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Rich swine, and we then who?

we will talk about people to high prosperity or about so-called rich men Now. At once I want to note that it will be a question of people really rich, but not of those pseudo - rich men who are familiar to us since the beginning 90 - x.

Many of those rich men or left “wealth“, or the life. There were those who could reconstruct the thinking and begin to live under laws of the Universe.

Most of the population of Earth hates rich people, generally from - for a green envy, but is afraid to admit to itself it.

I heard more than once that if to divide all money of the world equally between people, then in several years who was poor before will become again the poor and who was rich, will return itself the money.

Why does that happen? Give now mentally we will divide money equally on all planet: to everyone will get, well, so to say, one million dollars.

What, in your opinion, those who worked at construction, plants, factories, well, generally, all “honest“ the people earlier will begin to do? You do not guess? They will cease to work. Correctly, and what for?

Will begin the people to have fun, drink, be on drugs and to enjoy sex then. But to drink, smoke and eat, it is necessary that someone grew up all this and made.

Stocks in warehouses and shops will shortly end, and the requirement will always consume. Then will occur here that.

The former rich men will roll up sleeves and will go to plow, sow, make vodka and consumer goods.

If someone thinks that rich people are idlers, that strongly is mistaken because he never was in their skin, so, cannot judge it.

And rich people were once the poor, and they know that it is possible to earn only by persistent and purposeful work.

I ask to notice, rich people work more intensively several times than the ordinary person and manage to make for a certain period much more, than all others.

Thanks to these qualities, the person also becomes rich, but not because he sunbathes on islands and drinks tequila. Bill Gates so at all, except work, sees nothing.

He does not use the wealth for pleasures and rest, he just works. At the rich the thinking is directed to where it is possible to earn and increase the capital.

That stocks of food will end they know beforehand and begin to work, having rolled up sleeves. They will begin to make products, but to sell will already become on incredibly high prices because demand - that is very big in view of the fact that the most part of the population celebrates and has fun.

So, the food, vodka and all the rest ended. The agiotage begins: where to take? There is an advertizing: “Vodka, one bottle, 10 000 rubles. “ You what, flew into a rage?

It is not pleasant - look for where is cheaper. And is cheaper - that and is not present. And why to sell cheaper when such great demand, especially millionaires all around. The prices are not pleasant - go pashas, sow, grow up and you eat.

That we, fools, perhaps, at us money are, let morons also plow. Thus, and bread will cost a fantastic sum and all in principle on light because producers, for example, 5% of the population, and consumers of 95% (it a ratio of the poor and rich approximately now).

And here thus money will begin to flow in pockets of the former rich men, and simply, wisely working people.

And in several years the former poor money will spend and will go to work for the rich for kopeks, damning, like a sailor, all rich men.

It is not necessary to accept everything literally because actually not all drink, but the fact that poor people are not able to increase the capital, and are only able to spend, it just and distinguishes them from rich men.

As I already spoke in other books earlier, the rich and the poor differ only in opposite habits. Rich people take responsibility for the life, and the poor does not because got used to hope for someone.

Pay attention to all those things which we use in the life. From where they occurred? In the head “From idea to a fulfillment“ this process was described.

At first the idea, then desire it comes to make, and further - intention and action. It so, in brief. Who carries out all this? Well, it is obvious not the mechanic Afanasy Taburetkin. It is carried out by rich people.

Also the poor can carry out idea, but only the one who is not afraid to risk and invest the money in mass production, advertizing and all the rest here is capable to inform of goods broad masses.

Therefore both the famous artists, and some inventors lived in poverty as people who could untwist their talent were not near. Someone from the poor will begin to take the risk? Yes for anything.

In order that process began to pay off, monetary investments and a lot of time are necessary. The poor person blood will begin to put in what will pay off not at once, or will not pay off in general? No, of course, it not the fool.

The poor person in a row will begin to stick several years, without receiving anything in exchange? No, because he got used to receive everything and at once.

The desire of a freebie is inherent only in poor people because they are impatient by the nature and are afraid to risk.

Well and as it is truly told: “Who does not risk, that looks for Free of charge.“ That is the DEMON who sits at them inside pays for them. Who at us was burned on various pyramids and other scams?

Correctly, fans of a freebie. At me too stocks MMM for memory still lie. And that the most interesting, fans of a freebie persistently consider themselves as hard workers, and the employers - idlers.

So who to you prevents to become the rich? What everyone now answered (be extremely honest before themselves), it is only an excuse, the reason of a justification of the laziness and irresponsibility.

So, all that we have now: a spoon, a plate, clothes, television, the Internet - all this is made thanks to persistent work of rich people.

It is necessary to hear sometimes: “It is advisable to kill all rich, and that became too choosy at our expense.“ Well, let`s present also such situation.

Wakes up poor lyud, and on light there is no rich person. Where it will go? Where will get money? He did not get used to create, carry out ideas, to be put, risk and wait when all this pays off.

And houses meanwhile the wife and children starve. Where that uncle who practically carried out everything and provided him a workplace? And it is absent, it shot it from rage yesterday.

How he will live now? To steal will go. Only at whom? There are no rich, there were poor people. It will be gone without rich person because did not learn to take responsibility for the life.

And if such also appears, then its crowd will stick around at once and it will beg on a lap that employed them and paid money.

We live in the beautiful cities, we use all benefits created by rich people and instead of gratitude we damn those on whom we depend and thanks to whom we live as we live.

And if the rich just take offense at all and will cease to provide workplaces to poor people? They are able to afford it. What will do the people?

To plunder and only to plunder, being repaid the fact that the rich acquired the capitals on their humps. It already was.

To become the responsible person, it is necessary to cultivate in itself discipline, ability to organize the life, to put and achieve the objectives.

Ability to plan is one of the major keys on the way to the purposes. It is very hard to carry out the purposes, according to the created plan if the habit to be responsible for the words and actions is not developed.

Believe, it is hard. It is much more difficult to organize work not only himself, but also all collective which works for you.

I often had to work at construction by the foreman and therefore I know how it is difficult to operate collective and furthermore the drinking collective (on building it is norm).

And this with the fact that the foreman has the minimum responsibility, in comparison with the master. But above the master there is both a foreman, and the supervising foreman, and deputy directors, and the director.

Try to organize at least mentally such collective, that is to visit a skin of the rich person. The worker worked the put hours, and is free.

And the chief keeps thinking of work and works when all others have a rest. All lowest links of this chain have requirements which it has to carry out for all.

And except the workers, there is a weight more of tasks which need to be carried out: it is tax, fire, various checks and the commissions. At least one of hard workers will begin these to be engaged?

Well, here still and when I, in your opinion, have to have a rest and beer to drink? And if to take, for example, the same Bill Gates for whom millions of people around the world work?

Same what enormous organization needs to be had to build such powerful system and to direct it. If it is honest, I take off a hat! We will talk about those who love a saying “not in money happiness“ in the head “Spirituality of the person.“

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 3“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova