage? The subject as is impossible actual with arrival of heat when consumption of this sweet dessert with the refreshing effect increases several times. When we eat with
ice cream? When to us hot when there is a wish to be refreshed when there is a wish for some sweet. And still, according to fans of ice cream, it perfectly calms nerves and helps to be loaded with a positive. All these facts - our personal perception of this product. And what experts and doctors think of the use in food of ice cream?
For a start we will understand that such ice cream. It is the frozen mix of dairy, fruit, creamy, chocolate mixes. It if to speak about a classical, natural type of ice cream. Modern producers for reduction in cost of process and costs of raw materials of which have to make this cool dessert often use not natural products. Fillers and various emulsifiers - them even more often can be met as a part of our favourite ice cream if attentively to look narrowly at structure on a product label. And it does not give it advantage at all. And if ice cream natural and natural classical ingredients are its part, then its advantage for an organism unambiguously increases. One portion of such natural ice cream contains more than 20 amino acids, 25 fatty acids, 20 vitamins, 30 mineral salts and important enzymes necessary for a normal metabolism. That is, if to indulge itself ice cream, then only from natural products and without the content of harmful substances.
What physicians tell a miracle about it - a product? Otolaryngologists even recommend to the patient to use periodically cool ice cream in order that at our throat a peculiar immunity on cold was developed. Thus, the throat gets used to cold temperatures, and we will have less often quinsies and an inflammation of a throat. However it is necessary to approach such prevention reasonably and to train a throat gradually and small portions of ice cream.
A here dietitians do not recommend to be fond to frozen people who suffer from excess weight and have diabetes or have tendency and to excessive weight to diabetes. It is explained by the fact that ice cream pretty high-calorific product. 100 grams of ice cream provided that it is made of natural products, can contain about 500 calories. The same fans of ice cream at whom the level of content of cholesterol is increased should avoid this sweet dessert if animal fats are its part. Even at the use of ice cream it is necessary to be ready to the fact that glucose level will increase in blood and quickly enough. So, on the eve of testing, for more objective result, it is better to refrain from this sweet temptation.
At those people who cannot refuse to themselves this sweet pleasure experts noticed an interesting tendency to frequent headaches. It is at first sight difficult to explain and believe that from all reasons of a possible headache, one third is connected with the frequent use or abuse of ice cream. As they say, it is inexplicable, but the fact. Fast, hasty, hasty acceptance in food of this type of a dessert, leads to quite sharp decrease in the general body temperature, there is a narrowing of vessels, to a brain automatically begins to arrive less blood, it also becomes the reason of an unpleasant headache. same
who has heart diseases, ischemic disease, ateroskleroza, problems of a disease of teeth and caries should indulge less often themselves this product. According to dietitians, the most optimum quantity of portions of this product in our diet should not exceed several times a week.
A here the most important fans of this product - our children should not replace full meal, a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner of this dessert at all. As they say a lunch - a lunch, ice cream - ice cream. However, and right after food, you should not start the use of this dessert - it can complicate children`s digestion and lead to diseases of a stomach and digestive organs.
About where and how to use ice cream - the opinion of experts of all spheres met in one point. It is necessary to do it not on the run and at all not on the street where on a surface of this product all street dust and dirt instantly accumulate. It is better to carry out this pleasant procedure of eating of a sweet dessert in the quiet and weakening atmosphere. Then taste will better be felt, and you will use not ice cream with dust, and the real dessert without impurity. we Will sum up of
our peculiar results. If to indulge itself a cool, sweet dessert, then only from natural ingredients. To use, but not to abuse. To hold a frozen ceremony with taste, comfort and arrangement. As they say, pleasant ice cream!