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The truth and Lie of


In the head “From idea to a fulfillment“ it was told about what way there passes energy from idea before its implementation. This principle has the beginning and the end. What occurs when we wanted to make something and did not make it?

Energy did not find a way out and got stuck halfway. So, in a body the power block, at that level at which we threw implementation of conceived was formed.

This block, subsequently, interferes with passing of energy in a body and by that at the material level it is expressed as diseases. Plus to everything, in our memory was postponed experience of unrealized desire.

Reading Carlos Castaneda, I was struck once by the phrase of a being from the thin world: “In lie there is no intention“. I understood that the lie exists only in our material world.

Further I began to remember children`s fairy tales and movies about a temptation of a devil and remembered that neither the devil, nor a Satan, nor devils, an izha with them, never lie.

Yes, they tempt, but do not lie at all. I thought earlier and did not understand why the devil simply - naprosto does not visit noodles on ears and does not take away deception soul?

Now - that I understood that words (false) have no intention for implementation, so, there will be an incompleteness. Incompleteness leads to repetition of similar situations.

Somewhere heard that statistically, men lie in days on average 90 times, and women 110, but an essence not in it. The fact consists that we daily lie also to ourselves, and surrounding people.

And ourselves we lie more often: that is we intend to make something, and then we find the reason to refuse this intention.

When we deceive somebody, we thereby too deceive ourselves. Since the childhood popularly explained to us that it is good and that it is bad.

This program sits in us tight and to pretend to be that it is not a shame to us to lie, is useless. At the subconscious level all of us will equally have sense of guilt.

I on myself know it because I rejoiced earlier when I was mistakenly hit more back, and in myself I felt sorry for the shop assistant, she should pay from the pocket.

Sometimes conscience got the best, and I returned surplus of delivery, and then to pleasure for myself, good, there was no limit. Happened that, distributing money among workers when was a foreman, I took myself more, and gave others less.

And then, at other work, I was thrown on full by employers. Happened that I till several months worked for thanks. Whom I as a result deceived?

Payment with a delay as the credit in bank, overtakes with big percent. The quicker you will work what seeded, the it is less than a percent.

threw to Take, for example, thieves, swindlers, speculators and other. Their meaning of life - to find the sucker and to part it on full. They rejoice when they somebody part for some sum, will rob or will select blackmail.

What their payment for it? I would prefer to be the sucker who was got in on a bubble scheme than whom parted for several years of life.

Any of convicts would agree to be on the place of the sucker if only on freedom. So whom we deceive as a result?

We CAN DECEIVE NOBODY, EXCEPT OURSELVES. Where now new Russians from 90 - x? What did they pay for dolce and free vita with?

Survived and there were in business those who could reconstruct the thinking and change the relation to life. Here too write me that I supposedly profit at the expense of others, I sell the book for money instead of sowing good gratuitously.

When I ask about whether they take money for the fact that go to work, or work for free - the answer does not arrive.

At the moment I books presented more, than sold because I know that my money will find me as I receive money from the Universe, and people are only intermediaries.

I send the book, and will pay me for it or not, are not my problems. For those who need karmic hemorrhoids cost in several hundreds of rubles, is their personal choice.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 3“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova.