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Whether follows and whether it is possible to study the contemporary history of

Here recently one highly educated and even scientific person god from capital letter taught me to write the word. I answered that I conform to the rules of spelling of Russian and I write this word from capital letter if the offer begins with it. And here in this regard to me it was remembered how entered, drubbed this idea in consciousness of our people: god it is necessary to write from capital letter.
Was remembered to me that else in 2007 in Moscow took place the All-Russian
conference of teachers of humanitarian and social sciences. With her delegates at the end, the president Putin met of that time (soon will be present again). Conferees were called “delegates“ though who and as delegated them, remained secret. I suspect that on old Soviet a method - according to the order.
At a meeting with delegates (I will not quote this word, let it will remain on Putin`s conscience), which then told:
“ to Modern Russian society are necessary to in-depth world outlook studies … It is, first of all, about history, philosophy and political science “.
It, in my opinion, was at that time huge progress in its own world outlook approaches. It seemed to me that until recently, without having own firm ideological installations, hoping for search of notorious national idea (a separate subject too!) over which, as he said, it is thought much, but so thought up nothing good , it inclined more and more that an exit from vacuum of inspirituality - in religious education and education.
you Remember heated arguments concerning introduction at schools of “Bases of orthodox culture“ (read - the Law God`s)? He began to go regularly to the temple, to be christened, be put to sacred relics … The wife, say, it intends to send to the monastery. There were regimental priests, chaplains … The religion became one of attributes of the power, and the church became and became a new branch of the power. In confirmation of this thesis it is possible to bring cruel prosecution of small hooligans of Pussy Riot at insistance of church, the won Gundyaev`s lawsuit (a claim was submitted, however, by his cohabitant Leonova) into 27 million rubles for damage from dust which, contrary to laws of physics (on God`s command?) flew from the below-located apartment up, getting through all overlappings (directly NANO - some dust!)
Yes, Putin forgot then that Russia - the secular state, and he is its President. And new and still incumbent president Medvedev in general fell into religious ecstasy, having called “ by miracle so fast revival of Orthodoxy “. Yes, miracles! It revived at the litigious person in a cassock with hours on the hand worth $150 thousand offered for a lobyzaniye.
On that, already old meeting Putin gave one more magnificent passage, especially in the light of today: “In humanitarian education Russia always had
not just advanced, and is frequent also leader positions and, I hope, we will keep them and in the future“ .
That GDP recognized that the Marxist - the Lenin theory (and unless without it in Soviet period humanitarian and any other education was possible?!) was a front line and in what that and the leading theory! But further GDP which grew, as he said, on the street struck me at all, having declared the following: “there is Practically no grants which would deeply and objectively reflect events of the latest stories of our Fatherland. Textbooks on history and social science sometimes “stop“ on the period 90 - x years of the last century. Or fluently, abstractly - and sometimes it is also very inconsistent, to put it mildly, - cover events of the latest time … You understand, many textbooks are written by people who work for foreign grants. So they execute the Pole - a butterfly whom those who pay “ order (Putin`s slang is known long ago and will become as - nibud a subject of special research).
Is interesting and how Putin imagines studying of the latest stories how imagines writing of grants in this subject? Let he grew up on the street, but studied as the security officer, worked in KGB and to whom as not to the employee of KGB know that all is not enough - malsk significant socially - political decisions have a signature stamp from Special importance to a chipboard. Here how many disputes were about Solzhenitsyn and whether the truth is found? It is not sure, is more precisely sure - NO. There are no documents - that! Still to me the statement of one of a delegatok of that meeting was remembered: “Of course, history teaches nobody to nothing“
Thus, the teacher of history or social science denies scientific character of history. She, of course, paraphrased the known expression of Tayleran, but he was a diplomat, and told it with sarcasm. Our teacher takes it in all good faith. But if HISTORY not science, teaches nothing why it to teach at schools, higher education institutions?
About it, I think, it is necessary to talk separately.