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Love and Gratitude - 2

Why I combine these two words? Having just read works of Masaru Emoto who researches structuring water by freezing and studying of the formed snowflakes, I learned that the most beautiful snowflakes turn out at introduction in information water - Love and Gratitude.

We too, like our planet, consist mostly of water. And so, meditations and positive thinking are directed just to structuring water molecules in our organism.

The prayer before food becomes for the purpose of introduction in food of salutary information too. From there is conclusion: It is SILLY AND USELESS to LOOK FOR LYUBOV AND HAPPINESS. DATA of the STATE SHOULD be DEVELOPED.
you can have everything that want in this world, but you will not be happy if the condition of Happiness in you is not developed.

You can look for Lyubov, but you will not find her because too it is necessary to develop it, as well as everything that develops in this Universe.

Tell me, please, the newborn child is able to hate or despise someone? And to be jealous or envy?

Of course, no, so far not, but we will surely teach him, it is not enough - programming Pomala on how it is necessary to arrive in this or that situation.

You do not find strange the fact that the people who are not knowing about that why they in general live produce similar?

If the person does not correspond to the Universe, that is does not develop, and does not even suspect that he has a mission, is asked - why you breed? For what?

Whether it not is a crime, from the moral point of view, to give life to the person, without knowing for what, to stuff it with social programs, to make him the next zombie who will create similar too?

Ya I live for the sake of the child, I live for the sake of parents, I live for the sake of someone else. One more widespread program of the eternal debtor. Then and your child will live for the sake of the child, then and his child also and so on.

Sense - that in what? What for multinetwork marketing? Senseless pyramid. I already covered this topic in the last book (“A hedgehog in fog or an exit to the purpose“), now I will only add.

Biorobots live (more true, do not live, and exist) only in order that all life to pursue what will give them the chance samoudovletvoryatsya.

Neither the child, nor parents, nor the loved one to us is important absolutely. Important only satisfaction which we receive from communication with them.

You can speak anything, about it, but if you are not afraid to be honest with yourself, then you will understand that all you told is lie, for the sake of tranquility and adulating of the Ego.

The adult personality is a set of programs, the biorobot. And if all that we got during our life is not our true being, - means, in our forces from them and to get rid. this
C do not need to fight as, however, and with everything that is in our life.

Any tension causes equivalent resistance. The first step is an acceptance and understanding of the negative reactions and what actually is behind it.

Without having admitted to itself it is sincere, you will not be able to get rid of any emotion because thereby you, on the contrary, will hide it more deeply. Only having pulled out it outside, it is possible to remove it.

What I usually do in everyday life when I catch myself on a negative? I, for example, speak to myself: at present I am irritated on this person, and he enrages me.

I realize that this person here at anything, is only my choice, or rather the choice of my programmed being under the name of the Ego who fell into a trap an egregor.

As I am an owner of the life and I bear full responsibility for everything that happens to me, I choose transformation of energy of irritation in energy of Love and Gratitude.
a recognition Method very well works. At first I tried, without recognizing a negative, it is stupid to muffle it Lyubov and Gratitude.

But soon understood that thereby just I push aside a negative aside, but I do not transform it. During recognition energy of a negative very accurately parades itself, and here you with it can do everything that want.

In a condition of Love and Gratitude of people tests Happiness. How to make so that to be as often as possible happy? Not just, of course, but it is possible.

Everything depends on that, how hard you are ready to work over yourself. Now there is a lot of audio and video of the meditations promoting development of various positive emotional states.

Meditation is a key to change of in all spheres of your life. The great influence is exerted by meditation if it becomes in the morning and in the evening.

Earlier I did not attach special significance to when it is necessary to do meditation best of all. But later all - it was convinced and understood that it works by the same principle, as the Law of Cause and effect.

Morning is the birth of new day, so with what spirit was born, with it and will live. Evening is, respectively, the birth of night. In a word, consider these two moments and control them consciously.

If you do not have enough time for yourself, then for what you in general then live? In order that it is stupid to use the body and energy for feeding of an egregor
Lack of time for himself, darlings, speaks about absence of Love to himself. It is optional to you to show the Lyubov to people around, it is optional to give the life to improve life of the relatives.

It is only enough to you to love of himself, and in your reflection all will be happy and loved. Throw out your silly attempts to influence world around on a dump! How many to you years?

Look back back and think that you tried to specify all life to people as how to do, in hope to change their and world. And how result?

And to you it does not seem silly to do periodically what in principle does not work? We constantly make the same mistakes because we act over and over again, copying last events. All this is result of unconscious acts.

We were born to realize ourselves in this life according to our nature of Eternal Development. Developing itself, we develop everything around, and it is the most effective and wise approach to life.

Ill turn which we render to the relatives, helping them, proceeds from our Ego and does only harm.

Good intentions paved the road to hell. Yes what I explain to you - that, try and be convinced of it especially as all of you know it long ago.

Level of a breast, Anakhat`s chakr, is our emotional center. Existence of energy in this chakra says about as far as we love ourselves.

You can do power spheres, tell them the words “Love and Gratitude“ and enter them to yourself into a breast, thereby sating a chakra with force.

