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The last dog in her life of

“ there would be no happiness and the misfortune helped“, - popular wisdom says. Here only seldom the misfortune is perceived by us as happiness harbinger.

And Oksana. Misfortunes that year poured on it in abundance. The husband at last built the house.

Oksana so rejoiced to completion of construction! Ran on a ladder up - down - admired rooms. Stumbled. Rolled down a ladder from the third floor. Operation. Hospital. Crutches. And then the husband left a family.

Sleepless nights and a question without answer:“ For what to me all this?“ Self-massage. Gymnastics. Here and the first days without crutches. To go it was necessary to study anew.

And here the neigbour decided “to please“ Oksana - brought a puppy, knowing as Oksanka loves dogs. The puppy was a last straw in the ocean of Oksaniny misfortunes.

- You scoff? How I will walk him? Itself I am on the last legs.
- Here I also thought: you will walk more - you will quicker recover.
- she Thought... No. Any dogs.

Weakened, Oksana failed in a chair. The puppy jumped to it on knees, licked in a face.
How many dogs were in her life? Rex, Richard, Linda, Betta. Three died, and Betta died at Oksana on hands.

After it Oksana decided that dogs in her life will not be any more. But the destiny disposed differently. Oksana could not refuse the puppy who licked it. “Well, well, you will be the last dog in my life“, - she said. Named a puppy Curt.

Woke up from naughty dog bark in the morning - Curt called on walk. Swearing, thinking badly of the neigbour, Oksana slipped from a bed and went to walk a dog. Days flew by. The loneliness was brightened up by Curt. Udavlos it to it.

Ability to listen to the hostess was a distinctive feature of a dog. From it Oksana had no secrets. Stated everything that boiled at heart. Curt listened.

Strange it reacted only to the phrase:“ You are the last dog in my life“. After its pronouncing the dog laid down and closed paws eyes.

Flew by fall, winter, spring. The favourite season of Oksana - came summer. Curt grew up - turned into a beautiful dog. And Oksana recovered. “Perhaps indeed you cured me?“ - Oksana thought, looking as Curt tries to catch a butterfly.

Passing by a neighbour`s fence, she wanted that the dog laid down on the earth and covered with eye paws. Looked back. There is nobody. “You are the last dog in my life“, - Oksana almost shouted.

Curt stood. Sighed, executed manipulations with cover of eyes. From - for a fence the man`s figure seemed. - Forgive to
? It you to me?
- the First was, and here to the last...
- Sorry, please, it I not to you. To the dog. Curt, went!

“ It was necessary to make a booboo so, - Oksana thought. - And all you are guilty. How many times tried to teach you to cover eyes without this foolish phrase. Did not want.“ Curt barked. “You apologize, - Oksana continued. - I pound from your apologies.

How now I will look at the neighbor?“ “And earlier I did not see it, - the thought flashed. - Why? It not too bad at all“ Banishing thoughts of the neighbor, Oksana ran competing in speed with Curt.

The house it was waited by a surprise - a huge bouquet of roses. “The husband did not give such bouquets to me“, - Oksana thought, filling up.

In a year was Oksankina a wedding. Guests of honor - the neigbour who presented Curt and Curt - the last dog in Oksana`s life.

The story from Natalya Berilova