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Negative thoughts. To forget? To live!

How to cope with not lived emotions and feelings which torment heart and soul? It is possible to try to forget about them, to throw out from the life, to conceal in the secluded town of the soul. It is possible? Yes, but to try to forget because the action will not turn out. Something incomplete demands, persistently demands end.

Pushed on a background of emotion and feeling is not liked to be felt thrown. And who loves? And at the most inappropriate moment they will surely break loose, breaking, rumpling soul the impact. Now it is not the small forgotten emotion or feeling, now it united with other singles, and they found force of a hurricane, typhoon.

You want it? I think, there are no persons interested to undergo such attack. Not lived feelings, incomplete situations are hammered into subconsciousness, but do not disappear. They continue to live there, uniting with another offended, not lived, forced out.

What it is possible to make that it to live, but not to live in reality, having devastated soul and having sprinkled heart with blood. We consciously try not to let in pain ourselves. Replacement in subconsciousness is too desire not to live what is sick. But sometimes healing happens only through pain.

Can come to the rescue physical activity. Namely - dance as it is strange. For us dances - first of all pleasure, but they can become good assistants in accommodation something unpleasant and in search of the answer. In dance the game element, feeling always remains that all this not seriously, for fun.

What dance is necessary to us? Spontaneous. The free movement born in the person, the movement from body impulses. It is only necessary to hear the body and where conduct impulses where there is a wish to move. To ask a question or to be focused on emotion, on feeling or thought - and the movement will arise. It will suddenly want to make something, sometimes very insignificant (for example, slightly to turn the head or to move fingers).

Do not stop. Do, follow desires of the body. They can become more intensively, can take entirely. You remember the question or thought. They involve a body in process and are expressed in a pattern of the dance. Listen to yourself, to new feelings, emotions, feelings, the arising images. What do they mean to you? Do not plunge into the thoughts. Remain the Dumb Witness who is sensitively noticing all changes in a body and internal state and moving.

It is possible to dance with the opened and closed eyes. Under music and without. The movement without music and blindly demands a certain practice, but also answers come much deeper. It as if conversation with the subconsciousness.

I call such movement a cradle of insayt. Answers happen so unexpected and true on feeling... Such it is impossible to receive, discussing a problem with the relatives. You remember safety, many spy from - under the lowered eyelashes, especially during heavy traffic.

What is the time it borrows? You will understand when it is necessary to finish. On completeness of a situation and tranquility. It takes 5-10 minutes someone, someone - has more.

What such practice gives? You live a situation, but do not exhaust it inside, creating a mine of the slowed-down action. And it is safer, than to live it actually - not so painfully.

If it is a question which demands permission, to you understanding of that can come, how exactly it is worth working in the circumstances.