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From princes in dirt, and again in princes.

in our city were Earlier 40 schools. Only one was considered prestigious. Therefore to attach children of school age in this educational institution was a cherished dream of all parents.
Prestige of school - a merit of her director, Ekaterina Andreevna. Such as it, call “minions of fortune“.

Life deprived of nothing it: fine external data; favourite work; remarkable children; the loving husband holding a high post; material welfare. But, likely, not for nothing speak: “It is too good - too badly.“

Happened trouble - in a road accident the husband with the son died. Ekaterina Andreevna did not endure pain of this loss. Conceived a liking for alcohol.

At first she was moved away from the director`s post. But, remembering former merits, the school left. Then suggested to leave also school. Alcohol did the part. Everything that could be sold, Ekaterina Andreevna sold.

Exchanged the remained things for vodka. Soon did not become prophetic. There was no Ekaterina Andreevna also.
Appeared Katk`s bomzhikha which bypassed every morning the possession - trash cans. Waking up, she could not remember how there were in its apartment those that slept on a floor now.

Lived Ekaterina Andreevna in the house in the neighbourhood. Earlier we communicated - walked together dogs. Our dogs rushed on the yard, and we watched them.

When Bill disappeared, I approached Ekaterina Andreevna and asked about him. “I gave it, - Katka answered, - most there is nothing to guzzle.“ Then I began to avoid meetings with it. I will see on a garbage can and I pull the dog in other party.

Ekaterina Andreevna herself approached me.
- is opposite to see me such?
- Well that you … - do not lie to
. Most it is opposite. And here it is not opposite to a dog. Yes, Linda?

the Dog, squealing for pleasure, a naprygival on Ekaterina Andreevna.
I Remember one more our meeting. We go with a dog on the yard. Ekaterina Andreevna runs up and shouts: “We run!“ Ran. I ask:

- From whom we run away?
- From Klavki, the neigbour. It sets cops on me.
- And now where Klavka?
- Houses. She made repair, and I decided to flood her. Opened all cranes.
we Stop. We laugh.

After this meeting I did not see Ekaterina Andreevna half a year. Someone said that it in hospital, someone assured that he has a rest abroad.

Coming back from shop on the yard of the house where there lived Ekaterina Andreevna, saw the car from which unloaded magnificent furniture. The door of an entrance was held by Klavka.

First thought: “Klavka grew rich?“ Is not present, not Klavka. I see how there was an entrance a woman, approached loaders. Gives orders. Likely, new resident. I pass by. I hear: “And we will greet?“ I turn around.

Ekaterina Andreevna. Not a bomzhikha of Katk, and Ekaterina Andreevna, that … She invites to a coffee cup. I do not refuse. There is a lot of questions and from what to begin - I do not know.

- It is surprised? - Ekaterina Andreevna asks.
- Yes. Also I am glad for you.

Ekaterina Andreevna tells a story which can be considered improbable. Having appeared once again on a garbage can, it found a package of yogurts.

Very much was delighted since ate nothing several days. But, besides yogurts, it was waited by one more surprise. A surprise at the bottom of a package.

There were dollars wrapped in the newspaper, euro, rubles. Money was enough both for repair, and for furniture, and for a foreign trip.

I do not know how there will be further life of Ekaterina Andreevna. Her life is both princes, and dirt, and again princes. There is no wish to think that dirt can repeat.

Noel Bukharmetov to

As it is written in the head “the Success Secret“, under the Law of Balance, Ekaterina Andreevna endured a lot of negative in the life, and time of positive changes came.

To that it is easy for that who was already in the past rich to get out of dirt as subconsciousness, memory and cells of our body all perfectly remember and to restore what was earlier, much easier, than to find wellbeing to the one who never was safe.

If 2 persons, middle age, one of which earlier, in youth, was a muscleman, and the book second heavier lifted nothing, will go to a gym to build muscles, then at the first the body will be pumped up beautifully for several months, and the second needs several years.

The first already saw the beefy body earlier, thousands of times flaunted in front of the mirror. Both the body, and subconsciousness imprinted this figure in memory.

But the person matured, married, began to work more for the good of a family, and, naturally, it does not have enough time for physical activities and forces. Abandoned all and became usual build.

Plowed so many years over creation of the figure - and everything was gone. Offensively and. But goes nothing to waste as it will be able to restore the body very quickly, unlike other, less mobile people.

As well art, and musical, and in general any skill remains in memory, and it is possible to restore it for very short period.

Nikulin`s phrase from the movie “When Trees Were Big“ was now remembered: “Remember hands that, remember still“.

And the heroine of this real history could be restored in the former life. Someone, of course, will tell
supposedly it was lucky and so forth. Let it would be lucky, but only the ordinary bum could rise if found so much money? Not the fact.

Just he would begin to drink even more, without troubling himself circulations on garbage cans, so, without the movement he could “kick the bucket quicker“.

Why then Ekaterina Andreevna did not begin to drink and live fast with happiness to the full extent? Yes because at it the thinking and inclinations of the successful person sit tight in subconsciousness.

Therefore there is a veracious statement that if to divide all money in the world equally among people, then in several years all will return into place because everyone lives an own karma.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 3“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova.