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Achievement of the purpose or that stirs us in its realization

In the head “From idea to a fulfillment“ we considered process of a materialization of the desirable. Look around, look in what you are dressed on what you sit. All this was once ordinary idea, a blank space, the vibration which got to our consciousness.

Well, than not the proof that the thought is material? Then why not all desires and dreams materialize? The answer is obvious. The idea did not pass all stages of development, so, got stuck halfway, lost force for implementation. It occurs because at some stage of development of idea we lose energy, and she receives less forces for intention inclusion, loses motivation.

Now let`s sort everything in details. The idea came to mind, through Sakhasrara - to a chakr, further took visual shape through Adzhna - a chakra, then it is sounded thanks to Vishudkhe`s chakra, and its leak is already possible here.

When we begin to tell emotionally everyone about our idea, we begin to devastate energy in Vishudkh - a chakra which was fed earlier Adzhny - chakry. A devastation does not occur if we do not show emotions because emotion is an allocation of energy.

Why we are attracted by our desires? Because we want to receive positive emotions. But if we begin to rejoice in the advance payment, then, having cut off power energy our warm chakra of Anakhatu, we lose interest in desire. Everything, emotions are fulfilled, and there is no motivation, respectively.

In life each of us had such moments when to us the idea which inspired us came. Then, later some time, emotions began to die away, and on it all came to an end. There is a question:“ And how then pronunciation of mantras and affirmation? “ The matter is that when we pronounce affirmation or mantras, we tell it to ourselves, but not to surrounding people, so, we keep energy and we introduce it in our biofield.

At our biofield there is information on everything that we see and hear daily, that is any information garbage. Introducing in our radio body of energy of our desires, we thereby transform our biofield, we begin to radiate our idea and to attract the necessary events. And when we speak outside, respectively, outside of it and we throw out.

What is done by those who achieve the objectives? They begin to realize the arrived idea, that is to plan and work. They have no time for talk because perfectly understand that time - money. It is more than business - less words. This phrase very precisely displays sense of the fact that the choice between these 2 actions always for us.

Further when we arrived reasonably and did not begin to speak about our idea to everyone when we are not spent for emotions, the chakra - Anakhata feeds subordinate Chakra - to Manipur, our strong-willed center. All of us know that the will which, in turn, will include intention which is managed by a chakra - Svadkhistan is necessary for achievement of our purpose.

Manipur - the chakra gains strength during refusals of our habitual actions. That is if we did not spend energy of our idea, so far it reached to strong-willed charkas, then, respectively, fed it. Well, it seems already practically reached, but not absolutely as in the lower chakra - Svadkhistan (sexual) we can devastate our intention if we indulge our thirst for pleasures.

Sex, alcohol, drugs, an overeating - all this can disarm us the main thing on the way to the purpose - to Intention. Without intention of people does not poshevelnt even a finger because any our action is caused by our intention it to make.

All of us have almost identical daily volume of intention, only one spend this intention for searches and satisfaction of the habitual low requirements, and others accumulate it, thanks to refusals of everything that does not conduct to the purpose, and, having saved up, direct this powerful driving force to one course, that is to realization of the purposes.

We all is able to achieve our objectives because we have enough intention potential for realization. The question is in where we constantly spend ourselves. The choice always for us.

This chapter is not absolute truth, it only my present understanding and perception.


for separately taken perception. At early stages of spiritual formation of people finds itself in religion.

In process of maturing, he begins to understand that the religion is not absolute truth and what silly to look at God through points of religion. Further the person begins to try various doctrines, and, collecting various knowledge of particles, he gets the, individual experience.

Egregors at the initial stages help us, but further they become to us a hindrance. And then the person plunges deeply into himself, having disconnected thereby from egregorialny influences.

The self-knowledge is a way of the single (itself learns) therefore all famous Saints were singles. Even being among crowd, they realized the participation with world around, being left at the same time motionless (without judgment, with detachment), but were out of this crowd.

The internal silence allows us to be in the world, but other-wordly. Therefore when we re-read years later some book, we find in it absolutely other sense, than earlier.

It is an indicator of spiritual and personal growth. If transformation in consciousness did not happen, so the person does not develop.

What I write now is my present perception, but I will not begin to think so several years at all later, and it is quite natural. Later some time, I will write already in a different way, otherwise, according to my future understanding.

Moreover, I will even find sense, absolutely new to myself in the present books. Awareness of participation with Infinity comes when the top charkas begin to be filled with energy.

At me the sharp growth of understanding began when I began to practice passive meditation. I began to write since then too, without understanding from where in me this deep understanding undertakes.

Now I write too, only after strenuously I meditate couple of days, that is I arrange myself information hunger, I am in silence.

