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Izba bast - an izba of ice

the Story from Natalya Berilova “An izba bast - an izba ice“

you Remember the Russian national fairy tale “Fox and Hare“? The fox to the hare in his izba asked to get warm, and then expelled him.

In the fairy tale the happy end: the rooster interceded for the hare, banished a fox, and they began to live in a bast izba. In life everything can appear absolutely not so. Oleg never loved nobody

. Beautiful, impudent, prudent. He got used that girls curl about it. Waited. The marine fell in love with him at once. Beautiful courtings, bed. In total as always, ready scenario.

From Oleg`s lips the phrase was already ready to break:“ The child, you bothered me“. Did not break. And not because Marina became pregnant, not because his heart trembled.

Just Marina somehow mentioned that lives with parents in a three-storyed mansion (townhouse) and that she the only child in a family. Oleg understood: it at last extended the happy lottery ticket.

Took place acquaintance to the bride`s parents. Then there was a magnificent wedding. Oleg when he crosses a mansion threshold looked forward.

But the father-in-law did not hurry. Rented them apartment, invited on a visit. Oleg was perplexed:“ Really the fate turned away from it? Why then married?“

Soon the father-in-law died. Anna Ilyinichna, Marina`s mother, itself suggested young people to move to her. It was heavy to be it one at home, thought that the daughter with the son-in-law will brighten up her loneliness.

Oleg exulted. Here it! Svershilo! For entire happiness there was not enough registration and the mother-in-law did not let to feel the full owner. And Oleg began to act.

At first he discharged the mother-in-law of a plate, having declared that she at its age should have a rest more and it will be more pleasant to it if the wife prepares.

Nothing was suspected by Anna Ilyinichna. Only the daughter regretted - Marina between kitchen and the child was broken off. But if the dinner was made nevertheless by the mother-in-law, Oleg defiantly got up from - for a table, without having touched food.

Then Oleg ceased to pay for the house: it is not registered - means, and it is not obliged to pay. Marina`s mother began to cry. Its pension was not enough for a rent.

Tried to talk to the daughter. “You want that I was left without husband? One with the child?“ - asked Marin. No, Anna Ilyinichna did not begin to pull down family happiness of the daughter.

Got a job the cleaner in the next mansion. Tired comes home. To it to have a rest. And Oleg turns on the music on all power at this time.

Did not stand Marina`s mother, rushed into the room of the son-in-law, stated him everything. In reply did not hear the word.

Oleg chose new tactics - now he ignores Anna Ilyinichna: does not talk to it, leaves kitchen if there is a mother-in-law. And forbade to make for the wife a dinner for three - let the mother-in-law feed herself.

Thought - Anna Ilyinichna thought, packed things and went for the dacha. There lived month. Thought, the daughter with the son-in-law will think again.

Arrived. From a threshold the daughter attacked on mother:“ And that to you at the dacha it is not sat?“

this history has no end yet. But for some reason it seems to me that Anna Ilyinichna will live in “an ice izba“ - at the dacha, and Oleg with Marina - in “bast“, in a townhouse.

The story from Natalya Berilova