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I hate you

Real stories from the cycle “Life Anatomy“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova

“I hate you!“

Natalya Berilova

Sergey hated the father. The father left a family when to Sergey there was half a year. Mother got two job. Her Sergey saw only on days off.

Cried when mother left for work. And when mother came back from work, again cried because she at once put him to bed.

When Sergey went to school, he had many questions: “Who his father? Where it? Why does not live with them?“ Answers of mother were explained nothing.

Sergey could not understand as it was possible to throw them with mother. Could not understand why the father does not come back to a family if one lives. Then he decided that he will study well.

Thought that the father, having learned what son, good at it, will return to them. Sergey graduated from school brilliantly. The father did not return to a family.

And then the son began to hate the father. Swore that will never throw the child, will be a remarkable father.

After army Sergey got a job on plant. On that where his father worked. Got acquainted with the girl.

Celebrated a wedding. The son was born. Sleepless nights exhausted Sergey. The crying son irritated. Sergey made the decision - to leave a family.

Having come into the room where slept the wife with the son, Sergey began to pack things. Looked at sleeping. Heart did not tremble, did not jam.

In kitchen left a note to the wife: “If you will be able, forgive me. I leave. Family life not for me. I will send money.“

the Train carried away Sergey to the unfamiliar city. As there will be his life, Sergey did not know. Knew only one - it will not return to a family.

Filling up, remembered the father. “All this from - for you, - Sergey thought. - As I hate you! “

Noel Bukharmetov
It can call

a patrimonial karma - when the same acts are made throughout several generations.

Sergey too idealized the future relations and as a result received absolutely return result. As they say: “If you want to make laugh God, then tell him about the plans“.

Also he many times remembered the father and sent it the hatred. Here, of course, it was helped with it by his mother who hated the ex-husband, accustomed the son to hate the father.

This very widespread phenomenon when one of the offended parents learns to hate the child, the second creator of his life.

We receive in the life only that we give, so, Sergey, in this case, will receive hatred of the son to himself. Quite perhaps, as his son will also hate it.

And it will proceed from generation to generation until any of this infinite chain does not finish it. For this purpose Sergey needs to pass practicians of clarification and forgiveness.

Until he is not able to fall in love with the father, sincerely, and a karmic debt it will be necessary to ask for it forgiveness that all life fed hatred for it and will work.

It is necessary to send Lyubov and Gratitude to the father until power of Unconditional Love overcomes hatred force.

Well and as it fed very long time and cultivated this hatred, it very long should clear itself the energy opposite on quality (To love and Gratitude).

If he does not make it, then all life will suffer, having sense of guilt and hatred of the son. Hatred is a manifestation of our Ego.

The love and Gratitude are a manifestation of our true being. Everything can be corrected in this life, there would be a desire. And to correct is a destiny of the strong and spiritualized personality.

“You are too beautiful!“

Natalya Berilova

Popular wisdom says: “Beauty is not happiness.“ Larisa was not lucky - she was beautiful.

First it liked courtings of children: it was pleasant that guys fought from - for it; it was pleasant to try to catch enthusiastic eyes of men. Then it bothered. Girlfriends married. And Larisa did not meet the promised.

Prestigious work, the smart car, material welfare did not please. She wanted only - to love and be one a darling.

Those who made a declaration of love to it were not pleasant to Larisa. And she in the 25 did not fall in love with anybody.

Girlfriends decided to rescue Larisa from loneliness. To the husband of Lena, one of Larisiny girlfriends, there arrived the friend with whom they served in Morflot.

30 years, he is single, the handsome - is a match for Larisa. Lena rang round girlfriends, invited also Larisa. As soon as Larisa saw Alexey, understood: this is that man of whom she dreamed. Alexey did not take eyes from Larisa too. Girlfriends rejoiced …

the Shy call to a door. The neigbour of Lena asks a corkscrew. Lena goes on kitchen, finds a corkscrew, shows the door the neigbour. In a few minutes again call to a door.

The neigbour apologizes that broke a corkscrew, stretches to Lena money, complains that in which - that eyelids to it was glanced by the schoolmate, and they could not open a bottle.

Alexey volunteered to help out the neigbour. Waited for it hour. Then Alexey called the friend, apologized, told that he will not come.

And in half a year Alexey and Lenina the neigbour got married. Larisa was invited to a wedding. At first she decided not to go, then changed the mind. Came. Congratulated young people.

Having snatched the moment, started talking to Alexey:

- Why it, but not I? I saw, felt that it was pleasant to you.

- You understand, I on half a year do not stay at home.

- Well and that?

- I need the reliable back. And you … You are too beautiful!

Noel Bukharmetov

Under the Law of Balance if the person succeeds in something, then so loses in other areas of life. At Larisa and at many beauties, the same problem with the personal relations.

All admire beautiful people, and they become it seems as property for many people, but not for one person.

Them it is pleasant to admire, humour the Ego supposedly look what girl turned on me attention. But for life many men prefer housewives.

There is an opinion that girls of model appearance of the shirker, so, they are necessary only for sex and an exit to display to people. Successful people have it as an indicator of their status.

Girls who very much watch the appearance start the inner world. And as the person cannot be satisfied with only one sex, for communication it finds wiser interlocutors.

Larisa, in this history, was a suffering source for people who wished it. They fought, tried to obtain it, at the nights did not sleep, were jealous, hated, felt passion etc.

Under the Law of the Karma (that you will seed, you will reap), Larisa receives that received thanks to it others. She dreamed of that people “were lovesick“ on her, and now and she will “dry“ from one-way love.

Many just do not understand that happiness is a lack of the Ego, but not its manifestations. The ego us cuts off power, deprives of personal force, devastates the spiritual beginning.

Alexey, in turn, sees in women object for self-satisfaction, but not love.

Because if he loved really, then he would be happy that the person whom he loves exists, and it is not important with whom this person is happy, the main thing that he is happy.

In life Larisa to herself will often attract men, similar to Alexey as it brought sufferings to many people, so, and itself will suffer as much.

To help it to improve this situation only working off of a karma, forgiveness or technology of change of antecedents will be able. In total in our hands, and only to us to solve how to us to live further.

I do not think that Larisa will be able to realize it as will stir her her internal beliefs: “I am a queen, and all around the servant“.

Very much I hope that I am mistaken.