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How and when to plant cucumbers?

Cucumbers love heat. For this reason they are put in various regions in different terms. Today we will try to open secrets how and when to plant cucumbers.

How to learn whether time to plant cucumbers came?

When determining a landing time should pay attention to ambient temperature. It is very important that soil evenly got warm at least to 15 degrees of heat at night. In a landing time to us it is important that cucumbers did not freeze. We will also achieve this result if we wait for night temperature increase of soil up to this temperature.

However it should be taken into account that at a temperature of +15 ° cucumbers will not grow. But we will put them taking into account that in the spring air temperature will increase every day, and then cucumbers will begin to grow at the increased rates.

If you did not calculate the term of landing of cucumbers a little and weather gave you a surprise in the form of air fall of temperature, do not despair. Cucumbers can be rescued. For this purpose cover beds with special ukryvny material or at least a polyethylene film.

Where to plant cucumbers?

First of all we will answer with

the question “Where to Plant Cucumbers?“. As even insignificant fall of temperature for short term can nullify your work, it is worth approaching with all responsibility the choice of the place of landing. Try to pick up the platform where cucumbers will be affected minimum by cold wind.

At the choice of the place of landing track that it was well lit with the sun. Cucumbers can be grown up by a horizontal and vertical method. In the first option they land in holes which do at sufficient distance from each other - on average about 50 cm. At the same time the landing option on long narrow beds is convenient. In the course of growth of a lash of cucumbers freely settle down on the earth on both sides of a ridge. It needs to be provided in advance, having left beds enough place on each side.

At a vertical method of landing of cucumbers it is necessary to arrange grids or ropes perpendicular to the soil, having attached them to the high stakes hammered into the earth. On such support cucumbers will actively trudge, the main thing that these designs did not close access of sunshine to plants. Researches showed if to plant cucumbers by a vertical method, then productivity increases. But unambiguous recommendations in this respect do not exist. Put as it is convenient to you.

Seeds or seedling?

This issue is also resolved by gardeners independently. There is no big difference, everything depends on your desire. Consider the fact that at favorable ambient temperature seeds sprout very quickly. In couple of days after landing it is possible to notice the first boring. On average it is necessary to count that it is necessary to replace seedling in an open ground not later, than in 30 days after emergence of shoots.

The seedling needs to be landed in an open ground at the same time, as seeds. Look at preliminary weather forecasts the forthcoming three weeks. Having analysed data from several sources, you will be able to guess time of alleged landing of cucumbers. And here solve: or you will grow up seedling that will help to receive earlier harvest, or will sow seeds.

For the best germination of seeds they should be filled in with water for 10 hours. Until swelling of seeds it is necessary to replace water several times. It is better to sow seeds at once, after these 10 hours. For this purpose we do deepenings in soil from 2 to 4 cm in depth and we lower the bulked-up seeds there. Previously it is worth watering a hole.

In the course of growth it is recommended to water cucumbers only with warm water. Never allow dryings of the soil. If you see that roots of cucumbers are visible over a surface, do not forget about a mulchirovaniye. The best mulch for cucumbers is a humus.