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Balance or the truth about us in you THIS SECTION I DO NOT ADVISE


Harmony is a merge of two contrasts. Actually there are no such concepts as it is good or bad, it is an invention of our mind.

There are two opposite poles, and morals on a subject: what is well and that it is bad - it is the program introduced in us by society and she is thought up by the homo sapiens, but not Soznatelny.

You feel a difference? The homo sapiens relies upon logic and the analysis, and the person Soznatelny listens to the body, that is arrives as all its true being orders, but not as it is necessary, from the point of view of morals and ethics.

I could accustom myself that I do not see anything bad neither in murders, nor in accidents, is absolute in anything.

I erased this side in the consciousness. We and our life are a result of our thoughts.
our Subconsciousness as the small child, does not know that it is good to eat and that it is bad to eat, but it is aware that everything is harmonious.

It accepts all wishes of the person to execution, and the fault for the events with the person lies completely on him. Nobody also punishes for anything anybody.

Ourselves attract these or those events in the life. Each of us itself personally builds the hell or paradise in the life. If who - that is forced or kill who is guilty of it, except them.

To be indignant about it, I repeat, is a destiny of slaves and suffered, the irresponsible, not realizing themselves people.

It is the law of a karma: what asked, receive, and to prevent to receive them those blows about which they asked - means, to prevent to fulfill them the karma, and the forthcoming execution did not disappear anywhere, and just remained for later.

The person receives a vital lesson, and another, rescuing it, prevents it to move on the way of the development.

You do not facilitate to it life, and on the contrary, burden, imparting in it a habit to hope for someone, so, not to rely on yourself.

Some will ask: and how small children? In that is continually that small children fill to themselves cones according to your expectations. What do we tell them usually?

Carefully, now you will fall. Do not do so, it will be sick. And as at the little person the logic is not developed yet, and he only gets acquainted with the world of the programmed people, naturally, directly receives the order in subconsciousness.

You understand that you give team to the child to hit, fall, feel pain and so on?

I agree with opinion that we put 95% of programs in the person aged till 5 years. Everything that is enclosed in it during this period, just and defines all his further life.

What programs are received by the child in modern society? Bans, restrictions, intimidations, sense of guilt for offenses and so forth takes root.

What from all this turns out? The person with a full bouquet of complexes, fears, restrictions and bans. What will be able this person to achieve in life?

Will be able if wants, but at it many years will leave to remove destructive programs from the subconsciousness. Here and so the high-moral society united by a gregarious instinct produces unconsciously similar.

When people say to me that they here want to build the house, to plant a tree, to grow up the son (pancake, an umor, well and the program), I ask a question: what for? And that the most interesting, nobody can answer sincerely, by the own words.

Well, type, it is so necessary or to leave a mark on the earth. What else trace? Mbr - pr-br, a stupor, well as what, memory … You understand, people do not realize at all for what they that that is done.

I ask about sense of his life on this earth, and again what - that general phrases and nothing the. The person works to support himself and similar. What occurs further?

The product which passed all stages of development in a stomach turns into shit. It turns out that the main objective of the homo sapiens is a transformation of a product into shit.

Well, time he does not know sense of the existence, so, it dermodet, and produces similar.

Each person for the life leaves behind, at least, one ton of shit.

How many billion people lived to us and lives now? And everyone left the brown mark on the earth.

Long live brown planet! Well, here I, of course, laughter for the sake of exaggerated tragedy scale, but the fact remains: the majority does not know that it in general here does and just stupidly carries out the standard program.

The sense, of course, consists in development: that is to do what is done by the Universe. Except the physical plan, there is a plan spiritual, creative.

There is such good documentary “OPUS“, a prototype of the movie “SECRET“ where it is said that the person in this life has to create that - that, nobody not made earlier, that is to create the Opus.

Creativity is what does us unique and individual. About what sense of our existence on this earth, I decided to leave for the following book, and now we will continue to argue on rescue of those who work a karma.

And so, thinking that, rescuing whom - or, you do a good deed, you are mistaken. Just you prevent another to receive one of lessons in life and to yourself a karma similar acquire, and it already speaks about absence of Love to itself.

in principle the help proceeds most often from the same Ego. It is not able to afford that badly thought of it.

In general in fact I agree with Rami Blekt who claims that we do not love the relatives, we only feel for them affection. Our Ego receives positive emotions when we are near the relatives.

You feel a difference? Not the person to us is important, whether it be the child, the husband, the sister, and what we emotions receive from them is important.

After death we cry: on whom you abandoned us, and about what to you there, in hell, is - at all does not interest us.

To us it is bad that we lost object from which received a high, and that to it it is bad that we, crying, unburden on it the heart a heap of negative energy - to us in general to spit.

Horse-radish with it, let cries uncontrollably, here who us - that will regret? Here one of truth: by and large ALL ON ALL to SPIT, EVERYONE THINKS ONLY OF the SATISFACTION.

The one who thinks differently, most likely, stopped reading, but it is already its personal choice. You think that I such good and correct, write and I throw mud at all mankind?

Here did not guess. EVERYTHING THAT HERE is WRITTEN, - ALL THIS to missile defense me, and as if differently I could write it. You will never be able to become free while you lie to yourself.

It is necessary just to realize that there are no bad or good situations, everything is experience. Feeling sorry for others, you, even without knowing about that, just you sting them harmful energy.

Listen to the body during pity, and you will feel what negative feelings at the same time are endured physically. And now think properly: with what poison you feed those to whom, and without you it is bad.

Feeling sorry for children, parents and relatives, you destroy the organism and send them a portion of poison. Act this way only with those who are wanted to be destroyed. Good intentions paved the road to hell.

Pity - it is not good emotion - it is the destruction proceeding too from the Ego. To be sorry - means, to STING. Love and Gratitude - here that it is necessary to send those whom you love and to whom it is bad.

During the day I try to pronounce words: LOVE AND GRATITUDE. And in all world around I see a grand design of God, it is not important that it: the children`s laughter, singing of birds or accident on the road - everything is God, or rather our reflection.

Today on the Internet read about wise approach to life and when read the principle which I live recently (just did not know how it is possible to call it), I felt such inflow of happiness that tears rushed a stream from a surplus of emotions.

This principle sounds so: ON ALL LYUBOV BOGA. I at once wrote it a marker on a case.

In general describe that the people saying this phrase constantly become younger, more beautiful, get rid of diseases and problems in life.

Universal energy is an energy of Perfect Love, so, all events happening on the earth are filled by Lyubov.

Just human Ego needs negative emotions and programs us on vision of the world in negative light. There cannot be a creation without destruction, it is quite natural process.

Process of cleaning of an organism is followed surely by an illness. I accustomed already itself to catch a high from diseases as I know that I am cleared.

You will not make capital repairs in the apartment if you do not sort floors, do not clear a wall, you will not guide utter chaos.

The same and with an organism. When I advise people to plunge into cold water, surely I hear: “No, I will get sick“. If you get sick - rejoice, so your organism was strongly zashlakovan, and you thereby included cleaning process.

But is not present, people prefer to carry any muck in themselves and to wait, critical weight will not collect yet that will create even more problems.

Besides the negative thinking considers an illness as angrily though this most real benefit. In language of diseases our subconsciousness communicates with us and gives us experience, spiritual experience.

Thanks to our sores, we, having addressed our wise part of ours I, we can learn the reasons forcing us to endure pain and by that it is better to learn himself.

I could learn a lot of things about myself, studying the diseases, and I perceive them as the benefit now. To the negative moments in life I rejoice because I know that I work a karma which created when it was not conscious yet and did not know that created.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose“. Noel Bukharmetov