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What to us prevents to be successful?

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 2“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova

the Main problem of most of people on Earth is an unwillingness to be content with what we have.

Once I, having watched Nikolay Latansky`s video, it was terrified, having learned that the most part of the population of Earth (I do not remember, how many as a percentage, but something about 80) has no normal roof over the head and leads a hungry life.

I really was shocked. It seemed to me that people in most cases have middle-income, but I did not pay attention to residents of China, Africa, India, Mongolia etc., where most of the population lives in poverty.

Many of them also do not know plainly what is the Internet. Why then those who well eat and sleep in warm beds on pure sheets are not happy with the life?

The answer is simple: because there are others who are much richer and more successful than us. That is we constantly compare ourselves to others, and, as a rule, we envy those who live better us.

But we seldom find time to compare to ourselves to those, to a lump it is worse than us. Once, at the beginning of 90- x when all people began to be reconstructed, cooperatives, racket began to appear, many began to earn quite good money.

Stability was not, but which - where could be snatched nevertheless, and it was possible to rise at all highly. I then worked as the bureaucrat at the chemical company and envied those who could earn several times more me.

I wanted it too, but did not decide to throw (from - for instability) well paid work (harm was considered too and bridewealth was).

Once I went for change and thought of why I so am not lucky in life why I have not such highly paid work. But then the thought that I quite could be as the fates decree in prison or the bum came to my mind.

I presented myself on the place of the bum and began to envy already myself, present. Without understanding that, I displaced the perception and felt happy.

I literally went and enjoyed life. I understood that on that plant where I worked, it is very difficult to settle, and many envied those who were lucky to work there.

And 100 meters back I was unfortunate, and here on you, I became happy with the life and is grateful for the fact that I here, but not on a garbage can or in prison.

There is such parable. The man prays and asks from God of execution of all the desires. God heard his

request and answered: “I will give you everything that you will wish, but with one condition: everything that you will ask, your neighbor will receive twice more.“ Then the man with gloating answers:“ Then put out of me one eye.“

Everything is learned in comparison. I often convinced after that the acquaintances that big money will not make them happy because the desire to have is a habit, emotion which cannot be satisfied with saturation of the material requirements.

For example, I ask the acquaintance:
- You would be happy if you earned instead of usual 10 thousand one million rubles a month?
- Of course, would be.
- And you want, I will prove to you that you will be the most unfortunate person with such salary?
- Yes, is fine, will not be able.
- Well, then listen.

Present that you stand in a queue for a salary in cash desk and you receive the treasured one million. Pleasure? Of course! Wait, now I will disappoint you.

Here nearby your colleagues and as it is usually accepted stand in a queue, ask: “How many received?“ You is proud you answer: “Lemon“.

Also you ask others how many they received, and you hear in reply who has 123 million, who has 45 million, who has 99 million and so on. Well, and what will be your reaction?

About five minutes ago you were ready to fly with happiness, to kiss legs to the chief, and now - what happened? The chief - the last goat, colleagues - reptiles and in general all life - shit.

What occurred - that? Your one million did not decrease in shops did not grow by kopek and the prices. Why you swear at the chief the last words for the fact that he instead of your put 10 thousand gave you one million?

And now present that on Earth there was a world accident, all houses collapsed, but people survived, however, without roof over the head. But you suddenly were lucky to find nobody the busy construction box and to lodge safely in it.

There is an oven, a table, a bench and a plank bed to sleep. All other population of Earth sleeps under pieces of cardboard, tents from branches etc., and you have a heated place, four walls and a strong roof over the head.

In comparison with others, you are just an oligarch. You have enough place in the box and therefore you can let on spending the night of 2 - 3 people for certain services (food, sex, firewood).

Well, in a word, most it is possible to do nothing at all. All freeze, starve, look for livelihood, and you bliss out. It is happy? Of course!

Then why you, living in the box, without money, happy? And full, dressed and with one million in hands it is so unhappy?

Everything depends on that to whom we compare ourselves. Pay you 100 million next time, you will be unfortunate because someone receives more you.

Discontent in us, and it does not depend on external circumstances at all. Give to the dissatisfied person everything that he will want (all power in the Universe), he all the same will not be satisfied.

For it and the sun will shine not so, and comets not on those trajectories to fly. The question arises: “What then sense in general to aspire to something if all the same not to avoid discontent?

Many already understood the answer: It is NECESSARY to ASPIRE TO THAT NAUChTSYa to be the HAPPY CURRENT SITUATION, And to be GRATEFUL to WHAT YOU HAVE NOW.

When we are satisfied with the current situation, then we are already focused on a positive and, respectively, we attract the best in our life.

And when we lack, we radiate this emotion in the Universe (subconsciousness catches our “request“), and we attract, thus, all that will give us the chance to feel unsatisfied.

We find the reason of the dissatisfaction in other people though the reason always is in us. About why the poor does not love the rich, rich swine, and we will talk in the head “Then who?“