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Be afraid of the desires.

the Destiny the second time brought together me with this woman. Then we corresponded. Who the first stopped correspondence - I do not remember.

The third time I met Irina in church. The daughter then went to the first class. I did not recognize Ira. She approached me, asked about the help. Two years ago, when her son rode the bicycle, it was brought down by the motorcyclist.

The son is confined to the bed since then. There was an operation in Moscow, but improvements did not come. To pay operation, Irina sold the apartment, lodged with the son in the hostel.

The husband left a family. “If the medicine is powerless, all hope for God“, - Ira said. I agreed.

We agreed with it that daily, at nine o`clock, we will say a prayer, to ask from God of recovery for her son. There passed several months, improvement was not.

seldom dream Me dreams. And if dream, then I do not remember them. But that time I woke up and remembered dreamed. It was the huge poster with an inscription:“ Be afraid of the desires“.

And in several days, checking the program of telecasts for a week, I saw the name of the documentary - “Be afraid of the desires“.

I watched the movie. I do not remember a surname of the gymnast to which the movie was devoted. It was the excellent sportswoman who won a set of prizes at competitions of different level.

But it did not maintain a life rhythm which had to be observed: was tired of trainings, interview, admirers. And before going to bed often thought:“ As I was tired of all this. As I want rest“.

It found rest. During training got a trauma after which could not get on feet. Friends, admirers disappeared. Loneliness. Rest.

The movie came to an end with a monologue of the former sportswoman:“ Be afraid of the desires. Unless I dreamed of such rest? “

Ya could not understand in any way that this movie, this phrase means to me. And again there was a dream. I saw the motorcyclist rushing at a mad speed. “Who it could be?“ - I thought.

As though having heard me, the guy turns around. I see an animal grin and I understand that it is the matured Irina`s son. And then there was Ira`s call. She told that more prayer should not be said.

- It became better for it?

- No. Let everything will be as is.

In a year in church I met Ira again. In a wheelchair her son sat. After service I went to take them home.

Irina told that during the next prayer about health of the son she heard a voice:“ For what you pray? If your son recovers, you will regret that you gave birth to him“.

Irina talked to the priest. Irina remembered what he told it well:“ We pray for the neighbors, we ask for them that we consider it necessary.

And at the same time we do not reflect that God better us knows that is necessary for each of us. Therefore if we do not receive prosimy, it is better to reconcile to it. And if to continue to pray, it is possible to receive absolutely not that wanted“.

Irina reconciled. Of course, it it is heavy. And there is a strong wish to see healthy the son. Whether there will only be for the benefit this health and to the son, both her, and all who surrounds them?