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I can abnormal

our life, life of our acquaintances, people close to us - continuous questions. Why everything occurs quite so, but not differently? Whether it is possible to change something? And whether it is necessary to change something in general? What needs to be known for this purpose? On these questions we will try to give answers. Answers with ezoterichesoky the points of view.


Natalya Berilova

Slavik always was “correct“. Graduated from school. Served army. Took alcoholic drinks moderately and on holidays. Work - the house. Where he got acquainted with Katya - a riddle.

Why married it - one more riddle. Katya - a shalava. The birth of the son did not change its way of life. From a kindergarten Slavik was called on work, asked that it took away the child since. Katya was not behind it.

And then Katya died. Cancer. Slavik one brought up the child. Changed work that there were no night shifts. The second time married. Liouba - the complete antithesis of Katya - “correct“.

One more son was born. Safe, happy, model family. We, neighbors, rejoiced for Slavik - at last he was lucky!

Once, having returned from work, saw the neighbor in a state, unusual to it. It was drunk. Could not open a door of the apartment. Helped it.

- Slavka, I in such look the first time see you!

- And I for the first time got drunk.

- Why?

- Well, not from good life.

- It at you - that life is bad?

- You know when lived with Katya, kept thinking: “Why I was so not lucky? For what to me it?“ Dreamed of the normal wife, a normal family.

Both wife good, and family normal. And me … it is bad. It appears, I loved Katya. And if now before me there was a choice, Katya or Liouba, I would choose Katya.

Perhaps I am abnormal? You what you think?

I did not think. Considered that its confession - drunk nonsense. Advised to sleep.

And in several days Slavik died. Did not sustain heart. Heart attack.

Noel Bukharmetov

Liouba normal, good, positive, so, with it life equal and stable. But Slava needs, apparently, the drive, emotions. And Katya could fully provide it.

And negative emotions was wholly, and positive as much. It happens that to positive and quiet wives is changed by husbands as people exist only for the sake of emotions.

Slava did not love Katya, and samoudovletvoryalsya. I was in its family way when I married for the second time.

Next day, after marriage registration, I as in a joke, returned before usual from work and caught the wife red-handed.

After that I, of course, left her, but soon came back as in the sexual plan nobody and ever so satisfied me.

Besides, it was too beautiful, and boyfriends at it was more than enough. To it wildly pulled me, but it was not the love, but passion, desire to derive pleasure.

I, in turn, could not give the drive to it, it needed a scolding. She returned to former which to me broke it a nose, a finger on a hand from which she got concussion etc. of

It, having returned to it, began to receive at full scale again, came to me with the broken toe, and I drove her in emergency station. But it suited it.

It and to it too the truth once broke the head a 3-liter jar with some swill. Now her last cohabitant was put, and she tries to return to me.

But it me not it and another any more I now, any more attracts that that earlier. Now it looks very unattractively (hudyushchy, without foreteeth, and in general from it turns back me).

People are various on the temperament therefore emotional people do not accept the quiet relations, and quiet an uneasy half changes them.