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Slaves and Owners of money

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 2“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova

Ya, as well as many to me similar, never loved long ways and always looked for fast ways of enrichment. Lotteries, gaming machines became my passion.

Later I realized that I am a player not only in game clubs, but also in general on life. Since childhood that I only tried!

The set of sections and circles, several marriages, 2 service records and tens of various organizations were replaced by me in search of that good place, but I long was not late anywhere.

I perfectly understood that I do not correspond to the mission as I do not catch a high from in what I am engaged. I was forced to work for the sake of money, that is to be their slave.

Yes, people are divided into these 2 categories: slaves to money - all this those who depend on them and work for the sake of them; and owners of money are those who forced money to work for themselves.

Here in principle too everything is very simple. Future owners of money, as a rule, have patience and are ready to refuse to themselves everything for the sake of the bright future.

Refusing to itself everything now, they, accumulating money, develop a habit to enhancement of the capital, and subsequently are not able to afford to reduce growth of the income any more.

It becomes an inveterate habit - to use only that part of means which is able to afford not to go to minus.

Their money breeds and creates similar (you watch the animated film “As Money Breeds“). So occurs and in the Universe - there is a development. It means that rich people correspond to the Creator plan. The word “wealth“ therefore came from the word God.

Using only small part of money from that percent that they receive from total amount, they always go towards plus, and every year this percent becomes more and more.

They know that if dare luxury to take more, then it can repeat once again. And then it can become a habit and return them to ranks of slaves to money.

Here therefore speak about people who began to grow rich: a pier, became greedy and haughty. Well, misters, it is your envy so speaks because they became actually just economical and wise.

Many think: here when I will become the rich, I will be not such as all rich men; I will be kind, sympathetic and good.

No, my dear, there will never be you such. To become the rich, it is necessary just and to cultivate in itself those qualities which are hated by poor people.

Here to you and one more secret: if you despise the rich - means, you do not want to be such as they; means, there is nothing and to try to grow rich.

Your subconsciousness will not allow you to have a lot of money not to injure your mentality. If you treat rich people kindly and are ready to follow an example of them, then you are half open for prosperity. The second half is already your fears.


the Majority of us tries to learn something on the Internet for free, silly believing that something will give it to them. You, probably, as well as I in due time, long plowed Internet open spaces in search of valuable information.

Pay attention to a pun - VALUABLE INFORMATION FREE OF CHARGE. Absurdity, really. How many you already re-read free valuable information? Perhaps there were already pros? Or achieved great success? And it does not seem to you silly to do day by day what in principle does not work, and never worked?

If you are sorry for money for information or the training course, what you want to receive in exchange? Any solid Internet - the businessman knows the principle: “You want to receive - at first give“. To whom we in that case assimilate?

You think that you pay off with nothing, chasing free information? Well, my dear, you even overpay with interest - you pay off with the time. And time is your life. Consider how many days of the life you ruined in a pursuit of a freebie, and all of you will understand.

Everyone is afraid to make a blunder and is afraid to buy information, but anyway you in flight because you pay twice: At first the time which is released on your life, and then when already reaches you for the necessary information.

What is, in your opinion, money? You sometime thought of it? For myself I understood that money is a gratitude. When we pay off, by means of money we thank everyone who participated in creation of this product, including the inventor of money and the creator.

Yes, quite so. We silently thank each other for acquisition. Free information is deprived of power of gratitude, so, it does not work at full capacity. to receive, it is necessary to give at first - the principle of the Law of Reflection. Approach a mirror and stretch to the reflection money, and all of you will understand.

All attempts to find a freebie come from lack of sensibleness, on an automatic pilot. If you were conscious, then would understand that it gives nothing, and it is time already to begin to appreciate what you want to find. In networks a great lot of useful and expensive information, also believe me, it is worth it to pay for it.

Who is afraid of deception, will be surely deceived - it is the law of an attraction. Think wisely, realize the thoughts and do not pay off with the life in a pursuit of useless result.