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Neurazumeniye of reality of the events


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

of Neurazumeniye of reality of the events a neurazumenye generates harm of people the pupil the child of neurazumeyushchiya comes why happens to fight to eradicate will get rid to liquidate to exclude its value definition of the reason promotes influences to reduce

z Neurazumeniye - inability to understand, comprehend.
pzv For eradication of a neurazumeniye very important role is played by spirituality, morality, philanthrophy, benevolence, love to the nature, activity.
z the faith in God is capable to Reduce a neurazumeniye.
of l of Neurazumeniye gives birth to more blind people and deafs than the nature.
and Neurazumeniye generates fear.
and Neurazumeniye depends on ears and eyes less - more from reason and heart.
p Neurazumeniye looks for guilty persons.
to If something you do not comprehend - so, it seems, it and is not present.
zdp can result Neurazumeniye in defects, offenses, and even crimes.
of C what the person will not comprehend - he feels heart.
p Creation of a type of an urazumeniye - is worse than misunderstanding.
to did not comprehend - lost.
and what the person is not capable to comprehend - passes by it.
zdp Neurazumeniye is frequent from absence of love.
to the Enemy of a neurazumeniye - a question mark.
to the Friend of a neurazumeniye - indifference. p the Person should not pass
by something unfamiliar.
and Neurazumeniye are masked by a smile.
and Neurazumeniye the soil for misunderstanding.
zdp Neurazumeniye can be from not keenness of mind.
zdp destroys by Neurazumeniye curiosity.
zdp is dissolved by Neurazumeniye in knowledge.
zd Neurazumeniye undermines thinking.
zd to Neurazumeny is promoted by discrepancy.
to Neurazumeniye - a blindness.
zd Neurazumeniye can be from absence of ingenuity and an insight.
zd Neurazumeniye can secure intuition.
zdp Neurazumeniye is frequent from unwillingness to understand.
zd Neurazumeniye is afraid of interest and surprise.
zd Neurazumeniye can be loosened imagination.
pv Knowledge which the person is not capable to comprehend - are dead.
z to Neurazumeniye are explained by the truth which is given rise by reflections and supervision better than information and even education.
and Vanity - a neurazumeniye hides.
pv Hiding a neurazumeniye - does not grow.
zdp Neurazumeniye can be cleared up supervision.
pz Neurazumeniye more rare comes to the one who is interested, what occurs around, logically comprehends the obtained information and draws conclusions.
zp That less neurazumeniye was better to understand beforehand everything - what can face, but not that is that already fell down the head.
of a program status word is more effective and easier to understand reality, without looking for the answer to the set questions, and fixing spontaneously coming answers.
z to receive the answer to the question posed, are necessary for
of knowledge and effort for studying of this subject.
zs the answer Dawning on us beaten by a tide of life to
a question which we once asked ourselves should be recorded only, without spending time for thoughts and studying of collateral material.
p First of all it is necessary to get rid of the neurazumeniye relating to life - it closest to natural, natural activity.
z Than a profession and other duties is closer to life, the nature,
the smaller hindrance in the general understanding they are.
z the Clever person, getting into a jungle, it is sprayed and therefore not
very well knows primitive areas of life where each trifle is familiar to silly
z Silly instinctively does not study complex matters that all
of power of the poor intelligence to give up on such bases as
food, reproduction and a survival.
zp If all events to observe, comprehend, analyze - it can be enough over the years to become the person understanding.
zp is Less than neurazumeniye - at loving life.
z Neurazumeniye can promote conservatism.
and For neurazumeyushchy the genius mad.
and Neurazumeyushchy not dangerous - is afraid, but - does not notice dangers. p If you do not want
that life humiliated you, and even crushed,
you will find time from cigarettes, beer, sex and understand reality.
zdpv Neurazumeniye does not allow to choose the correct vital road.
pv Neurazumeniye - does not allow the person to be happy on the present.
zdv Neurazumeniye - an immaturity indicator.
z Neurazumeniye - from weakness of mind and feelings.
zpv Neurazumeniye can be from uneducated consciousness.
z Neurazumeniye can be from - for a lack of knowledge natural, socially - historical, technical, philosophical, everyday …
z Neurazumeniye can be from weakness of knowledge, feelings, emotions, thinking, observation, experience, the analysis, conclusions … Neurazumeniye can be from bad mood, health …
z Neurazumeniye can be in area which is not studied and is not experienced.
zd Neurazumeniye can negatively affect on wellbeing, behavior, life, interests, the purposes, a way of life, the relations of people … z Neurazumeniye discussion is capable to clear up
z Neurazumeniye can take away the person to other world, life, community …
to a neurazuyeniye Print - on a human face.
z to Neurazumosmeny is promoted by not ability to philosophize. kp Hurry to understand
! We understand a lot of things too late.
z can be the Cause of a neurazumeniye an ambiguity and inflexibility of mind.
z can be the Cause of a neurazumeniye weakness of logical thinking.
z can be the Cause of a neurazumeniye lack of accord and logical symmetry of the drawn conclusions.
z it is possible to get rid Of a neurazumeniye through the analysis and experience.
z Leaving from a neurazumeniye - the most difficult mental, spiritual and practical work.
zp Leaving from a neurazumeniye - needs systemacity.
zp Unsystematic character in development of ponimaniye - as a rule, results in its discrepancy and violation of logical sense.
zd Neurazumeniye in many respects depend on that activity which the person carries out.
z Neurazumeniye - takes away opinion.
zpv In a neurazumeniye are often guilty defects, temptations, pleasures … zpv Neurazumeniye has to be eradicated by
thoughtfully and first of all because of growth of spirituality and knowledge.
and Neurazumeniye - is dangerous.
z Neurazumeniye prevents to see truth.
in Neurazumeniye destroys mentality and obscures reason.
zs At eradication of a neurazumeniye even capable to understand - is difficult to break through opinion of parents, teachers, to the public that what world it is wanted to be shown.
with Proud with ease will change humiliating recognition in a neurazumeniye of the fact that want from it - for a role of the pighead. there is no
yu Sometimes anything more cleverly how to pretend to be neurazumeyushchy.
yu If the fool admits a neurazumeniye - he means grew wiser.
yu the Wise man, urazumeya - is silent, the fool without comprehending - says.

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