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Mormons and policy: it is compatible?

Mormons represent very strong confessional and social organization - not only in America, but also in world politics and in large world business in general. Possibly, such statement sounds a little strange, but I will try to prove it on the corresponding examples.

From where money


If to you happens to visit Solt - Leyk - City - the capital of traditional Mormons, to you rich buildings, banks, offices will be evident. Everything is constructed and trimmed so that the eye was pleasing. Everywhere gold and marble. All city is decorated with B. Young and J. Smith`s sculptures. However for the city with the population of 180 thousand people it looks is elaborate and is grandiose. In the city there is a university of the State of Utah, colleges and professional business - schools. Solt - Leyk - City has the ballet, the opera, several theaters and the well-known Mormon chorus.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (CJCLDS) - the richest faith existing in the modern world. By estimates of experts, it has the financial means estimated by tens of billions of dollars. If there is money, then they can be used for any purposes: to develop missionary work, to politicize and, of course, to multiply the capitals, investing money in profitable business. Many known international associations and financially - industrial groups work with the participation of the capital of Mormons.

I will give several examples. TsIHSPD invests the capitals in the American finance company American Express , a world network of Marriott hotels , the German company Deutsche Lufthansa . If to continue, the list will turn out very long. Such investments of money bring in to Mormons the quite good income.

By the way, in several banks Mormons work at the Wall Street as managers generally.

the Famous politicians - Mormons in the USA

C of 1925 of TsIHSPD officially supports Republican Party. Mormons are members and sponsors of party as the church is interested to have the representatives in power structures.

The Mormon Brent Skoukroft is the general - the lieutenant of the American Air Force. He worked as the military Assistant to the President R. Nixon, was the adviser to presidents for national security at J. Ford, J. Bush - the senior, and at the president J. Bush - younger held a post of the chairman of the board of foreign intelligence of the USA. In Barack Obama`s administration the general B. Skoukroft took part in development of strategy of national security of the state.

One more famous Mormon - the politician - Bruce A. Carlson . In TsIHSPD he is an elder. In its church track record it appears: “was the adviser to the president of quorum of elders, the bishop, the high councilor, the temple attendant and the consultant in advisory committee of Church for work with armed forces“.

In the world B. Carlson is the general of the U.S. Air Force. In B. Obama`s administration he headed National intelligence service, and then was appointed the director of new management voyenno - space intelligence of the USA.

John Darwin takes the important place in the TsIHSPD center for management of financial streams and strategic questions of church. He has the brilliant university education got in Solt - Leyk - City. For the church Darwin created a databank about all Mormons of the world - live and died - with all their related communications. This database includes information almost on one billion inhabitants of our planet.

At the beginning of our century J. Bush - younger appointed him the head of the FBI information service. J. Darwin came to the new place of work with the well-known megabase. Any investigation of the world has no such. Now it on service FBI.

When Edgar Hoover came to FBI (and there was it in 1924) it reconstructed this organization for own understanding. Hoover sharply reduced the number of employees and agents and raised requirements to new officers. Mormons were the center of the new organization. Why? Among Mormons there are no traitors because they are people of belief and idea. They are fanatically betrayed by the USA, always defend ideas of the state where they lived. None of Mormons take alcohol and drugs. Having worked 2 years the missionary abroad, each Mormon has to knows several languages and to be able to convince people, owning a special technique of neyroligvistichesky programming.

According to Hoover, employing Mormons, FBI receives ready agents for whose training it is not necessary to spend money. Slightly later on the same way also CIA went. whether

Will become the Mormon Mitt Romney the new U.S. President?

It is the second attempt of M. Romney to become the U.S. President. The first time he lost party race to J. McCain.

What way there passed a candidate for president? It has behind shoulders a missionary activity in France where he successfully worked 2 years. Upon return home it undertook capitally the education: graduated from Brigham Young University, then several years studied at Harvard university. There he received degrees of the Doctor of Law and the master of business administration.

In 2002 he was the chairman of the organizing committee of the Winter Olympic Games in Solt - Leyk - City. Next year it was elected to a post of the governor of Massachusetts.

What M. Romney does for the church? He was the bishop of arrival, then the president of a stake. Being very rich person, he transfers millions of dollars into accounts of the church. Mitt Romney is the hereditary Mormon, his ancestors entered a circle of close associates of the founder of Mormonism J. Smith. And the candidate for president successfully continues their business, combining secular and church activity.

In the preliminary pre-election company M. Romney won inner-party primaries in several states, and now wins first place. The probability is high that he will be B. Obama`s rival on the elections which are coming in November.

If he is elected the U.S. President, then it is necessary to understand that behind his back there is a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to which he submits. Mormons never change the decisions because accept them jointly. They do not submit to official structures, and arrive according to logic of the life and indications of church.