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Ridiculous disputes - high fences of

Still N. V. Gogol in “The story how Ivan Ivanovich with Ivan Nikiforovich quarreled“ described absurd of quarrel of two neighbors. But people did not cease to quarrel. The reasons are different...

Here, for example, it is possible to quarrel from - for a piece of meat. I learned about it from the acquaintance. Valentina with the husband Dmitry lived then in India.

Meat was a favourite dish of Dmitry at that time. He prepared always: boiled in the evening, and fried in the morning. In one fine morning of meat in a pan Dmitry did not find.

Having been left without breakfast, Dmitry without mood went to work. Next day everything repeated: the pan is densely closed by a cover, and meat completely disappeared.

Here Dmitry did not sustain. He rushed into the neighboring room where his partner lived, and stated everything that thinks of it.

The matter is that on the floor with a common kitchen there were only two rooms: one Valentina with Dmitry occupied, another - Dmitry`s partner with the wife.

Alexey tried to explain that he would never dare to take food from others pan that in the mornings he does not eat meat. But Dmitry did not listen - the rage and anger overflowed him.

If before a family had supper together, then now a sit-round gathering stopped. Tense there were relations of partners and at work.

It is unknown, than everything would end if in one of sleepless nights Dmitry did not come on kitchen. At first he listened to suspicious sounds. Then woke Valentina, and they, stealthily, went to kitchen.

On a floor the piece of meat which with pleasure was eaten by a huge cat lay. As it managed to pull out meat from a pan, having left on the place a cover, - a riddle.

Valentina burst out laughing, and Dmitry went to apologize to Alexey. Then in reconciliation there was a supper.

Alexey`s wife was perplexed:“ Why the cover remained on the place? “ “Because “belyad“, - Dmitry uttered. In Hindi of “belyada“ are cats.

can be the Cause of quarrel also a bog. When I arrived to practice to the settlement, I was surprised by a fence on the central street: huge, in the human growth separating one house from another.

More such fences in the settlement were not therefore it became interesting to me why neighbors were so fenced off from each other. Here what I was told about it.

There lived two little girls: Aleksandra and Nastya. Were on friendly terms. Graduated from school, entered to the university, having disaccustomed, returned to the native settlement. Aleksandra became principal, and Nastya - the head of the kindergarten.

Once to Aleksandra the sister came to stay for a while. There was a late fall - time of collecting a cranberry. Sisters went to a bog. Happy, came back home. Near a gate they were waited by Nastya.

- How you dared to lead it on our bog? - she asked.

- Well what it is ours? - Aleksandra tried to laugh the matter off. - All settlement collects a cranberry here.

- And you forgot that this bog was shown us by my father?

- Yes we with you then children were.

- That`s it...

Having burst out crying, Nastya escaped. Aleksandra tried to reconcile with her, but Nastya did not forgive the girlfriend. And then the huge fence grew there were years. Children grew up, grandsons grew up.

But the truce did not come. Now in the settlement almost nobody remembers, from - for what girlfriends quarreled. Or perhaps also did not quarrel in general? Here only a huge fence - the witness of old quarrel.

The story from Natalya Berilova