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Harmony of the Universe

we Will begin with the fact that everything in the Universe is aimed at the development, transformation (transition from one state to another). According to the theory of a Big Bang, the Universe extends.

We as parts of this Universe, we live under its laws too. Each cage of our organism, as well as all in our universe, passes certain stages of development, thanks to it our organism lives and develops until we are in harmony. If the cage ceases to develop, that is it does not correspond to the Universe plan any more - means, it is already sick.

And then if immunity at an organism strong, it gets rid of it, or at weak immunity it infects others, and the illness begins to progress. Same
happens also to the person: so far it develops, corresponds to the Universe; if is not present, then this degrading personality is a cancer cell on Earth body, and Earth gets rid of it.

Natural cataclysms are result of release of Earth from unnecessary elements too.
Everything lives in the nature until there is a development. I in general am inclined to believe that the person is immortal in the physical body. We got used already that the illness and an old age are our satellites on life. But it is actually abnormal.

What there is an illness? This violation of harmony with, or from the Universe that in principle same. Existence of a negative in human life is and there is that element destroying harmony.

From where in general the negative undertakes? And for what it is necessary? Now we will try to understand. There is it in our life concept as the Ego. I not incidentally write it from capital letter because this our feeling of own importance. For those who are not aware I make a discovery: The ego - it is not we the presents, the Ego our the second, false I.

What false means? And even means that the Ego is our main complex in life generated by society. All of us after the birth first are the presents, and our actions are absolutely true and pure. To us the shame, a shame is unknown.

We cannot be wounded the word, to offend because we have no feeling of own importance yet, we do not divide the world and people into 2 opposite poles. For us everything is uniform, we in harmony. But over time we begin to learn to adopt at adults their reactions on what - or acts, to imitate them, to thereby bring up in themselves that Ego.

All negative traits of character proceed from our Ego. I often should communicate during correspondence with so-called TERPILAMI (Why quite so moreover and on a criminal slang?
Yes because constantly complain and are forced to bear insults and humiliations in the address). For example, the person complains that he was offended, deceived, betrayed and so forth.

I try to explain that the person cannot be offended, offended, and in general that - or to make with him in spite of himself. Each person himself chooses this or that reaction, so if he chose offense, then it is his personal choice, so, and its problems.

Each person with acquisition of the Ego got negative reactions inherent in it and then already unconsciously (I ask to pay attention - UNCONSCIOUSLY) began to react to various attacks in the address. Each person every minute in the life does what - or the choice (to scratch the head, to go to the right, to tell that - or and so on).

All that set of actions which is done by the person during every instant of the life it is result of its choice, and choice unconscious. We do not realize that, walking, we move serially one leg, the second; especially we do not realize that at the same time we involve couple of hundreds of muscles.

I do not speak about breath any more, we about it do not remember at all though only thanks to it we also live. About heart beat and pulse in general you should not speak. You understand? We are biorobots. Tuk - tuk, is who houses? Who in general monitors work of all our organism? Who in the house the owner?

A in our organism occur every second billions of processes promoting our activity. It is watched by our subconsciousness which is our true owner. I will not begin to say
Ya now that psychologists claim that, except subconsciousness, there is still a nadsoznaniye, superconsciousness, and take me the word, in the future still will open tens different arkh - superconsciousnesses because human mind is so arranged: it always needs to split up everything for small components and to think out something new. It is very difficult for me and it is not necessary.

Our brain is already overloaded with useless information. They say that according to people in the life uses only 2% of the obtained information, and so, 98% just garbage in our head. Logarithms, tangents, cotangents, chemical formulas and the difficult equations were useful to somebody in life? Well, except for, of course, those who chose a way of the scientist?

Who needs history which is treated differently at all times? Long live modern education system! The wise person differs from silly in what uses all information arriving to it, and silly accumulates it in hope when - nibud to realize. But, as a rule, if you did not realize that - or soon, then chances of realization are in the future almost equal to zero.

It just to the fact that if who - that, having read the book, does not begin to use the obtained information, and intends once to begin to work on it, then at you hardly it will turn out.

So, we will return to our feeling of own importance. And so our Ego is a set of the programs put in us since the birth. You understand in what a counter? Not we react to manifestations of world around, and the program carries out the function put in us. As it is possible to offend the person?

The person either takes offense, or rejoices, or is indifferent for him. It it, and only it, personal choice. And as he is not able to realize that it has a choice - means, he just sleeps rather his sensibleness sleeps.

Here such is a picture of our world: 99% of mankind are in a matrix, and it actually so. If person it is possible to anger, offend, force to cry, make laugh, to force to wag words a tail, then who is he actually? PUPPET.

Yes, we practically all are puppets, and in it our weakness. All of us hide under masks to hide our weaknesses. Cruel men, as a rule, very much are afraid of manifestation of cruelty to themselves or try to show the coolness, humiliating those who are weaker than them.

