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What do not tell about what do not teach at school to?

the Famous American public figure P. Buchanan in the book “Death of the West“ as the main reason of degradation of the American society called replacement of traditional values. According to Buchanan, it is promoted by policy of mass media, restriction of religious education, tsenzurirovany literatures and stories to please to “political correctness“.

Process of “formatting“ of Americans is not finished yet, but goes quite successfully: 80% of students of 55 best colleges and universities could not answer the elementary questions on history, but 95% identified the rapper Snuppi, and 99% - Beavis and Batkhed.

The production technology of the people limited and operated in detail is described by J. Gateaux in the book published in America under the shocking name “As Do of Children Idiots“, and in Russia - “Factory of puppets“. The American teacher ruthlessly prepares an education system which learns, in his opinion, indifference and the dependence having with obedience nothing in common.

How to keep at children a keen interest to knowledge, independence, responsibility if all system is directed to formation of conformists and cynics? Gateaux sees an exit in a freedom of choice of forms of education and increase of a role of a family in training and education of children. The American teacher as the skilled sapper who passed a minefield specifies to us dangerous places and roundabout ways.

Everything is vain! Our school aims to be undermined on each “mine“: introduction of doubtful programs and textbooks, imitation “spiritually - moral education“, loan of others failure experience, neglect experience domestic, is more often on elementary ignorance.

Objectively estimating results of stay of millions of children at our school, it is necessary to recognize that most of graduates have no clear ideas of themselves and the place in life. The modern school at best gives the sum of the knowledge necessary for entering a higher education institution. Attempts to set certain parameters of the personality - mobility, skill to communicate, ambition, creativity become, but development of these qualities in absence of the correct outlook bears more harm, than advantage.

the School does not learn to distinguish that it is good and that it is bad, because one teachers do not set these tasks, and others adhere to simple morals of a gottentot: “The evil is when the neighbor stole from me a ram, and kindly - when I stole from the neighbor of a ram …“

the School does not learn to make decisions and to bear responsibility for them. These qualities distinguishing the successful professional force to perceive crucially the purposes and values imposed by an environment.

the School does not learn to study , that is ability to self-development and self-education does not awaken, and, at best, transfers to pupils a set of the fragmentary and inconsistent knowledge which is not developing in an integral picture of the world.

the School does not learn to the skills necessary in work and private life - to diligence, patience, ability to empathize, help and ask about the help. Just it is not put in one educational area. the Simple subject cannot be made

, without having at least the mental action plan. We dare to bring up the personality. Or we think that we bring up. However the question “With What You Would Like to See the Pupils?“ usually nonpluses teachers. There is a wish to understand: whether the school has to cultivate outlook? And if has to, then what and how?

Frightening to ask these questions after words of the Minister of Education about need to raise “not the creator, but the consumer“ - well as tomorrow will oblige to carry out … But if the commander was a traitor or went crazy, it does not mean that soldiers have to be given or come over to the side of the enemy.

However, we have a reliable tool from mad orders - slipshod execution.