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Why the gun 410 - go caliber in the USA call “a garden carbine“?

410 - y caliber (on inch system of measures - 0,41 inches, on metric system - 10,4 mm) - the youngest of smooth-bore calibers. On the classification accepted in Russia this caliber is between 36 and 37, i.e. from one English pound of lead it is possible to cast 36 spherical bullets of such caliber.

In any reference book it is written that the Beginning Winchester firm to produce cartridges of this caliber in 1934. It not absolutely so. Short cartridges with fraction. 41 calibers for guns existed earlier. Called such guns “snake“, speak, from them farmers shot snakes. The gun is more convenient than the gun, it can always be carried with itself, and the venomous snake can meet everywhere, for example, in the car. You will not be from - for one snake to spoil the car a shot of a bullet which will punch it through and, God forbid, will damage any mechanism. Well and to get on a nimble snake a bullet too it is problematic. And here in very small soft fraction - result absolutely another. There is a lot of grains in the boss, it does not punch metal and to shoot rather simply towards the purpose. At least one grain and will get.

At the time of the Great depression the gun bullet boss in caliber 0. 41 inches and 70 mm long (that about which write in reference books) it was released by the Winchester firm as cheaper replacement to the very expensive cut boss. The 365th caliber for shooting competitions. Because the depression a depression, and demands the people except bread also shows. The cartridge of the 410th caliber cost nearly 4 times cheaper. 365, the weapon under it, from - for lack of a rifle barrel, cost not much too.

Further guns under this cartridge began to position as “universal for owners of large estates“ because flying range of a bullet at 410 - go is much farther than a trunk classical smooth-bore, and from a cut carbine in fraction, for example, on a flock of ducks, will not shoot. And the small-bore smooth-bore gun successfully combines advantage as smooth trunk (firing in fraction), and cut (firing by a bullet on long ranges).

In Russia guns of this caliber in large quantities began to be issued in 90 - x years 20 - go centuries. Most mass “device“ of this caliber in Russia - the Saiga 410, about it it is told below.

For what it is intended. Hunting for a small game, self-defense, entertaining firing (plinking). And for the last, “hunting“ for banks, bottles, bricks and the paper targets, easy, exact, with small, comfortable return oruzhiye410 caliber approaches most of all.

Advantages :

Small, very comfortable return. Practically you do not feel it. Therefore, 410 - y it is possible without serious consequences (without quotes, literally) to use for long postrelushka. And also this caliber for women and children is good. In the West self-defensive guns of small caliber call “home - gan“ (the home gun).

Not for nothing the gun of the 410th caliber is called “quasicarbine“. In a narrow trunk pressure (with other things being equal) much above, therefore, flying range of a bullet (a case-shot and fraction too, but to a lesser extent) much more exceeds “classical“ hunting calibers (12, 16, 20). When using a nozzle “Paradox“ which twists a bullet, this weapon in general out of competition with any of more large-caliber guns. Besides, the narrow bullet is influenced less by a rain, wind and other disturbing factors, therefore, the target is hit more precisely, especially at a long distance.

In Russia does not need to wait for 5 years as the license for the cut weapon.

On hunting remains less wounded birds as the number of fraction in the boss in 2 - 2. The 5th time it is less, than in classical fowling pieces, and speed of it much higher and it flies further.

With other things being equal the weapon of the 410th caliber is much easier classical.

the Saiga 410, most widespread “device“ of the 410th caliber in Russia, is very similar to the Kalashnikov. The saiga 410K - 2 in general is produced from fighting by joint stock company - 74. That is good show off. Cool! The smooth-bore analog of the American rifle M - 16 in general is issued only under 410 - y the boss.

Relative low cost of ammunition if to do it. It is not forbidden by the law.

Shortcomings :

Expensive ammunition. Too feature of Russia. Cost of production is lower, than 12 - go, and cost is more sometimes twice! And you will buy a good, import cartridge not everywhere. Quality of production of the Russian cartridges is very unstable too, “one bakhnt, one will puff, and from one pack“ - the phrase from one of weapon forums. Exit one: for providing uniform characteristics it is necessary “to twist cartridges“ most. But here too difficulty, with the equipment for self-equipment too a big pressure.

As it was stated above, the gun 410 - go caliber has to be easier than other smooth-bore calibers. However it does not belong to Russia, we always go the, unclear way. So, 410 - e fowling pieces (except the Saiga - 410) do on heavy blocks 12 - go caliber which on diameter nearly twice more than 410 - go. Mind not to understand Russia …

the Weak stopping action of the easy, flying with a high speed bullet at self-defensive distances (a near distance or in general in an emphasis). In this case it is better to use a buckshot or a case-shot. However, recently began to let out cartridges of the 410th caliber with a special self-defensive expansive bullet which, hitting the mark, is flattened, but does not punch through.

And now and the answer to the question asked in heading. The gun of the 410th caliber is ideal as for “hunting“ for the starlings pecking cherry in a garden, and for large animals, like a fox or a submumps, got into a kitchen garden. And at big distances only 410 - y the caliber competes with a cut carbine.