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The death as process of clarification

Now the beginning of year, so, is a high time to begin to be cleared and make the contribution to the future. Why at this particular time people remember themselves and begin to take care of the own life? Because ahead spring, revival. In the summer we or enjoy life, or strenuously we work - we have no time, we have a really good time. We reap a crop in the fall, and we prepare for revival again in the winter.

These periods can be considered thus: Spring - the birth, youth. Summer - youth, a maturity. Fall - an old age, the end of life. Winter - death, transformation, clarification. Days too, respectively, are divided into these 4 periods.

The one who practices yoga, meditation, knows: what you will fill in the morning the consciousness, an organism with, so you also will live the day. These are those seeds which fruits we collect in the afternoon. With what we will fill the evening, will be reflected in how we will live night.

Spring - crops time. What we will seed, we reap in the summer and in the fall. We do preparations for the winter of what we gathered. What we will prepare for the winter, we will consume.

I trace several years this regularity and I am convinced that if I am not able intensively to enclose all the best in myself in winter and early spring, then a harvest, in the summer and in the fall, mine will be small.

The Internet - businessmen, for example, too know that the season of sales begins since October - month and therefore till this period they intensively work, create info - products, and reap the fruits of the labor in the fall.

In the nature it is so put therefore let`s be cleared and make a contribution in the forthcoming year. The whole world is our reflection. And if in our reflection around white - it is white, so and our aura is devstvenno pure.

Seven charkas, seven flowers of a rainbow, in full harmony create this world. Winter, around all white - is white, so, our radio bodies pass cleaning of everything, collected for last year, dirt. To be cleared, best of all to go far to the country, to an open country that around there was only a white color.

At this moment we bring purity in our space and we are cleared. It is also useful to walk down the street in snowfall. Pure, it is divine - crystal snowflakes of a perfect form, falling, collect dirt from our biofield and cleared us.

Open a mouth and you catch snowflakes, this pure and absolutely virgin substance. Let in yourself all the best that the winter gives us. Welcome the diseases with pleasure, it is release process.

Clarification is promoted also by the sprouted wheat. It contains an energy potential from the birth to death. Consuming this newborn energy, we are filled with purity and we are updated.

It is important to monitor consumption process, that is to accept it consciously: to chew and represent how energy in a mouth spreads on all head, falls below and it is evenly dissolved on all body, filling with the energy each cage of our organism.

Buddha at one time managed only one kernel of rice as realized that he in is mute all Universe contains.

Big and small on light does not exist - it is illusion, properties of our memory therefore in each smallest particle of the Universe all potential of the Universe is put.

Do not try to analyze written, in it there is no sense, it can only be realized, having released judgments.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 3“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova.