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What does us stronger?

What we can make to improve our life in the future? Of course, to create a favorable karma in the present. We very often like to condemn behind the back of other people, and believe, we are condemned in the same way.

Then why not to tell about people only good? Then about you the same will be told. Our Ego constantly looks for recognitions in the opinion of other people, it loves when it is praised and praise to high heaven. Only all this does not do us stronger.

On the contrary, we lose personal force, and, as a rule, after a praise (when emotions are won back), the reverse side, in the form of a lot of abuse in your address begins to be shown (there`s nothing to be done, the law of balance). Therefore to avoid this fate, it is necessary to keep with detachment, without emotions.

It is easy to make it if during compliments and other rises us on an imaginary pedestal, to hide hands for a back or in a pocket, having shown at the same time a fig. It is very good ancient way.

Very good karma we to ourselves acquire if we are good to someone disinterestedly. From where there was a wise supervision: “THERE IS NO GOOD DEED THAT GOES UNPUNISHED“? From our expectations of a praise in the address.

A rush to do good, proceeding from the Ego, - act not disinterested. The ego needs a praise. Adopt to yourself a habit to wonder as often as possible: “WHAT I DO NOW DOES me STRONGER?“. Very favorable act for ourselves we will make

if we help, without being lit, stealthily - that nobody knew whose this help. Then to us similar surprises will be attracted in the future, it is unclear from whom.

The ego constantly needs power support, and, feeding it with the energy, we cut off power ourselves, the presents. Having heard some news, refrain from desire to tell it, and it will make you stronger.

In fact the one to whom you want to tell it learns it from others after a while. On the contrary, the Ego wants to see delight of the person, his desire - to be an envoy of happiness.

Refuse the last inhaling of a cigarette, and it will make you stronger too. Only be not engaged in self-deception, having refused what, in principle, at the moment there is no wish for.

When you will aim to trace and estimate the actions, and will practice it, - you will pass into the mode of conscious actions. And it stops your automatic actions. do
mental in the Evening, and it is better written, the analysis of your actions: what was made consciously and that occurred on the automatic machine.

First you are surprised as far as you are not conscious and act as the biorobot. But over time such moments will be less and less.

He agrees, just like that it at you will hardly turn out, support by meditation and a rawism is necessary here. Transition to live food, to my surprise, weakened my passion to habits.

Earlier I could not understand what can be communication here - between live food and habits. But now I was convinced of it, and it became my knowledge: it is not important why so occurs, it is enough know that it works.

Now about the most powerful power source - sexual energy. Here I would recommend moderation too. And in case you have very big purpose, - abstention.

Use of this energy without measure weakens us. I thought earlier: why many who seriously were engaged in business and well rose have problems with a potentiality?

Then I understood rather was influenced that there is an energy sublimation (transition to the top charkas). From here fullness strong-willed charkas (manipura) which gives us strength to go surely forward towards the aim.

If the person begins to spend energy for sex, then it will begin to lose in money. There is a direct interrelation. What in fact is money? It is a direct indicator of our level of energy.

There is more energy - more money. U A. Levshinova even in some book it is described what welfare at the person will be present at fullness of everyone charkas.

Why is still necessary moderation in sex? Because, according to Don Huang, people in a civilized society are fruits of boring copulation.

It means that in most cases conception happens during usual, mediocre sex, without big Love and Passion - execution of matrimonial duties is simple.

What conception - such and the person. Only that lucky who is not a fruit of boring copulation (or telling it words, a boring trakhaniye, differently you will not call it).

It is possible to have sex as much as necessary, without harm for himself. Just we actually managed in a civilized society to pervert all that had earlier higher, spiritual, sense.

Art of Love turned into ordinary sex, the culture of self-knowledge by means of narcotic substances was turned into drug addiction, and the culture of consumption of alcohol turned into alcoholism. There is nothing harmful on Earth while there is a moderation.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 2“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova