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How to become an ideal for the darling?

Who told that there are no ideal men? For each woman it is impossible to become an ideal and it is not necessary. The main thing that you were an ideal for the beloved as I on an example. If you for it are not an ideal yet, but she loves you, such as you are, then perhaps and to you it is not necessary to change nothing, but you - that know, about the shortcomings, and she knows about them too.
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If can correct something, then why not to correct it, and it is practically possible to correct everything, and human shortcomings are not an exception.
Much depends on what values at you and your woman. If he wants that you left off smoking - make it if wants that you did not take some alcoholic drinks at all - make it. Also, for the man who loves the woman will not make big work not to throw socks anywhere, not to put a leg on a coffee table, not to otrygivat, not to tell words which irritate his woman. If you love, then it is not difficult and what earlier, appear, cannot be made, now becomes with pleasure. If you want to become better for the darling, then she, will want to make the same for you. Perhaps, it is not necessary for you that it became better as you already consider it as an ideal, but it will do everything to become better for you.
for this purpose to become dream for many women, it is only necessary not to smoke, not to drink, play sports, to have good work and a decent salary. Well and of course, what ideal man without apartment and the car Perhaps your darling does not need all this, or it seems to her that it is not necessary for it, but she will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that you left off smoking and began to play sports.
Is very important to find as much as possible time of the darling. The more you will give it time, the more she will appreciate and love you. An ideal to become not so difficult for darling if to consider the fact that now with you and if she does not reproach you with anything, and you do not have her litter, then it is possible to tell that you in a step from perfection.
the best way how to become an ideal for the darling, to ask it it what it in you would change. Perhaps, she will tell that nothing wants to change, or would like to change some trifles. These trifles also should be considered and to use chance to become better.
If you decide to change time, then be sure that you will like to change in the good party, and all of you it is more and you will want to become better more, but you remember that better, first of all, it becomes necessary for the darling.
After that you decide to become an ideal for darling, you will notice that in your relations something new appeared.