Boors are afraid of manifestation of rudeness in relation to themselves therefore are forced to be rude the first until they were managed to be humiliated. Moves all only FEAR. Fear to seem weak and to be humiliated.
of the Ego is always forced to be protected. To the person, free from the Ego, there is nothing to protect because it cannot be hooked nothing. It is impregnable as the small child.

In it its real force. Only rather strong person is able to afford to be weak, weak cannot afford it. A way to an enlightenment are a return to themselves newborn. Therefore, training children, it would be advisable to us also at them to learn to be the presents.

All of us manipulate with each other because in an unconsciousness we represent a set of programs and various reactions which are written down in our brain and in the body.
seems to you that you make decisions and make the conscious choice, but, unfortunately, it not so. If you made always the conscious choice, then your life would be just perfect.
But as in our life there is not everything so smoothly, and at times and disgustingly, so, is result of the incorrect choice.

Everything that in our life occurs - it is our choice and to blame for it whom - that senselessly and irresponsibly. And time we learned to be unconscious - means, we can find sensibleness also.

Much, probably, cannot wait to start quicker practical exercises and to quickly receive result. On the contrary, ladies and gentlemen, I pound from this almost any, except for those who blindly believe that he will hear or will read.

Since the childhood we were accustomed to believe what can be proved, seen, tried, to feel. For what achievement - or the purposes the belief is necessary, and it is, perhaps, the most important factor - the intention engine.

If you do not understand how this or that exercise works, then you, without believing in it, do not receive result. I faced it more than once when did exercises, without understanding how it works.

The result was proportional to existence of that necessary factor as BELIEF. Then already, several years later, facing in other educational systems similar exercises, I understood in what a counter, thanks to an explanation clear to me and already increased experience.
I then exercises begin to work because you already not only trust in it, and is simply convinced of its efficiency.

A year ago I left off smoking from - for the fact that I stupidly believed in a technique Alena Kara. Well, not absolutely, of course, stupidly believed, just to me was enough the fact that one person told me that he knows the people (from a circle of the friends) who left off smoking according to this technique.

Before what only I tried! But for what I was enough, so it is a maximum for 4 days. Here I left off smoking without any tortures, actually easily.

And I with this habit lived the most part of the life, 26 years. What for magic means was in this book? And means any in principle was also not, there was just a cleaning of brains. I read this book slowly, within 3 days, and, continuing to smoke, trained myself for the last cigarette in my life.

Having closed the book, I smoked the last cigarette, and threw out almost full pack and a lighter without any regret in garbage. I will not tell that smoking became indifferent for me, is not present, of course. I and now sometimes want to smoke
, but the unique belief which I programmed to myself in a brain helps to refuse a cigarette.

And the author of this effective technique right at the beginning writes that it is not necessary at once, without having read up the book, to leave off smoking, it will not help. Therefore impatient do not receive results.

Recently read
about one interesting experiment made in America. Suggested to take small children 1 candy, and told at the same time that the one who agrees to wait 15 minutes will be able to take already 2 candies.

The majority, of course, burning with impatience, chose 1 candy, but here and now. According to those who preferred to suffer there were only several people.
for many years observed them. Having become adults, those who preferred to wait, their impatient colleagues tried to obtain big progress in life, than. And therefore I advise
, based on personal experience, it is better to understand that to what, and then already to start practical actions.

It will be very good if you, having learned that - that new to itself, stop and analyse this opening, based on the last life experience.

You will surely find confirmations to what you learn (well, and really so it and occurs), and it will add to you belief. Our life is just a gold mine of information and wisdom.
But it only for those who in all events see only positive and consider events as life lessons. If you do as I advise you, then subsequently you are surprised to that how there is a lot of you, it appears, knew, just did not pay attention to it.

You want to receive real results from this book? Then now make the decision to make everything that here is written. Everything depends on the most 1 step based on the firm decision to pass a way to the end.

Take a sheet of paper and make to yourself the promise to achieve the objective, and otherwise why in general to live? Life does not make sense if there is nothing to aspire. The person either develops, or degrades.

Why people grow old and die? Yes because they have no purpose, so there is no development, there is no compliance with the Universe.

There are cases when aged people of 60 - 70 years entered the institutes or began to be fond of what - that new to themselves (to become on the way of development), and at them wonderfully there passed chronic diseases.

Why it occurs? When the person reaches advanced years, he agrees to the program put in it (all grow old, are ill and die) constantly thinks of the diseases and trains himself for death.

Being young people, he made big plans for the future, and subconsciousness, accepting team to realization of the purpose, gave our organism energy and strength for realization of conceived. Now it sends to
visualization about the forthcoming diseases to the future, and the main part of energy is spent not for accommodation here and now, and for memories of the past. In a word, to themselves switch off power supply of an organism.

My dear old men, life does not come to an end, you finish it. Set before yourself long-term goals, believe that you are capable to reach them, and subconsciousness will give you energy for implementation of the desirable.

LIFE GOES ON UNTIL YOU WANT THAT. Well, and further we will talk about responsibility for ourselves and the life.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose“. Noel Bukharmetov