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Suicide. How to fight against it?

Russia are among world leaders in the number of suicides in recent years. In total from 1995 to 2003 in Russia 500 thousand people committed suicide. For the last decade the number of suicides among youth grew by 3 times.

Main reasons for a suicide: one-way love, the conflicts with parents and peers, fear of the future, loneliness, there is a wish for everything and at once.

Annually every twelfth teenager at the age of 15-19 years tries to commit suicide. By the absolute number of teenage suicides Russia wins first place.

Data on the developed countries. Annually near of one million people in the world perish from - for suicides, from 10 to 20 million - make attempts. Following the results of 2007 the high and very high level of suicides is noted by (over 20 people on 100 thousand of the population): Lithuania - 42, Belarus - 37, Russia - 36, Kazakhstan - 30, Hungary - 28,5, Latvia - 26, Ukraine - 25, Japan - 24. Low level of suicides (to 10 people a year on 100 thousand of the population): Italy - 7, England - 7, Israel - 6, Greece - 3, Georgia - 2, Armenia - 2, Azerbaijan - 1.

Vital “deadlocks“ as bifurcation points

I Will give an example of information noise in the main sources of information (The big Medical encyclopedia, volume 29, the article “Suicide“, M.: 1963): “Suicide - the social phenomenon inherent in capitalist society. With elimination socially - the economic reasons of suicide it disappeared to the USSR as the social phenomenon“.

What we observe actually? The statistics which was considered till 1980 - x years confidential. On number of suicides on 100 thousand people of the population Russia strongly is high on the list in the world since 1999. Men voluntarily die 4 times more often than women. Small decrease was in 1985-1989 that contacts the antialcoholic company of M. S. Gorbachev. However, the statistics crushed in vodka turns is not considered.

A presuicidal state - the bifurcation point is such condition of system after which perhaps some set of options of its further development.

Examples of points of bifurcations. A condition of the choice of the entrant, feeling of the vital deadlock the suicide, branching on a family tree, a condition of fight of two atmospheric fronts against possible options of change of weather. An idea of a point of bifurcations is given by V. M. Vasnetsov`s picture “The knight at the crossroads“.

Zhiznenny Deadlock is actually the bifurcation point (BP). I was in them more than once and I prompt an exit - without being late, to go further. All the same where. Casual events in these points gain fatal character. In the next TB will throw out you on the intended way.

My example. Till 1989 was engaged in scientific work at the academic institute, became kandiidaty chemical sciences. Swore with the administration. Got to TB. Washed down and got to artel of gold prospectors “Cupid“ on extraction of native platinum a simple scourge. Thought, all! To scientific career end.

Five seasons washed platinum in the north of Khabarovsk Krai. In 1993 it is dismissed from artel for a long tongue. Next TB. There is no work, and a family it is necessary to feed. Went to the watchman. Then again I am found and invited in the academic institute where by then my former chief disorganized laboratory. By 2000 restored laboratory, defended the doctoral dissertation, became the head of the department and professor. Such here florid way.

I will repeat - move, without being late. Points of bifurcation possess ability to tighten a loop on a neck.

R. Emerson`s aphorism says: “Any wall is a door“.