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How “to reboot“ the organism?

Sometimes even the most cheerful people test a breakdown. Having woken up since morning, having opened eyes, you suddenly understand that there is a wish for nothing that you elementary were tired and want to have a rest from everything and all.

No, it is not the first symptoms of neurosis or depression, just the organism signals that it needs reset, a small time - a miss.

Day, two - and then everything will return to normal again. Life will seem fine and remarkable, you will strike with the diligence and activity all surrounding again.

But it will be tomorrow. For now you have one day for reset of vital programs. How it is better to carry out it? All depends on your state and your opportunities.

It is possible just to stay at home and fall into the improvised hibernation. The dream restores forces of an organism and restores nervous system in general, strengthens vital resources. By the way, one of the reasons of the easy grief mixed with apathy and fatigue can be what you is banal do not get enough sleep, your organism was tired and demands restoration.

Give it such chance. You sleep in the pleasure. Perhaps, after an ordinary dream you will be able to look at the world other eyes, and everything will become on the former places.

If there is no wish to sleep, it is possible to indulge himself with something pleasant. Only any physical activities! Though there is an opinion that physical activities are capable to distract from sad thoughts, but in your case they will even more aggravate a problem. Rest is necessary for you. All physical exercises, cross-countries, jogs, cleaning of the apartment - all this will be tomorrow.

So, about pleasant. Quite good for such days to have a box of the favourite candies in a far corner of a locker. Indulge yourself with sweet pleasure. Chocolate, as we know, lightens mood and invigorates. You should not abuse such chocolate therapy excessively often, of course, but in especially sad days it is possible to indulge himself not only, but also it is necessary.

Listen to the pleasant, weakening music, watch the interesting, fascinating movie. However too it is necessary to approach the choice of music and the movie intelligently - you should not choose tearful melodramas with the sad end or sad, abstruse melodies. Start up it will be vital tapes, vigorous music. The main goal - to distract. To adjust the brain on a positive wave.

It is possible to find time for the favourite book which you began to read, but you will not find in any way time to reach the last pages. The fascinating book plot will also help you to reboot the vital programs.

If weather pleases with the heat and sunbeams, it is possible to walk in the fresh air. It is the for this purpose best of all to avoid too crowded places, and to choose small park or a public garden. When you last time here so just sat on a shop in park and enjoyed fresh clean air, chatter of birds on branches of trees and that thought that it is not necessary to hurry anywhere, and it is possible just to derive pleasure here and now? You will hurry tomorrow. For now you breathe air, fill the lungs with oxygen and feel how gradually easy grief and fatigue begin to recede.

You also did not notice that day of “reset“ already approaches evening. And mood indicators gradually come back to a standard state. Finish this day of the weakening bathroom. Indulge yourself and the body with pleasant feelings.

Tomorrow when you wake up, you will look at the world other eyes. Eyes of the holidaymaker who slept, inhaled clean air of the person. Now it is possible to start daily affairs again, to start working and again to join in vital race.