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Very important role in achievement of our purposes plays our last experience, it will be more correct to tell, the main role. I offer you difficult, but very effective exercise which radically (in a root) will be able to change your life.

Only I am afraid, not everyone will be able to master this method in view of its big labor input. But I all - will be able to convince you of expediency of this method.

The one who was engaged in gardening, knows that during weeding weeds need to be pulled out surely with a root, otherwise we should pull this weed constantly.

As I already spoke, all our sores it is from the early childhood, and, unfortunately, not all of us are able to remember the root moment of an event which does not allow to live to us to this day.

It can be pulled out by means of deep hypnosis if very good expert works with you. But, unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford to undergo this procedure and good hypnotists not at everyone in the neighbourhood live. Besides, we are influenced still by a karma of our ancestors.

I earlier in any did not wish to accept the theory about a patrimonial karma, but, having listened to the wise people dealing with this problem and having tracked the events which happened to my ancestors believed in it.

I long could not find the root moment of leakage of money from my life, but, having remembered the events which happened to my grandmothers and grandfathers which - that I understood for myself.

The matter is that mine the grandfather and the grandmother in the area of mother were so-called fists, very prosperous. They had 100 heads largely of a cattle. But there came revolution, and they were dispossessed, having left only 2 cows on a family of 12 people.

Naturally, it became simply impossible to support such crowd. And to survive, the grandmother had to send two daughters (my mother and her younger sister) to children`s home. I remember, my mother all life took offense then at the grandmother though I quite understood the grandmother and did not judge her.

Generally, at me in life history concerning leakage of money has roots from that dispossession of kulaks.

In 1985, being pupils of the 10th class, we with the friend were engaged in speculation (resale of goods at inflated price so at that time was called, and terms for this crime were serious too).

First everything went successfully, we began to grow rich gradually (though the capital was created from that trifle which parents gave us for lunch at school). But once we were taken in the market by employees of OBHSS, and then our dispossession of kulaks began.

We by miracle avoided term, confiscated from us practically everything that was, and we lost with a chipped washing-tub. Then at school we daily, within several weeks, were subjected to moral tortures.

Instead of lessons we were called either to the director, or to the director of studies, and we were forced to listen constantly in the address to insults and humiliations.

There was a moment that there was even no wish to live because and at trainings, and houses reminded us of what we are unscrupulous. Within a year we went every week to be marked out to militia. Here then - that we were so raked over the coals that thirst for commerce disappeared for a long time.

There passed time, speculation began to be called commerce. Many people began to be engaged in resale, and I did not have this desire any more, beat off for a long time. I try to save up what - or the sum, but circumstances appear, and I should spend money, and I remain on zero again.

I cannot precisely tell that this episode influences my life, but echoes from the past in the area of the father take place too to be (for example, we have with the father identical diseases). In a word, everything is reduced to the fact that it is just necessary to descend from this track and to rise on another.

Besides, practically each of us does not remember what “jambs“ we brought in this life from our last embodiment.

The decision to think up this difficult exercise came to me after listening of lectures of one professor who gave convincing arguments, based on the long-term experience and experience of other researchers in the field of psychotherapy.

I understand that it is possible to make reviewing of the life as it was made by the soldiers described by Carlos Castaneda, but I am afraid that on it one more life is required.

I just suggest to write most in detail the scenario of the last embodiment. It is the scenario how I lived happily, in a safe family, it was absolutely healthy, rich, lived long and happy life.

How helped people, did not acquire any bad karma, and on the contrary, saved up enough good acts with a stock even for the following life. Generally, it is necessary to describe those qualities which you want to have now, and those events which you want to attract in this life.

If you want to be rich, then describe how in antecedents money loved you, and flew to you the river. The description is more detailed, the effect is better. Writers know that the work written by them influences their life.

Actors know that their roles are capable to change their lives too, singers it is aware too of what impact is exerted on them by songs. Therefore a problem of this exercise - to become both the writer, and the actor, and the viewer in the performance “My LIFE“.

And in order that it is deep to hammer this scenario into the subconsciousness, it is necessary to describe the antecedents of 100 times. Long, but in comparison with revision, a real trifle.

Also believe: it is worth it. Why I so am convinced of it? Because I already had to reprogram at myself short intervals of the antecedents, and it worked.

Well, and such big and powerful impact on the last embodiment and the past of this life, I am sure, will just beat out you from the programmed perception of reality. You will find other, best program.

But there is more to come! Now you should make the same, describing already real life according to the desirable scenario: since the birth as it is possible in more detail. It does not matter that on it 6 months or year will leave. The energy enclosed by you in the scenario will give equivalent effect.

By the way before writing 1 book (and I plainly even did not know how to me to organize information vinaigrette in my head), I described how I will do it as well as where I will publish the book.

I rewrote the scenario of 100 times. It was very long process if to consider what I only began then to learn to print. To my astonishment, in a month of painful pechataniye, I made great discovery, having found incidentally on the keyboard a letter Yo.

I rewrote the purpose 4 months, and wrote the book in 1 month. As you can see, it works, and will work as we need to endow something for the sake of the purpose.

And as I already spoke, besides in last grant, get to work only when you create staunch intention to pass this way to the end, otherwise you just will not master it. Let there will be breaks. You just do not forget to come back and continue begun.

Chapter of the book “Hedgehog in Fog or an Exit to the Purpose - 2“. Noel Bukharmetov and Natalya Berilova