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the Story from Natalya Berilova

Nadia opened eyes. Today it is discharged from hospital. It is already the fifth abortion. And hopes that she will give rise no. The doctor offered it sterilization, bandaging of pipes. Nadj`s
, having smiled, refused:“ Hope springs eternal“. The door of chamber was slightly opened.

- You still did not gather? - Excuse
. I now.

It is Svetka, her best friend. Having quickly gathered, Nadia left in a corridor. Girlfriends embraced.
- You refused operation?
- Refused.
- And what was told by Yura?
- They with the doctor finished me. But you know what I rested. All the same I will give rise.

of Nadj opened a door. It is necessary, it is possible not to be tidied up. Good fellow Svetka! Passed on kitchen, opened the refrigerator, got necessary products. Made the favourite Caesar salad, cut cheese, sausage. The snack is ready.

- Perhaps we will wait Yura?
- So it will not be.
- Why?

- You what, forgot? Once a year it leaves to the friend on birthday.
- And how you remember everything? And I always forget about this day.
- Well, let`s drink. For us!
- For us, so for us.

Light looked at the evil on Nadia, poured to itself wine, in a volley devastated a glass.
- Means, I to you the girlfriend? No, the darling, friendship ended when you married.
- What you tell it?

- Be silent. Yes, we were girlfriends. You remember how I told you that I am in love with Yura? How I trusted you, told about our correspondence with it, about night phone calls?
- Light, but I am not guilty that he chose me. I thought, you understood it.
- What I had to understand?

- The fact that Yura never loved you.
- the Lie. He loved me, and married you out of pity.
- Out of what pity?

- Well, as. You were ill eternally.
- Yes and here my colds?
- Yes thus. Went, eternally wound by a scarf that you were regretted. Here Yura also regretted. I dreamed all these years that you with Brisk divorced and he married me. As I rejoiced that you cannot give rise!

She refused operation... And Yurke now from you is not necessary the child, he already has a daughter, and he goes not to the friend, and to the daughter for birthday.

- How many years of the daughter?
- Four.
- And you was silent all these years. Waited for an opportunity to prick more painfully? Well, rejoice: at you it turned out.

- And I also did not doubt it. Not to one to me to suffer. Stay also you in my skin - be influenced what to lose darling.

of Light left. Nadia approached a desk, took out the photo from a frame. In a picture they were depicted with Sveta. Nadia considered this photo of the best.

Memoirs gushed. Light fell in love with Yura at school. She wrote Yura notes, he answered them. Then Sveta began to call him. And Nadia did not pay attention to Yura.

Then there was an institute. Three of them arrived on a physical mat. Two years of study of Nadj was ill all the time. Went constantly with a scarf from - for intolerable a sore throat.

Doctors could not make the exact diagnosis. Yura with Sveta visited her. Once, when Sveta left her room, Yura asked:“ It is possible, I one will come to you?“

of Nadj went with Yura to cafe. She tried to start conversation on Sveta. Yura cut her short:“ I never loved Sveta, regretted her, and now I do not know how to tell so that not to offend“.

The pause dragged on. Nadia felt guilty. Light - her best friend, and she sits in cafe with her guy.

At Nadj`s institute began to avoid meetings with Yura. As soon as it approached it, it it right there found a pretext to leave.

At night Nadia was woken by phone call. Sveta called. She cried. Told that to it Yura came. Directly from a threshold he declared that he never loved and apologizes at it for the weakness.

“ He, you see was afraid to hurt me, - Sveta lamented, - therefore answered my notes, calls. And now it understood that it further so cannot proceed because loves another“.

The next day about an entrance Nadia was waited by Yura.
- I love you, - he said. - Tell if Sveta was not your girlfriend, you would meet me?
- Yes.

In a year was a wedding. Light was a witness on her. Then she assured Nadia that was mistaken in Yura and that Nadia will always be her best friend.

Nadia once again looked at the photo. Descended behind scissors. Accurately cut Sveta`s photo and framed a half, that on which she so serenely smiled.
Remembered east wisdom: “ The blow struck with the friend - very grave of all blows“. Smiled:“ Nothing, we will break“.

There passed five years. Yura with Nadia still together. And recently they gave birth to the son. Light, having learned about the child`s birth, forever disappeared from their life.

The story from Natalya Berilova