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Life in a matrix or sensibleness of

As often we watch TV? The statistics says that on average the person will see off, sitting at the TV, 15 years of the life. It is necessary to us? It is, perhaps, the most powerful tool for programming of consciousness of the person.

You have a fever, a headache, sleeplessness (there is a programming on an illness). Further advertizing of medicine - buy, and everything will be good. You understand that it is absolute divorce, and the state scale.

Just like racketeers: at first you are plundered, and then offer protection for your money. And in the MINISTRY OF HEALTH not stupid people sit, and they perfectly know impact of television and advertizing on consciousness of people.

And the government cannot be aware not of all this. So, all becomes intentionally. I do not propagandize soft drugs, but I know from the experience that they do not cause aggression, on the contrary, the person as if goes to introspection, and it is known too.

But is not present, they under a ban (even curly parsley, and that was recognized as drug). It is impossible that people were engaged in introspection, then they will understand that they are parted as suckers.

These bans became tougher when there was a movement of hippie which propagandized freedom and love. Such people are not necessary to any state - they will not begin to plow on power of the state and will not go as gun meat for war, playing games of politicians. Alcohol?
Yes, please though revel, it does not expand consciousness and does not do people wiser. And it is known that 80% of crimes are committed in a state of drunkenness. Please - drink, plunder, force and kill, only you do not fail.

And for dissidents there are mental hospitals or again the same prison. At all times hunting behind dissent because free people are not necessary to the state was conducted: they not only will not begin to plow on others, and can put others out of action also.

What each of us knows about the world and life in general? Only what to us was allowed to know through mass media. There are no other sources just.

Means, our sources information is a television, the press, radio and people who transfer each other information taken besides from sources of mass media. It turns out that in fact the person does not know anything about the world and life at all except that to him allowed to learn.

Just think of it and solve for yourself what to trust in, and in that - no. The person is very quickly programmed, and it is known to those who at top of the power.

Look for knowledge in yourself, address to true I, and all the rest is the perfectly designed matrix where to everyone already since the birth the directions (a day nursery, a kindergarten, school for formation of equally conceiving people, and are specified further the choice - or work, or study further; but you, darling,s will not leave a matrix anywhere - will plow all the same, other option does not exist).

At first the person works, earns money, and then the state extends them from people, thanks to the program put in mankind: drink, smoke, you eat, be ill, buy medicine, watch TV and do not think of anything.

I do not make any discovery, all this is known and told long before me long ago. Why then allow me and another to speak about it openly? Yes because the civilization egregor so powerful that lonely exclamations, like mine, will not change anything, differently me would be neutralized for a long time, and information was destroyed.

Though now too enter special services behind control of information into networks where the objectionable authorities of mood will be stopped.

Well is fine, not everything is as terrible as it seems at first sight. Wise people learned to live in a matrix, but other-wordly. At Toltecs it is called a stalking that means to play game under the name life, and they well do it.

Realizing that in this world there is nothing important, except death, stalkers play roles, as in theater, with only that difference that for them it has no value.

For those who did not read Carlos Castaneda this understanding will be unusual and obscure (I could not understand first long an essence too). But over time it will surely come, and then it will be possible to learn to be free even in a matrix.

To avoid acceptance of further wrong beliefs in the life, live by the principle: To TRUST WITHOUT TRUSTING, that is pass through yourself information and create the experience, the personal knowledge. Forget
about that information with which we were stuffed since the childhood. You still believe that Earth round? Absurdity! In three-dimensional space it round, in two-dimensional is a circle, in four-dimensional - at all do not understand it that.

But spaces - that uncountable quantity, and in each of them other reality. You still think that 1+1=2? Too incorrect statement. Ways of calculations it is possible to think up as much as necessary, and the answer can be any number.

We were convinced that the sun is fire. And who touched it - that? Valery Sinelnikov, for example, considers it as a mirror which reflects human mood, and its theory has the right for existence.

I can think up and tell, for example, that the Universe is a big bag, and the sun is an opening in this bag, and behind an opening there is light. Who will prove to me that I am not right?

And if large authoritative figures from science, laughter for the sake of, confirm my scientific justification, will prove, will convince and will program mankind, then the powerful egregor which will make this reality absolute truth will be created.

And to the next generation you will not be able easily to prove any more that it was experiment as the program put in the early childhood sits very tight.

Forget about what you allegedly know, and then you will be open for understanding of truth because everything that at you in the head, is transmitted through other people, so - not yours.

At people develops impression that I supposedly not too positive, it is rather even, the sad and sad person, and my tough texts - to that confirmation.

Intentionally I did not create such image, so itself it turned out, but at everything, as they say, there is a reverse side. You will not be able to be cleared, without recognizing dirt. You can splash as much as necessary yourself spirits, but will not become purer, do not descend in a bath yet.

Someone tries to propagandize absolute good? Well, then a more power to you, run after the sun that night did not catch up with you, and do not take in head even to blink, otherwise you will see darkness.

How you distinguish light if you did not see darkness? How to distinguish good if it is not evil? The evil exists while there is a good. There will be no one - there will be no another also. The absolute good is propagandized, as a rule, by those who try to hide the evil.

Any attempt to propagandize something is protection to hide the reverse side. Those who hate addicts alcoholics, are the hidden addicts and alcoholics.

And psychologists know about it how they know also that it is necessary to treat the person who is not depending on bad habit, namely the one who to him tries to empathize and set on the right path. Unpleasant truth?

Still! To bare the true thoughts in power only to the person conscious. If you negatively emotsionirut at the sight of the alcoholic or the addict, then a problem in you, treat yourself.

The best option is not to allow judgment and to cease to divide the world on bad and good. To try to impose the program of the Ego to the subconsciousness which is in absolute harmony from all Universe? Whether it is silly?

You do not judge, and you will open for yourself the new world, the WORLD of LOVE AND HARMONY.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 2“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova