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Stories from Natalya Berilova

Luda and Vera were on friendly terms since the childhood. The school shared the same desk, did homework together, walked too together. Girls grew up. The belief came to medical institute, and Luda - in pedagogical.

The friendship proceeded. Even weddings were celebrated in one day. And in a year they had children: at Vera the son was born, and Luda has a daughter. Girlfriends were sure that their children will be happy couple.

Sveta and Vadik went together to school, mudflows for one school desk. At lessons, on changes they always were together. Sveta had no girlfriends, and at Vadik - friends.

Mothers rejoiced: their dream here - here will come true. Children should enter to the university, to graduate from it, and then and to celebrate a wedding.
woke Sveta phone call

at Night - Svetka, you sleep?
- And you doubt? What can be done at two o`clock in the morning? - Excuse
. Light, I fell in love.
- I Congratulate. Could report about it also in the morning.

- Could not. It is necessary to agree about everything now. You know that my mother will not release me without you anywhere. And I invited Tanya at cinema.
- Well, you know, I with you will not go.

- Do not go. You only confirm that you go with me if mother calls you.
- Agreed.

Next day Vera Grigoryevna called the girlfriend:
- I and knew. The friendship at last developed into love.
- You are sure? I noticed nothing something.

- Vadik asked money for flowers. It never before it did. I think that fell in love. And how there Sveta?

- Waits for Vadik. Told that are going to cinema.
- I Feel, the girlfriend that a wedding not far off.

Light stood apart and sincerely rejoiced for Vadik. Today its wedding. Tanya is the beautiful girl. Beautiful, kind, clever. Besides, she is able to do everything: perfectly prepares, sews, knits.

Yes, Vadik was obviously lucky with the wife. “And on its place there could be you“, - said Vadik`s mother. Light smiled. She was tired to explain to both the mother, and Vera Grigoryevna that they with Vadik just friends.

In a year Sveta married. By this time at Vadik with Tanya the daughter was born. Vera Grigoryevna worshipped the daughter-in-law and the granddaughter. And soon Sveta with the husband left to his parents.

There were years. At first Sveta and Vadik congratulated each other on all holidays, shared news. Then correspondence was interrupted.

Night phone call woke Sveta. Her mother called, cried. Hardly Sveta understood that Vera Grigoryevna has a stroke, and its reason - withdrawal from Vadik`s family to the woman, the coeval of his mother.

“ Will have done with the youthful follies“, - Sveta thought, filling up. And next day it already went to the hometown.

Familiar house. Familiar entrance. The door was opened by Tanya. As it changed! Grew old, grew thin.
- Tan what happened?

- Vadik left us. I do not believe that he could fall in love with this old woman. Likely, this reptile made something to it. He declared that to a meeting with it he did not know what is love. Vera Grigoryevna did not take out such blow - got sick.

Talk to Vadik.
- Of course, I will talk. But at first I will visit Vera Grigoryevna. In what it to hospital?

Vadik`s mother did not recognize Sveta. She recognized nobody, except the granddaughter at all. “Well, Vadka, well, stervets! Now I will see it - I will go into it - will not seem a little“, - Sveta thought, going to Vadik to work.

Vadik was delighted to Sveta:
- And you did not change at all! You get prettier everything!
- But about you you will not tell it.
- What, I look so bad?

- Disgustingly. Mother in hospital, the wife on the verge of failure. Thought of the daughter?
- Light, I will not return to a family Can consider me as the rascal, but me nobody, except it, is necessary.

Earlier I never went to church, and now only about one I ask God: to die right after her death. Not to live to me without it. Both it is a pity for mother, and the wife, and the daughter, but I really only love her. Let`s go to us, you will see it and you will understand everything.

Expected light to see extraordinary beautiful woman. But Vadik`s darling was not in the flower of beauty. Light looked at Vadik and thought that it she never saw it, even at a wedding. Really loves?

Before departure there was one day Sveta once again visited Vera Grigoryevna, visited at Tanya. Tanya refused to believe that Vadik could fall in love with the old woman, went on about a love spell.

Light decided to descend to the psychic. It had a wedding photo of Vadik. Having looked at this photo, the psychic told that Vadik will leave the wife to the woman who is much more senior than him, and with it will be happy.

Whether will be?

The story from Natalya Berilova