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What is a conflictness?

of Requirement, installations, habits, a mentality, experience of the solution of problems and behavior model exert decisive impact on behavior of the personality in the conflict. Distinguish such concepts as “the conflict personality“ and “a conflictness of the personality“.

“The conflict personality“ is the personality assuming the raised producing the conflicts. “The conflictness of the personality“ is the trait of character promoting the frequency of emergence of the conflict and the introduction of the person in them. We will talk about a conflictness.

The conflictness of the personality is defined by action of such psychological factors as feature of temperament, the aggression level, competence of communication, an emotional state. And also a number of social factors - living conditions and activity, Wednesday and a social environment, the general level of culture. Thus, the conflictness is a complex indicator which is connected with personal prerequisites.

Personal situational prerequisites are as follows:

• feeling of uncertainty, uncertainty;
• exhaustion;
• instability of mood;
• hypererethism;
• condition of suggestibility.

If the person is rejected or do not recognize ““ among colleagues, he can be predisposed to the conflict. The unfair attitude towards the person and a dissatisfaction with work can also provoke the conflict. However depends on the person and lines of his character, there will be it in a conflict situation or not. If serious acts, communication with colleagues, intention to incline to undesirable acts cut the person to the quick, then it stimulates a conflictness.

Steady qualities of the personality and a trait of character are called to characterologic prerequisites of emergence of the conflict . It:

• the lowered self-criticism;
• bad manners;
• fieriness in feelings;
• tendency to aggressive behavior;
• egoism.

If the set of lines of the personality is provoked by the conflicts, then in collective there can be difficulties, and the personality has a “internal“ dissonance. Unique life experience of each person defines his manner of behavior with people around. In some sense people are ready for certain conditions; conditions can sometimes change, and a spirit to remain the same. Developing own point of view, it is possible to make the wrong picture of a new situation, seeing only what is convenient, that is a landscape at which got used to look. From here - discrepancy of behavior to situations, misunderstanding, disputes and the conflicts.

The manner of behavior is a result of life experience. To organize normal relationship in collective, it is necessary to help people to choose the most suitable manner of behavior. People can sometimes become uncontrollable, initiate excitement of others and break the psychological atmosphere of collective.

Difficulties which experiences and are experienced by the personality, are opened as a result of the analysis of a situation of the interpersonal conflicts. The analysis helps to reveal optimum ways of resolution of conflict, exits from a difficult situation. The real knowledge of the developed circumstances, behavior of the personality, opportunities and prospects of succession of events allows to give effective psychological support in the positive direction.