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Overdue repentance of

the Story from Natalya Berilova Alla always had

success in guys. Andrey, Kirill, Dima, Oleg, Victor... Yes unless you will remember all? Everything whom it met, made a declaration of love to it, called in marriage.

Alla married Sasha. Why she chose it, Alla did not know. Perhaps fell in love, maybe, regretted. but she could not forgive herself this mistake.

Alla considered ten years of joint life the worst years. Every day she raked over the past, abused herself.

Andrey lives in Germany, he has the dental clinic; Kirill is a successful businessman; Oleg is the director of some private enterprise; Victor is a diplomat.

Also only her husband Sasha is a simple mechanic. Yes, it has clever fingers; yes, it repairs cars to the mayor and his environment; yes, he is respected.

But Alla of it it is not enough. Not she dreamed of such life. How many times she asked Sasha to change a job! But always came across a wall.

- Alla, why to you it? We do not need anything. And I love the work.
- And you love me? It is a shame to me to tell girlfriends that the husband is a mechanic.
- Allka, well is necessary to you? I love you.

I earn decently. Every year we go to the sea. The house - a full bowl. It is a pity only that you do not want to give birth.

- To give birth? From you? Here you will find to yourself decent work then I will give rise.

After such talk Sasha went to hard drinking. Then apologized, again grabbed work.

Ten years... For these years Alla did not make any breakfast. Sasha got up at five in the morning, did exercises, made a breakfast, patiently waited when Alla wakes up.

Then left for work. Alla loafed on the apartment, rang round girlfriends, agreed with somebody about a meeting. Then there were a gym, a hairdressing salon, a sauna, the cosmetologist, boutiques.

Alla always in bad mood came back home. All girlfriends have husbands as husbands not that Sasha. And girlfriends envied Alla: their husbands did not stand at a plate, did not go with them on the South, did not give all earned money.

Having come home, Alla could be filled up on a sofa, smoke one cigarette for another and represent how she could live in Germany with Andrey, or ride the yacht with Kirill, or drive about over the countries with Victor.

Sasha came from work tired, saw that he Alla in bad mood, sighed and made a dinner. For all these ten years he never shouted at the wife, was not indignant with her behavior.

During the next quarrel Sasha asked:

- You sometime loved me?
- Never.
- Why agreed to marry?
- the Silly woman was. Still I am sorry about it. You pettiness.

Sasha told nothing. Left. “It will be spent on drink - will come“, - Alla thought. There passed three days. Sasha did not appear. “Hard drinking dragged on“, - Alla stated. Wanted to call for work, but changed the mind.

For the fourth day it was called from Sashiny work and reported that the husband in reanimation, apologized that did not report the matter earlier.

Appears, from - for malfunctions of a jack the car fell upon Sasha. When it was pulled out, it was in consciousness and asked not to disturb Alla. Now it in a coma.

Doctors claim that there is no hope for recovery. Sasha died, without having recovered. On a funeral Alla represented the inconsolable widow, and at home thought only of one: now to it at last will carry, she will marry the worthy person.

Alla`s dream came true. At one of parties the girlfriend acquainted it with the successful banker. The wedding was magnificent. Newlyweds lodged in a mansion. “Here it, happiness“, - Alla thought.

But euphoria proceeded not for long. Alla somehow gave a hint that long ago was not in a gym that she wants to update the clothes. The husband cut off:
is a waste of money. It is possible to play sports also at home, and you have enough clothes.

- But you have millions, really it grieves you to spend money for me?
- Try to earn them. I will look whether it will want to spend to you them for trifles.

Alla went into a hysterics. The husband left the house. Now it appeared only when two of them needed to seem in light. They stopped by at boutique, the husband himself chose the dress necessary for his wife.

Gave money for pocket expenses and warned that this money has to be enough for it for a month. Girlfriends reported that it had a mistress. Alla right there called the husband and declared that will file for divorce.

“ Do not even dream of it, - the husband declared, - you will not get a divorce. The status of the married person is necessary for me for further career. You will not be able to employ any lawyer, I will buy up all. Do not call me more. When you are necessary, I will call.“ Alla burst into tears.

And at night Sasha dreamed it. It bore a bouquet of flowers. And Alla knew that this bouquet - for her, darling. Alla woke up. Having hastily put on, called a taxi and went to a cemetery.

As long it was not here! Repentant tears smothered Alla. She fell to a gravestone and moaned:“ Forgive“.

And from the photo the smiling Sasha looked at it. It seemed, he forgives Alla also now, still loves her.

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