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Unaccomplished mother-in-law. Grandmother`s evenings of

Stories from Natalya Berilova

to me soon fifty. On hands the thirty-year-old son. Why on hands? Yes because still he is not married. But I do not despond: nothing, I will attach the boy. Well, difficult character at my Kostik. And what? Yesterday the Daw, my neigbour, bit:“ That, you prepare for a wedding again? Which it on the account? On your place it would already be a shame to me a wedding - to celebrate that“.

How you think that I answered it? “Be on the place“. You will think, tsayets what... Married the son once and now thinks that all can be learned. And the daughter-in-law cries at her nights. The Daw exhausted it. To prepare, you see the daughter-in-law is not able. Yes such bull how Galkin the son, unless you will support?

And Svetka, other my neigbour, told that the daughter-in-law is going to file Galkin for divorce. Here let will divorce, I then will state everything to it... And my Kostik was married two times. Divorced. And informally several times married. But about me nobody will tell that I to young people
prevented to live.
Ya with all girls of the son in the fine relations. Tanka, the first wife Kostika, married. At its wedding walked. With the Nenets woman, the second wife of the son, we are in general intimate girlfriends. It works as the hairdresser. So I at any time when I have to be at parade, to it go. Also she will cut me, and will make a hairdress. And from me will not take money.

Katya, the common-law wife Kostika, works as the cook in cafe. So what delicacies my family eats! You will lick fingers! And Ania works in tour agency. We with it flew to Turkey according to last-minute travel offers last summer. So I with all wives of the son in the fine relations. And now I prepare for the scheduled wedding.

ask Me: “How will only not bother you? And suddenly Kostik and with her will not live? Why to be spent?“ Perhaps will also not be. And if is? What then will turn out? At all weddings I was, welcomed all girls, and only, that, passed? Is not present. And this wedding otgulyay.

God grant, the last. Perhaps all - will see reason my Kostik, will become staid. Besides, Luda is a neuropathologist. And I wanted to show to the husband`s neuropathologist for a long time. Something nervous it became recently. Shouts at the son.

So I to all mothers-in-law mother-in-law. Not that Daw. However, yet not taken place....

GRANDMOTHER`S EVENINGS the Belief approached

a window, drew aside a curtain. Behind a window brought down snow. “Strange, - Vera thought, - tomorrow the Epiphany, and the frost, seemingly, will not be“. Epiphany... Favourite holiday of her grandmother....

Foully zapershit in a throat. There passed five years as the grandmother died. The belief departed from a window, approached a coffee table, took the photo of the grandmother.

All five years, on the eve of the Epiphany, she told it as she lived year. This year was the heaviest in Vera`s life. Failures poured on it, in abundance.

The son was hit by the car. He long was in hospital. It was necessary to visit every day him, and the chief did not release from work. It was necessary to leave. And on the new place it was not pleasant to Vera: both the salary is less, and collective not that.

And here still the husband went to business trip for a month, but was late on three. “If you were near, it would be easier for me“, - Vera said, looking at the photo of the grandmother. Having leaned back in a chair, she closed eyes. Memoirs gushed.

Belief of years eight. Night. The grandmother approaches her bed, awakes. They go outside, wash snow. “An Epiphany snowball to a dayetzdorovya and beauty“, - the grandmother says. Then they go home, drink tea with rolls.

- Grannies, you did not go to bed? there is no
-. How it is possible to oversleep a holiday?

Belief of years ten. It is seriously ill. Temperature does not fall down. Opens eyes. Nearby - the grandmother.

- Drink waters.
- does not want.
- Water - that difficult, Epiphany. It what only does not cure an illness.

The belief does several drinks. And the grandmother rubs off it the scarf moistened with Epiphany water... The illness recedes.

Vera is thirteen years old. In kitchen parents swear. The grandmother in the Veriny room. Sighs. When parents leave, the grandmother goes on kitchen, sprays it Epiphany water. “Now we will have a world and rest“, - she says.

The belief is 19 years old.

- The grandmother, Volod`ka made the proposal to me. Tomorrow we will go to a registry office to submit the application.

- I am glad, Verunya. Here only the wedding should be celebrated during the period since the Epiphany till Maslenitsa.

- Well why, granny? We wanted in the summer. - Suffer
. But happy couple you will be. The marriages concluded in this period, the most successful and strong.

The belief is 25 years old. At the grandmother sight sharply worsened. Doctors insist on operation, but the grandmother refused. Winter evening. She sits in a chair and knits. The belief watches TV.

- Granny! You knit without points! Drops helped you?
- At me, Verunya, the medicine. You know.
is Five years old as there is no grandmother. During this time Vera and from church did not bring Epiphany water, and very quietly slept in Epiphany night. “Perhaps therefore also the black strip came?“ - she thought.

“ And if the trouble happened: in a problem family, work not in pleasure - is a high time to bathe in an ice-hole“, - grandmother`s words were remembered. Vera delivered to

on a little table the photo. Looked out in a window. Still brought down snow. Means, the frost will not be. Means, it is possible to risk - to bathe in an ice-hole

Stories from Natalya Berilova