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I try to learn to live at butterflies of

the Story from Natalya Berilova

Got up on the wrong side of the bed. Listened to grumble of the husband. Returned the favor - to say so to speak! I am able. Trudged for work. Was late for 5 minutes.

Turn. One of drivers shy asks:“ And a bit earlier you could not come?“ “Is not present.“ Restrained. But inside everything boils! Irritation on everything and on all.

Fulfilled. Dropped into shop. Ran into roughness of the shop assistant. Answered with roughness. Came crawling home. And houses - the son. Means, again with the swore.

Narugala. Lectured. Ran away. Plate. Ware. Dinner. Again ware. Withdrawal to a dream. How many such days were in my life? Probably, the account already goes for months. Or perhaps years?

Days off... Decided to visit an exhibition of tropical butterflies. Though something to remove irritation.
Small room. To the people it is a lot of. Strange, the exhibition is open for a long time. All crowded about cocoons. Approached closer. I ask:

- And what has to occur here?
- the Miracle.
- How many to wait?
- remained Already a little.

One cocoon revealed. The wet wings which are hanging down down yet not of a butterfly are visible. On them there is no drawing yet. Even it is not believed that this will turn after a while into from what you will not be able to take away eyes.

Clicking of devices. Stir by wings. Flight... To what it is beautiful! Black as if graphic lines of black color elegantly look on a white background of wings. Closer to the basis of wings a yellowish shade.

Idea. The name of this butterfly is translated into Russian as “Idea the White“. And still this butterfly is called “the forest nymph“, “white rice paper“.

The butterfly flies on me. Sits on my shoulder. Pleasantly! Obviously, it was attracted by mine brightly - a red sweater. It does not hurry to depart. I am photographed.

Or rather, not me, and a butterfly on me. In China Idea - a symbol of family wellbeing. Perhaps oblagopoluchus at last in a family?

of the Butterfly... The poet A. N. Maykov called“ Flying flowers“ them. But at this beauty short life. 11 months live limonnitsa. And it is long-livers among butterflies.

Stem the moth lives only one day. As much he should be in time for this day! To leave a cocoon, to meet the half, to leave posterity. And he is in time!

And still he manages to please, surprise, admire us with the beauty! It is no casual the term - Butterfly Effect is connected with one of the most beautiful beings on the earth.

All we think of that we do that we say now, will be reflected in our future. Insulted.

Did not forgive. Did not apologize. Did not regret. Brought pain to themselves, native, surrounding. Did not make a declaration of love. All left on “then“.
we Live - that long - we will be in time. Whether we will be in time?

Perhaps to try to learn to live at butterflies? Beautifully, brightly, in harmony with and the world surrounding you.

would Seem at what here egregors about which we just spoke? They did not allow to live in harmony with themselves and world around to the author of the story.

Egregors managed “to hook“ on Natalya. At first it emotionally reacted to grumble of the husband. Well, and then - chain reaction: discontent of drivers, roughness of the shop assistant …

generally, day was not successful. But egregors fed! So be more careful with the emotions! Once again I will remind: live on a positive! Then no egregor will get you.

The story from Natalya Berilova