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Who is guilty?

our life, life of our acquaintances, people close to us - continuous questions. Why everything occurs quite so, but not differently? Whether it is possible to change something? And whether it is necessary to change something in general? What needs to be known for this purpose? On these questions we will try to give answers. Answers with ezoterichesoky the points of view.


Natalya Berilova

last year our quiet village was excited by murder of two people - the woman of old age and her grandson. But even more residents of the settlement were discouraged when they learned that the murderer - Kostya K.

Grew Kostya in a safe family. Safe in every respect: parents did not drink, among themselves did not row, adored the only son, were well off. In prosperity to rural measures.

The cattle, kitchen garden, work. Kostya was always held up as an example. Studied well, helped about the house, did not drink. Upon termination of the ninth class left the settlement, as well as all his peers, to the city. Came to school.

After school decided to come to Sankt - the St. Petersburg higher education institution. On free training did not gather additionally points. Gave a hint to parents that on paid training it is taken. Those even did not begin to listen.

Earned by the hump was enough only for life in the village. Kostya understood that parents will not be able to help with study.

Having taken the axe, stealthily, left the house. Went to shop. He knew that once a month behind revenue comes from the city the owner of settlement shop.

The shop assistant, the aunt Liouba, counted money. This time it took in shop of the grandson. “Kostya, you what?“ - she asked. It were her last words.

Kostya knocked the woman on the head the axe. The child cried, ran to the grandmother. One more wave the axe - the child calmed down. The murderer counted money. “Will be enough“, - he thought.

In court Kostya denied nothing. Here only did not admit guilt. Said that did not want to kill. Wanted to intimidate, take away money which was necessary to it on training. Regretted only for what to study all - it will not turn out.

When the judge asked why Kostya did not try to earn money to himself for training, he answered: “You do not make laugh. How many years it is necessary to stoop in the village to earn this sum? And life will pass.“

A when provided to Kostya the last word, he declared that to it all the same where to decay, - in the village or in prison.

Kostya`s parents sold the house, cattle, left the settlement. Nobody knows where exactly.

Noel Bukharmetov

It occurs because life of the unconscious (sleeping) people is an emotional pendulum. We during life do same: we run from a negative in a pursuit of a positive.

We are attached to our emotions, so, in search of thrills we during all life, spending ourselves in vain, we approach death.

There is such is investigative - the causal law under the name a karma which says: “To each being on the karma to live.“ The people who took responsibility for the life, but such understand this law, unfortunately, it is not enough.

Actually we are not able to attract events which did not “order“ in the life. The question arises: “And how then small child?“ It is a pity?

And if he in antecedents was Hitler? Something and pity began to vanish. There is no sense to judge and look for guilty as it does not give anything, except the next emotional splashes.

We are not able to see a full picture of our life, and therefore we perceive only its small part. The look through a keyhole distorts a true picture.

The murderer in this drama - only object which was attracted by the victims. Well, and if to approach it it is conscious, then the death is the benefit for everyone living on Earth.

Just we forgot it when we were embodied the next time on this planet. To whom has the luck to endure clinical death, that knows about how it is fine to be out of a body and not to have a need for food, heat, comfort.

Once in youth, was at one seminar where described meditative experience of death. When the soul leaves a body, it nearly with disgust looks at the corpse.

Imagine such situation. To you tied a heavy bag which you do not leave during life to a body. This bag you need to wash, feed, treat, satisfy requirements of this bag constantly (sex, smoking, alcohol, etc.) .

In a word, you only are also engaged during all life in the fact that you humour this heavy bag. And with age it becomes heavier and heavier as slags at us collect with age.

The bag wanted sex, and we run in search of this satisfaction. The bag wanted food, and we need to work for this purpose all life as the bag does not want to do without food.

The bag brings us pain which subsequently we have to treat. The bag constantly yes demands something from us, it constantly needs emotions.

Spending energy for emotions, he in exchange receives slags and toxins and it becomes heavier and heavier.

Actually the adult becomes less mobile, and it is an indicator that the bag is obviously overloaded.

Someone, having been tired of this weight, begins to make cleaning procedures and to facilitate the burden, and someone spat all and the miserable existence continues to drag, thereby bringing closer itself to death of which, by the way, very much is afraid.

All this from misunderstanding and lack of understanding what is death. The death of a body is the birth of our soul, and the birth of the person is a death of our soul. Understanding of it does the person immortal.

And when we die in our physical body, we simply throw off this bag and we fly up with feeling of pleasure and ease.

There is also an opinion that life in a physical body is called hell as the worst place for our soul just does not exist.

So then it turns out the murderer for the victims made? Good or Evil? What in principle difference? Everyone received only the, the fact that he requested on a karma.