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“Ominous dead persons“. How the amateurish hand-made article became classics of a genre?

of the Classic of cinema - concept so indistinct that in each case it is necessary to watch a context. But with “Ominous dead persons“ of Sam Ramey, the debut project of the keen young man (at the time of shootings to the creator 22 years knocked), even it will not help with a case.

Just like that it developed that from tens of low budget horror films leaving at the beginning of 80 - x years packs, check time was sustained by units.

During this period Italians by right were considered as the most abrupt horrormeyker. Mario and Lamberto Bava, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento and other icons of a genre issued so inventive gloomy opuses that their glory naturally came to omnivorous Hollywood. Where, as we know, foreign film is liked not to be watched, and to remake after the own fashion. Vot and Sam Ramey, the beginning cinema-man who is marked out only by a two-three of short films decided to try a fashionable genre of zhutik. Result of its fruitful activity of Ominous Dead Persons steel, nowadays cult sample of not turbid trash and a guiding star for all laymans dreaming of fast and loud glory.

… There is no other way to entertainingly spend days off, than the amicable company to go the devil knows where, “in a solitude, to Saratov“. Quite so friends Ash and Scotty who decided to take the girlfriends and to jerk in the thrown forest hut judged. It, of course, angry when conveniences on the street, and around only a windbreak and bogs, but it is cheap and practical that for students paramount. Especially as the youth should not miss. Intending to have a good time binge and “sekasy“, students appeared on a ball at demonic forces which on excite also to thoughtlessness and awakened.

In the cellar of the house a man`s half of a party found “amusing“ bagatelles, including a ritual dagger, the book - a coloring from human flesh and blood (in common people “The book of the dead“) and notes of the archeologist, tired of life. Having included publicly a tape recording, young men and girls learned that the scientist plaid about studying of rituals on resurrection of the dead and an appeal of infernal beings. Judging by a condition of a hut, this activity of the owner of a lodge finished.

And now when spells in a classic language are again read aloud, a grief - tourists should reap the fruits of the curiosity. From the wood on a spark to them nasty and so will glance a monster that all attendee will not seem … to

Actually a little, from the description of a plot of the movie it becomes clear that formally Ramey`s tape does not belong to a genre of “zombyatnik“. In this case it is not about the tupogolovy “devourers of flesh“ who are peacefully scurrying about on desert streets, and about the demons who are installed in living people. In fact this phenomenon much more koshmarny, especially within limited space. However, it is not absolutely clear, how exactly the infection is communicated. Whether with a sting, whether vozdushno - a drop way, whether, as in a case with the first victim of a wood spirit of Shelley by rape by a bush branch. Apparently, authors intentionally missed this doubtful moment from the scenario. Why to philosophize crafty?

It is a pleasure to remove such projects. It is not enough money, sheer enthusiasm on a horse and relatives in the help. Agree, cheerfully to get dirty in fake blood (dairy powder plus dye) and to poblevat green corn porridge. After all main scenes were finished shooting, all actors, except Ramey`s druzhban of Bruce Campbell, parted on the affairs. Therefore Sam called to account the brothers with whose extremities and Campbell`s character, not killed Ash communicates all second half of a tape. Bruce was not only the close friend of the director, but also the cute fellow so process of the choice of the performer for a leading role lasted not for long.

About other classical movies say that supposedly eventually they do not lose charm and a charm in the opinion of nostalgic public. With Sam Ramey`s tape this focus was successful in places. The special effects riveted on knees look poorly today and for those times were not all that well. Another matter - how many drudgeries and efforts the beginning cinematographers should have created something though the bearing a faint resemblance present, big cinema on the screen. And there was eternally not enough money, and cold weather was on the State of Tennessee such that even the chamber refused to work. And here still Campbell, as ill luck would have it, sprained a leg and the rest of shootings considerably limped. There were funny cases at all. Once the actor`s t-shirt so became impregnated with false blood that when next day he put on a requisite, fabric simply broke.

However all these circumstances do not justify at all unwillingness of authors to work as crinkles. The scenario of “Ominous dead persons“ is not just a hat, and concrete Mexican a sombrero. Besides that dialogues, apparently, were thought out on the course of shootings, so actors also words periodically forgot. One of such scenes even entered final installation of a picture.

That to acts of characters, they can cause a universe collapse at all. Imagine the girl who at dead of night on the bogs shrouded in fog leaves a lodge in one night dress and with genuine interest goes deep into the wood to find a source of unknown and extremely suspicious noise. And other heroes from the principle walk about on the house and its vicinities one by one. And as, differently it will be more difficult for demons to overcome them. However, spiteful spirits behave so peculiar. Having inhuman force, they vainly try to escape from shaky fetters, neigh as mad persons and threaten with terrible punishment instead of starting it.

And, nevertheless, “Ominous dead persons“ who so plainly were also not allowed to a wide release became a hit of year in salons of a video hire shop. In Germany Ramey`s picture is still forbidden to be shown at movie theaters. Stephen King blessed a tape in a long way that authors did not fail to use on posters and in brochures.

The movie abounds not only mistakes which it is possible to forgive to the beginning film figures, but also a set of film quotes, beginning from the poster of a horror film “Hills have eyes“ Wes Craven hanging on a wall in the cellar of a hut and, finishing with surroundings of a utility room, executed in style “The Texas slaughter by the chiansaw“. Many similar baubles were used with the purpose to show that authors honor heritage and works of the colleagues from shop, but nevertheless shoot the film.

Since then a lot of water flowed away. Sam Ramey still came back to characters of the film debut twice. At first in 1987 - m when released the sequel “Ominous Dead Persons 2“, and then in 1992 - m, having finished the franchize with unexpectedly easy and fenteziyny parody “Army of Darkness“. Today the director outgrew the first film experiences for a long time and it is considered very dear and authoritative Hollywood director. Its feather possesses such noticeable works as “The person of darkness“, “Fast and dead“, “Gift“ and, certainly, the trilogy about the Spiderman. It is amusing that the budget of “Ominous dead persons“ made scanty 350 thousand dollars that the spiderman 3 is exactly 1000 times less than costs of the last film of Ramey “: The enemy in reflection“.

While Ramey with might and main works on the free screen version “The wizard from the country Oz“, him “Ominous dead persons“ continue to inspire others. In 2013 Hollywood plans to reanimate the movie. By itself, it will be absolutely other cinema, with a computer dismembered body and the drawn blood, and to it not to see the atmosphere of the original as own ears.