And then, having yearned, I obtain information, and there is it not from mind any more, and from your inner self.

During meditation our power channels are cleaned, mind is cleared of any information stuff, and thoughts already go without intervention of internal dialogue.

When energy cleans power channels in a body, problem places in an organism begin to hurt. It is very good indicator. Now here I sit, I write, the back, a neck, and the left side of a body hurts.

It pleases me because I am convinced of efficiency of the done meditation. Also no drugs and doctors are necessary.

For a long time it is known that all our diseases from the wrong way of life and from the alien, imposed from the outside programs. And meditation just relieves us of them, cleans mind and grants tranquility.

My father, he is 78 years old, too meditates and it is clear feels pain in the problem bodies. All this is visually shown in the good movie “Spiritual Reality“.

My changes in life to the best also began with it. I want to tell that it is useless to understand mind what I write in the books to those who does not practice passive meditation.

Because it not so much has to be understood how many to be realized. Let`s take, for example, the children`s wise statement which everyone knows: “Who is called, that and is called“.

The absolute wisdom indicating that the WHOLE WORLD is I. All of us know it, but we do not realize this Knowledge. It is enough one understanding of this fact to change the life radically.

My texts (and practically all texts of esotericists) are clear only to those who really seriously practice in sensibleness, and logical reflections are useless here.

I would tell even on the contrary that the person is cleverer, the he is farther from understanding. Mind - the main obstacle for self-knowledge. The person with big education looks at the world from a position: “Here everything is clear for me“.

For this reason it is simply closed from obtaining information because wise always listens, and silly speaks.

Carlos Castaneda, the person with university education, was always considered as the most stupid among illiterate magicians.

One of Castaneda`s teachers, Don Genaro, could not neither write, nor read. At the same time he was the strong, brightened-up magician. Unconscious people, such as Carlos, they called not the presents. And it actually so.

We were real and brightened up when were born, but grew with programs over time, and we do not live any more, and just we exist.

Don Huang often had to stuff Castaneda with narcotic substances to beat out him from the programmed state, to shift its point of assembly (we will talk about a point of assembly in the head “Point of assembly or not shown realities“).

In ten years of training Carlos all are learned much and became the Nagual (main), only thanks to the congenital special configuration of a power body.

He did not understand often much and asked infinitely questions therefore Don Huang always tried to shut it a mouth that that did not spend in vain energy, and on the contrary, accumulated it.

Very often he answered him the next question: “You know.“ When I read Castaneda`s books for the first time, I looked at the world of magicians from Carlos`s position and too mentally asked the same questions and did not understand at all that Don Huang tried to inform it.

But years later, re-reading books several times, I already began to perceive information from the point of view of Don Huang.

I began to understand what he speaks about because over time my charkas were filled with energy, and in this regard the new understanding and understanding came.

Don Huang explained inaccessibility of understanding of magicians with presence of very low level of energy.

Earlier I could not understand at all what communication can be between understanding and accumulation of energy, but as it was already told above, all fell into place when I began to accumulate energy by means of meditations.

I want to tell these that at each level (means chakralny) there is the understanding. Charkas at us settle down from below up therefore it is possible to draw an analogy.

The person from the filled lower chakry, standing in the wood on the earth, sees the space. Other person, from the developed second chakry, is already above the first, that is sits on a branch of a tree and sees already in a different way though they are nearby.

The one that above, sees more, but cannot explain lower what sees because lower never was on a tree and does not know what the look opens from there.

But we still have 5 charkas, those top branches where other people who too, in turn, see the pictures of the world sit and have the true understanding.

The one who sits on the top is the brightened-up person to whom all space opened. He saw the horizon, the sky, the sun, a rainbow and tries to explain all this to the lower companions.

Penultimate understands it a little and very much seeks to reach the top, constantly meditating and practicing sensibleness, but here lower it cannot already be understood.

And what costs on the earth so in general thinks about top as of mentally ill people, especially about sitting on the top of a tree. If at the person average and top charkas are not developed, then to him something is useless to speak about spirituality and in general about personal growth.

The person whose development is limited to the lower charkas, as a rule, thinks only of sensual pleasures, listens to hard rock (metal), a rap, a chanson and behaves as cattle. Such usually do not read books in general.

The person who ripened before development of average charkas loves usually pop music, reads books, that is charkas at us begin with a note TO and come to an end on SI.

Respectively, nizhnechakrovy people love music with low frequencies. The person who grew to the top charkas listens to music classical or the enigmatichny direction.

In fact each of them is right in the subjective perception of the world, but only in the. Therefore dispute on the one who is right or is not right is not pertinent here at all.

Be filled with energy and learn all new and new realities. And you will have infinite this way of knowledge.