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Are created for each other. A parable about the lost happiness. Author Natalya Berilova of

Author: Natalya Berilova
When I received the invitation to Olina a wedding, was not surprised at all. Still! They are on friendly terms with Kolya long ago so the wedding is quite natural. Olya`s request surprised me - to be a witness at a wedding.

We were not so close to it. Olya wanted to explain nothing, read surprise on my face and asked:“ Think“. Well that. Time is. I call the best friend of Olya, Irina.

- Ira, you quarreled with Olya?
- From what you took?
- Whereas you will explain its request to be to me a witness at her wedding?

- I refused.
- Why?
- I do not want to participate in this masquerade, itself I will not go to a wedding and I do not advise you.

- In my opinion, you always liked Kolya. - Pricking
it was pleasant and pleasant, and a zhenishka I seriously do not perceive it By the way, you already saw it? there is no

- It is better to look at it to a wedding if nevertheless you agree to be the witness.
- I understand nothing.
- Let Olya will explain everything to you.

It is necessary to talk to Olya. It is interesting that that occurred between it and Kolya what she preferred another?

Ya always admired this couple: beautiful, high, cheerful. It seemed, they are created for each other. Really it seemed? I go to Olya.

- You thought?
- Ol if it is honest, I understand nothing. Why you decided that at your wedding it is better for me to be the witness, but not Irina?

- Because Irka refused. And still girlfriend... Never it I will forgive it.
- Perhaps you will acquaint me with the groom?
- Of course. It will come now.

I do not remember what we spoke about whether we spoke in general. I stupidly looked at the groom. Small, tolstenky, all in spots, protivnenkiya.

Next day I went to Olya again.
- Only do not say that it is madly in love with it.
- Of course, no.

- Then why you marry it?
- Because the freak. Means, to nobody, except me, it will be necessary.
- Yes, hardly anyone - that will covet it. It precisely.

- you Scoff... there is no
- try to understand you.
- my parents - beautiful couple?
- Yes.

- And we with Kolya?
- Of course.

- That`s it therefore I will not marry Kolya. You know how many times I woke up from the fact that parents swore? The father changed mother, then came back home, apologized, swore that it was last time.

Mother shouted, cried, forgave. And everything repeated. I do not want such destiny.
- Why you decided that you with Kolya will have everything in the same way? In my opinion, he loves you.

- Loves. And you noticed how little girls look at it? Call, appoint meetings.
- And he runs to them? there is no
-. So far not. But I am sure that after a wedding everything will change.

- Yes why?
- It very beautiful, it is necessary to fall in love with it.

the Wedding took place. We with Ira on her were not. And in half a year there was what Olya so was afraid of: the husband changed it.

Now Olya with Kolya. They are happy. Their sons grow up: same beautiful, as parents. And everything, a glyadyana this couple, do not doubt that they are created for each other.


Once upon a time there was a young man. In his eyes the spark shone, the smile, appear, did not descend from his face. The crowd was perplexed:“ And to what he rejoices?

Work not all that well, earnings small, there are no friends and he has not a rest as it is necessary, - it is not visible it neither at restaurants, nor in cafe, nor in discos“.

And the young man enjoyed life: work suited it, earnings were enough for life. For the weekend it left on the nature. Nearby in the country, on the rock, there was a lonely pine.

The young man talked to it, told how there took place him labor week, leaned against its wrinkled trunk, inhaled resinous aroma and, having had a rest, having gained strength, came back to the city.

Perhaps and would live life the young man if it did not meet her … She it did not notice

When he dared to approach it, the girl voiced opinion of crowd:

- You are abnormal. If you had a prestigious work, money if you could bring together me where - nibud …
- I will show you a lonely pine. - be better than
as all.
- What for?

This question was left without answer. Having developed on the high heels, the girl left.

Came days off. The young man went to a lonely pine. Told it about the love, that made the decision - to become part of crowd. The breeze ran on pine branches. then the young man heard
A:“ It precisely your decision? Think! You will have everything: work, family, wealth. But you will lose yourself“.

“ Let I will lose! Without it I will not be able to live, and such what is, I am not necessary to it“. Again ran a breeze on pine branches. “To be your way“, - the young man heard.

The young man settled on another, prestigious, work. There were friends, money. He spent the days off either in the bar, or in a disco. That which he loved paid attention to him, and then married it.

The crowd exulted:“ Well, at last! Began to see clearly! Thought again!“

A the young man became sad. The smile from his face disappeared, the look grew dull. He received everything that he wanted from life, having given in exchange happiness to be oneself.

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