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Secret of success

What is obstacles? As it was already written earlier, in other books, - in this life it is necessary to pay for everything. And so, obstacles are also that price for our purpose. The ambitions and the purposes are higher, the obstacles are more powerful.

If each of us analyses the life, then will be able to be convinced that any our bright events in life were preceded by an event absolutely opposite.

That is surely events negative and vice versa were the cause of joyful events. From there is conclusion: the more the person will save up unpleasant events in the life, the more will be events pleasant.

Analyzing experience of successful people, it is possible to draw a conclusion: the more trouble, the more abruptly success. Why success is achieved, statistically, by 5% of the beginning businessmen?

Because 95% of people are not able to lose, that is to use a failure as a lesson as a call, eventually. Misunderstanding of the fact that the failure is part of success deprives of people of belief in implementation of conceived.

The mistake is an invaluable experience which presents us life. Why after a failure if the person did not refuse the purpose, he tries to obtain it much easier, than for the first time?
Because it goes already on a familiar way, that is on the traces, but already bypassing all holes and obstacles.

The millionaires who lost all money rise and become richer again, than were to bankruptcy because know how it becomes, and they have no doubt that it will work at all.

It occurs in all aspects of our life. To clear the organism of slags and toxins, the person has to either have, or exhaust himself unpleasant cleaning procedures.
of Operation, pricks and other medical manipulations for health - too a payment for good health.

Understanding of this Law of Balance gives the chance to rejoice to diseases and to catch a high from failures. If you, as they say, in full shit, then it is a sign of the fact that you will be in chocolate soon.

Why there are alcoholics and addicts? Because in a pursuit of a high we are obliged to endure a hangover or withdrawal pains. But we do not want it, - means, we begin pokhmelyatsya and again we do drugs.

But the more we force our organism endorphins (pleasure hormone), the more there is our enkefalinovy debt (opposite hormone). When to us it is bad - it is a development indicator in our body of enkefalin.

As a result after long hard drinking - very heavy and long hungover syndrome, and, respectively, withdrawal pains at addicts up to that the organism just forgets to produce independently endorphins.

What turns out when the person refuses overcoming of obstacles? He thereby begins to look for other ways, easier habitual for it.

Yes, habitual because we trust in habitual things, and they at us well turn out. But, doing habitual things, we receive a habitual outcome, and in fact the same, as earlier.

From there is conclusion: if we want other life, we need to do everything in a different way. Everything that we are able to do at the moment (and we are able a lot of things, unlike the newborn child), was once for us unusual. Repetition of unusual develops into a habit. you are afraid of

and you do not wish troubles in the life? An exit always is. We do not want unexpected negative turns of destiny in the life - means, we will fulfill and pay for success with advance payment.

Why many successful people are engaged in jogs, physical activities, a morzhevaniye, starvation, refusal of the habits? Same it is so unpleasant.

And in the winter in cold water? B - r - r - river. And torture of a broom in a hot sweating room? The answer is obvious: we work a negative, we bring payment in advance payment for our good health.

If you do not wish to endure such stresses - means, you do not wish to pay the worthy price for pleasant moments of life.

Trying to find something in the easy way, we or do not receive that we want, or, receiving, we become debtors, so, troubles wait for us ahead. the Beatles Group was refused

several tens from various producers and studios of sound recordings in due time.

Tell me, please, what it is necessary to be mentally ill people to continue to do what you do when already more than 40 times refused to you let know that you are absolutely dull?

The majority would already throw the invention at the first 10 refusals, and even less. I do not think that “Beatles“ would become so popular if the first prodyussser agreed to untwist them.

But they saved up during this time so many failures that high take-off was simply provided to them. Therefore the way is more difficult, the success is more considerable.

The easy victory does not bring satisfaction because it has no that value which could please the person. “Yes all your dreams will come true immediately,“ - the drevnepersidsky damnation so sounds.

Well, and for those who do not like to run, become tempered and take a steam bath in a bath, in the first book, in the head “Love for the neighbor, whether and Lyubov it in general?“ I described exercise on working off of the forthcoming negative events in the advance payment when we can extend white strips in life, and black to truncate.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 3“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova