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From idea to a fulfillment of

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 3“

Everything that we do in this life, we do according to the rule which we do not realize.
to make any action, we have to be for this purpose motivated by something. Well, and positive emotions which we wish to receive in the future give us motivation. Let`s disassemble the mechanism of our actions in details.

At first to the person the idea comes (ideas, as a rule, soar in air, that is come from the outside, but are not born in us; we as the adjusted antennas, we catch information of that frequency for which were ready). That is if we often think of money, then we do not attract idea how it is the best of all to cook pearl-barley porridge, and we attract ideas about fund raising in the life.

The idea first has neither visual, nor acoustical, nor olfactory and tactile forms of manifestation. It something which visited us, so far only vibration, a wave (not important). Further this vibration, after passing through Sakhasrar`s chakra, falls below and gets to Adzhna - a chakra where accepts a visual image. At this stage the idea does not concern us, it just takes place to be.

Further it falls below and passes through a chakra to Vishudkh where already our picture begins to find the logical verbal formulation. That is at first there was something unclear. Then, when we saw it (the brain found in the memory analogy, or an exact image), we sound it. If we see what was “never“ seen, then on a habit we all the same yes will tell something and as - nibud yes we will call.

That it was more clear, I will explain: we are able to see only those images which we saw earlier, and what we did not see earlier, we are not able to see. It occurs because as I already wrote in the head “Circulation of information in the history of mankind“ earlier, in the world surrounding us there is no information, it is in ourselves. And it means that the whole world is our reflection.

Now I will give the example described in Dmitry Verishchagin`s book “Release“. I quote:
to Two kittens practically right after the birth (when they only received
ability to see) experimenters not movably recorded the head. And in such
state they were kept by several months.

The head of the first kitten recorded
so that before his eyes there were only vertical lines and if objects came across to
, then they were located strictly vertically too. Before eyes
of the second kitten there were only horizontal lines and is horizontal
the focused objects.

When kittens were released, at last, and gave them the chance to move as they want
, the surprising thing became clear. It appears, kittens at all not of
perceived objects, the directions located in unfamiliar to them. So, first
a kitten was knocked about crossbeams of stools all the time and could not cross a threshold -
stumbled about it and fell.

He just did not see a threshold because it was not accustomed by
to perceive horizontal lines! And the second kitten incessantly came across
of a leg of chairs and tables and filled to himself cones...

Somehow read about one tribe which lives in the distance from a civilization. Over them planes sometimes flew by, but they never saw them and did not hear because in their memory there is nothing similar.

Many experiments which prove our limited perception to reality are about it already made. I even sometimes remember myself in the childhood as for the first time tried to show me what I early did not see.

Me persistently pointed a finger, and I silly looked and could not see what is seen by others. I only just stupidly agreed with them if only lagged behind me and did not count as the silly person. Or rather, I saw, but at all not that all other people saw. Because my vision of that time consisted of that scanty information which was available for me at that time my life (3 - 5 years).

Here for this reason we do not see aura of people and the things surrounding us. But once we begin to pay it attention, vision of aura will become for us habitual and ordinary over time. The emptiness which is between material objects is not emptiness at all actually, just our look is focused so that to see material objects.

At the same time we are limited too as is able to see at the same time only certain quantity of objects. Try to watch on what now - nibud a landscape and, since one subject, having recorded it, begin to consider how many objects you see at the same time, at the same time without letting out the objects recorded earlier from attention. When you reach a critical point (about 8 - 10 objects), from your field of vision earlier seen objects will begin to vanish.

It is also your limit of visual perception. Pay, by the way, attention to how your look when making this exercise was defocused. Internal dialogue disappeared from the head, and you plunged into a trance. The out-of-focus look is a look of the child, this real volume vision. Here already you will notice also aura of objects.

Further our idea, falling below, gets to our emotional center and passes through Anakhatu`s chakra where the issue is resolved: “It is necessary to us? “ If the idea emotionally did not hook on us, then we at once forget about it because we in it do not see sense, as well as in continuing to feed mentally idea with energy.

If the idea received a negative response, then we try to muffle it in a belly, or senselessly we consider it, trying to mark out emotions, thereby attracting a negative in the life. Our thoughts are a search of an emotional response.

We think and we think to emit energy. So, if the idea receives a positive emotional response, then this emotion feeds the strong-willed chakra of Manipur located below. In order that to achieve something, the will is necessary. And the motivation is stronger, the feed strong-willed charkas is more powerful.

Further the chakra of Svadkhistan which is our sexual center, but also and the place from where our intention proceeds follows. The intention is stronger, the result of the achieved objectives is more successful.

The one who abstains from sex does not devastate this chakra, so, its intention has powerful force. For the same who has sex often it is difficult to achieve success in life.

Impotence is a sublimation of energy to more correct course. If we could have sex to the death, then duration of our life would be less.

I so understand that by an old age the organism loses ability to sex as long as possible to prolong life to the person with the going-down energy level. Of course, it does not concern to those who lead active lifestyle until the end of the life.

So after intention began to work, it, respectively, included the lowermost chakra from the main, Muladkhara who is our vital center and is responsible for our general physical plan.

Our physical force and health depends on power potential given charkas. Here such way there passes the idea which visited us. And having only passed all stages from top down, we achieve goals.

Except, of course, those which are false. Well, and about what is lie and what harm from it we will talk in the head “Truth and lie“