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How to sunbathe in a sunbed? Fans of suntan should learn

first of all about contraindications of a sunbed, and only after that to understand the question “How to Sunbathe in a Sunbed?“ first of all, I recommend to visit the doctor. You should not count at random. Perhaps will carry by … And if is not present? Whether it is worth playing with the health? whether

is shown All suntan?

Unfortunately, not to all people suntan does well. It can do some irreparable harm.

To whom the sunbed is contraindicated? First of all, the pregnant women, people suffering from a hypertension, diabetes, the liver diseases having various inflammations of women`s bodies enter a zone of risk. To people with oncological diseases and any changes in a mammary gland it is strictly forbidden to use a sunbed. It is not the complete list of those to whom visit of a sunbed is contraindicated. You descend to the therapist before going to a sunbed.

Possible consequences of suntan in a sunbed

of Hloazm - the term which to very few people is familiar. Hloazma - dark stains on skin which can arise in connection with hormonal violations. There is a lot of reasons of emergence of a hloazma. But can provoke their emergence also the perfume applied on skin before visit of a sunbed.

Even if you know how to sunbathe in sunbeds and a hloazm does not threaten you, you can fall a victim of other misfortune under the name an allergy. Phytodermatitis - an illness which progresses in recent years. If you were not lucky and you have an allergy to a sunbed or sunshine, refuse suntan and see a doctor. As the first pre-medical aid you can be helped by ointments with zinc or metuluratsily.

It should be noted that in many European countries was forbidden by sunbeds from - for splash in oncological diseases … If you resolved

that you will sunbathe in a sunbed, then listen to councils of professionals.

How to sunbathe in a sunbed?

First of all refuse visit of a sunbed with doubtful reputation, address only to professional salons. Before coming into a sunbed, remember when you were in it last time. Perhaps, yet not time to visit it again. Abuse of an ultraviolet will inevitably lead to early aging of skin. It at least. In the worst option, the ultraviolet in high doses can lead to cancer.

It is not recommended to visit a sunbed during periods as high temperature of air can provoke plentiful bleeding.

Before sunbathing in a sunbed, use special cream for suntan. Do not forget that it has to correspond to your type of skin. Cream minimizes harmful effects of suntan on your skin.

If you have on skin many birthmarks or there are big birthmarks, with care treat a question how to sunbathe in a sunbed, and it is possible, it is better for you to refuse this invention. You do not want that your birthmarks turned into a malignant tumor?

Women should remember that it is impossible to sunbathe in a sunbed topless. Keep the breast.

To reduce risks at visit of a sunbed, use its services not more often than two times a week. Coming into a sunbed, put on goggles. Jewelry and a sunbed - concepts incompatible. Do not use perfume before suntan to avoid emergence hloazm. After procedure apply the moisturizing cream on skin.