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Traybl - dance lazy? “I understand

of nothing, these girls in general are going to dance?“ - the indignant female voice was distributed behind me. “What gloomy suits at them, - another assented to it, - and there are they on one place. Unless it is dance?“

Having looked at a scene, I was forced to agree. The dancers with abundance of jewelry dressed in black suits almost danced nothing. The movements were held down, smoothness special was not. There was a feeling that girls just are lazy. So I saw traybl.

History repeats itself?

Yes, history has property to repeat. About twenty years ago in Russia the oriental dance appeared, and at once became wildly popular. Newspapers dazzled with announcements of desire to take private lessons. Having seized two - three movements, many girls sewed to themselves frank suits and went to show “the real belly dance“ in masses - in restaurants, hookah, clubs.

What is the time and efforts the real dancers had to apply to force to treat an oriental dance seriously! How many years of occupations, work, study! And still belly dance is perceived at best as restaurant show, in the worst - as an exotic striptease!

And not so long ago in Russia appeared and traybl. And what? History, as they say, likes to repeat!

Traybl - ideal and real

Traybl (with English “tribal“ - “breeding“) - dance new, with a raid of ethnics and exotic. From it and blows as aromas and ancient temples. Satiated brilliant suits, to the deep decollete opened by a tummy and the enticing joltings, dancers oriyentat - dans went over in flexible ranks of performers of a traybl.

Here where there is no place to a coquetry! Unlike representatives of “garemny“ style raks - Sharke, these girls reel up on themselves kilograms of clothes in half with heavy silver jewelry. What on them is only not present! Trousers, from above a two-three of skirts, the bodice embroidered by coins and cockleshells, belts with pocket mirrors, stones and pompons the bracelets covering hands to an elbow above temporal rings and a lot of things are many other things!

Classical traybl - a fusion - the dance representing eclecticism of ancient arts (Indian, Spanish, Gipsy, Peruvian and a great number of others). Music can be Indian, Arab, meditative, in style of a nu - eydzh or Goa - a trance. The movements are smooth, bearing to yoga in dance a strong resemblance. Such execution demands remarkable physical training and excellent possession all over.

But what we see in reality?

Should not be admired

too, admiring video of the famous performers of a traybl. I recommend to look at real reporting concerts of various dancing schools and collectives. What I saw to me was strongly remembered. Only units own decent equipment and interesting statements! Units! And schools and performers in Russia there is a lot of! And is what is presented to the viewer under the sign “traybl“. Therefore not less truthful turns out extremely sad, but from it: “Traybl - dance for lazy“.

of the Performer do not consider it necessary to be engaged in equipment! On a wave of popularity the same history repeats that in due time with an oriental dance - girls take couple of lessons, sew the stylized suits and go to conquer the hall, to open the schools and to teach others to “the real traybl“.

Making “easy money“, offering false information and putting false idea of this dance, such a grief - performers dig a traybla a deep hole. Over time the agiotage around the new exotic direction poostynt, and the real dancers should make huge efforts again to prove that it traybl is an art form.

Perhaps it is worth reflecting?