When you will do this exercise, concentrating on Love and Gratitude, you will be able to be convinced that you begin to love all.

Even remembering the most hated person in your life, you to him will feel Love and Gratitude. It will be an indicator that you are filled by Lyubov, and she always was in you, just you were closed for her.

It will be the proof that there is no negative in life at all, there is only a closed source of Love and Gratitude.

You can have all richness of the Universe, but you will not be happy if your channel is blocked. You can be the beggar, in the material plan, but happy if you are open for Love and Gratitude.

It is also the real force for the sake of which it is worth living. What sense to live life if in it there were 70% - 80% of a negative and 20% - 30% of a positive? And so life most of people lives.

In old age so in general one continuous grumble and discontent. And the most regrettable is the fact that only before death people catch the moment of truth and understand an otioseness of the pathetic existence, but it is impossible to correct anything any more.

So so far we are living, let`s try which - what to change in the life.
for this purpose exists an ancient Indian way which is used with success in psychology. The sense it is reduced burying itself alive.

For this purpose the grave escapes with own hand (to dig most - an indispensable condition), and you lay down in it, and friends - companions, having imposed from above branches, an oilcloth, dig in a surface, leaving a few pass for air.

In a word, it is necessary to create conditions of complete darkness and a complete silence. And here the person lies, representing himself a corpse, and begins to realize: for what I in general lived-? For what in general I do what I do?

As a result - all the same with itself took nothing that, there was only a regret from in vain downtime. Why and for what spent energy? To parade itself, humouring the Ego?
So it dies together with a physical body, so, energy is spent for nothing.

This practice changes outlook of people, and they begin to understand new sense of the life, and also cease to see something bad in death, accepting it as the soul birth.

Clinical death - a gift to the person from subconsciousness thanks to which he could realize that the death is not the end, it the beginning of new life.

As well the birth of the person looks as death for our soul. All this comes from lack of harmony in us. To be in harmony - means, to live in the world, but other-wordly.

When the person is filled by Lyubov, he is happy, so, it is necessary to develop our Lyubov. For this purpose it is necessary to clean everything that is carriers of negative information from the personal space. It can be things which cast unpleasant memoirs, emotions.

The TV, perhaps, - the most powerful source of negative information, in particular news. The music sounding on radio, in most cases about the broken love.

Around there is a continuous programming, a manipulation consciousness. I can tell you one: YOU is WHAT YOU SEE, you HEAR, you THINK, you FEEL AND you eat.

Realize yourself constantly, asking questions: what I do now for what I do it and that I will receive from it. For example, you watch the action movie and, having realized yourself, answer the questions. At present I watch
the action movie because it is interesting to me. For what? To drive into itself the program of aggression and pity. What you from it will receive?

The destructive program which will sit in the head and to attract similar events in life. My darling since the childhood of songs was “Our roads dispersed, and we will not happen“.
No wonder that I have incontinuous relations with an opposite sex.

Realize that you let in in yourself, you during every instant of the life form the future. Anyway is your choice, so, to you it and to live.

The story from Natalya Berilova “You want to be happy - be learned to suffer at first“

Happiness... Well, who does not want to be happy? Everyone understands it in own way: for someone happiness in money, someone wishes family wellbeing, someone dreams of prestigious work. Here only happy is not everyone.

I. S. Turgenev wrote:“ You want to be happy? Be learned to suffer at first.“ Paradox? Fortunately - through sufferings? Or perhaps it is an award for everything endured?

Cinderella... Mockeries, humiliations with the stepmother, stepsisters, hard work. An award - love of the prince.

The stepdaughter from the Russian national fairy tale “Morozko“. It got both the groom good, and wealth. It is its award for patience and forgiveness.

Katerina from the movie “Moscow Does Not Trust Tears“. Probably, all women watching this movie rejoiced for the heroine who met Gosha.

And a meeting with Gosha - too an award, an award for Rodion`s treachery, humiliation with his mother, work, study, education of the daughter.

Somehow long ago listened to transfer on radio. The priest acted. He said that for everything that happens to us, it is necessary to thank God. And at me then the black strip came.

As I was indignant! To thank for everything? Well, is not present! I long got out of a black strip, but did not understand then anything. And now there is not enough patience and ability to forgive.

There was something bad - the first thought:“ For what it to me? Why?“ And it is the deadlock. You begin to grow wiser by an old age. There is a wish to tell to children and grandsons what understood. Yes do not listen! Here also we have that deserved.

You want to be happy? Learn to suffer - to accept all strokes of bad luck, not to become embittered, suffer, forgive, to love. Only then happiness will be knocked at your door. It will by all means be knocked.

Let`s sort this story “on stones“. To understand what is Lyubov and Happiness to us just and sufferings, experiences help. Only it is not necessary to develop the sufferer`s complex (or Terpila).

Yes, it is heavy and, difficult. So what? An exit - that is! Transform the experiences to Lyubov and Gratitude. So the choice for you! You want to suffer? Please! You want Love and Happiness? Please! Develop them!

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 2“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova