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Ugly duckling. The New Year`s miracle of

Stories from Natalya Berilova

the Ugly duckling is I, Olya. Little girls did not want to be on friendly terms with me. At first I worried, and then spat everything. Communicated with boys, played with them in soccer, hockey, volleyball. Generally, among children I was the in a board. So proceeded to the ninth class.

Boys matured, they had girlfriends, and I most did not want to communicate now with little girls. I remained one. Every morning I approached a mirror in hope to see there beautiful young creature. However my zazerkalny double ruthlessly established the fact: it is angular, plump, it is too snub-nosed, a straight “liquid“ hair, face blackheads.

News of a trip to Anapa pleased me. Any collecting, preparations. Got into the car and went. Just the father was given an award in a year, and this money was enough for a trip. Sea... In total - not for nothing say that if at least once you have a rest at the sea, you will not be able to forget it, you will dream of a new trip.

I so all life. It is impossible to explain, than the sea captivates. You are as if dissolved in its waves, sun beams. Complex disappears. You are you. I understood it at once as soon as we arrived to Anapa.
With housing was lucky us. We chose a lodge in five minutes of walking from the sea.

Except us, in this lodge two friends - Roma and Sasha rented the room. I fell in love with Sasha at once. At first sight. Children for days on end worked in cafe at the embankment. They needed money to pay study at university. Saw only late at night.

I faded, listening as Sasha plays the guitar. Dreamed of appointment to it. But to appointment I was invited by Roma. I did not go. Cried all night long. And in the morning happy woke up: it is necessary, it is possible to fall in love with me! Roma continued to look after. I woke up from its SMS.

It were verses. Of course, it is pleasant when make a declaration of love to you moreover in verses! Here if only it was Sasha...

Days past quickly. We left in the afternoon when children worked. Any farewell scenes, only the SMS from Roma.

First of September. I stand in front of the mirror and I consider myself. Turned-up nose? Yes not such it and snub-nosed... Completeness? Well: not harmonous, but not full. Thinning hair? And if to try to lay them the hair dryer? Absolutely other look. Oh! The ugly duckling turned into a swan. And it I, Olya.

NEW YEAR`S MIRACLE! Tanusha approached

a window, opened it and with rage started the book in a snowdrift. It was Natalya Pravdina`s work. A month ago Tanya bought this book in shop.

From a cover the attractive woman smiled. Even it seemed to Tanusha that she something is similar to the author. For one evening the book was read.

Now Tanya constantly said poyubivshuyusya the phrase: “ In my life every day there are miracles“. But nothing changed: study, house, again study.

One more New year should be met with parents. And so there is a wish to celebrate this holiday with the guy! Drove tears. Well why all her girlfriends have guys, and at it is not present?

However, there is Max. Max. two years it was in love with Tanusha. Beautiful, clever. But Tanya was sure: this is not her guy.

Having overcome itself, she dialed Max`s number. In total - it is better to meet New year with it, but not with parents.

- Max, you could not come to me now?

- And what happened? You understand, I just took a shower and there is no wish to go outside to me now at all. I will call back to you later.

- Well.

Tanusha began to cry. In total - it is right. Not her max. guy. Unless so love? He did not even feel that the voice at Tanusha changed that to her is very lonely now.

It is necessary to walk. Tanya loved winter walks on the evening city. But today pleased nothing: the snowflakes which are turned in air, neither festive garlands, nor cheerful faces of passersby.

About it the car sharply slowed down. “And it is possible to get under the wheels!“ - the man`s voice was distributed. Tanusha raised eyes. It was faced by the nice, smiling guy.

- The girl, to you it is bad?... Well you are silent? So, give I you I will bring. To you where?

- Morzova, 45.

- Arrived. I for the first time meet such reticent girl.

The guy looked back. Tanusha slept. He did not want to awake her. He reduced a sound of the receiver and did not notice how he fell asleep.

They woke up at the same time. Tanusha thanked the guy and started wandering to the house.

At home phone “was broken off“. Called Max.

- You where was gone? I already began to worry. With you everything is all right?

- Yes.

- Tan, maybe, we will meet New year together?

- No, Max, there is no wish.

In the morning Tanusha approached a window, drew aside curtains. Saw the yesterday`s stranger with a bouquet of flowers. Left to the yard.

- Let`s get acquainted. I am Anton. With coming you!

Anton went to the car. Tanusha did not call to him. She was sure that they still by all means will meet. And on snow where there was Anton, Natalya Pravdina`s book lay.

Tanusha lifted it, opened at random, read: “In my life every day there are miracles“. Smiled: really, occur.

Stories from Natalya Berilova