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By what criteria estimate efficiency of activity public relations - the expert in business (negotiations, sales).

In industrial and post-industrial society development business - structures depend on the good level of communicative policy. Thus, modern PR - the expert first of all has to know steadily methods of communication and to be a professional psychologist to become a successful link in the field of business. For example, the essence of many consulting companies just is also based on PR - activity.
Public relations - the expert does not participate directly in business - negotiations and sales, but his knowledge and ability needs to be used for achievement of efficiency, at many stages of business processes.
In negotiations the PR expert plays an important role at a preparation stage. When definite purposes are also designated own interests, PR- of exchanges collects a maximum of information on future partners (who will participate in negotiations, its role in the organizations and methods of management in it; personal and professional interests of partners, their psychological features, situation and methods of work in the market, their opportunities etc.) . Depending on collected information forms the main and minor strategy of negotiating, the program of additional actions.
the PR manager is involved In sales indirectly, by means of public relations form image of the company, the favorable atmosphere in the market. All technologies in PR are based on feedback. As the PR main function is public relations, the expert of this sphere can bring big benefit in collecting and systematization of information necessary for advance of production, will help to set the tasks for research so that the result was more productive. Its help is also necessary at the choice of a method of advance, since packing and before advertizing. Analyzing the market, requirements and a level of income of the consumer, and many other factors, it gives noticeable help in planning of strategy of advance of production. He chooses the most suitable channel for distribution of information, is engaged in the organization and carrying out the presentation in support of production. Works with objections of consumers.
PR is the base of business, and the PR expert - eyes and ears, and he always knows a coma as how to tell, considering the traditions, the status and stereotypes which developed in society.
Therefore, it is possible to formulate a number of criteria for an assessment of the PR expert, estimating his activity, in the environment of business.
First criterion:
- professionalism - the quality of the expert including a set of factors, in particular - strong knowledge and practical skills not only in the field of the theory and practice of public relations, but also some other sciences, such as: management, marketing, psychology of business communication and mass communications, imidzhelogiya, conflictology, journalism etc. Therefore PR-of exchanges helps experts of the sphere of business (managers, marketing specialists etc.) at implementation of external and internal communications by them. And so that to provide at the last emotional economic satisfaction from given business - contact. Professionalism formation - long process. Are not born professionals, become them.
Second criterion:
- morality public relations - the expert. Proceeding from professional ethics and the personal qualities, it provides business at the consumer - services confidence that the firm interacts with it is honest, transparent, reliably.
Third criterion:
- an effective gumanitarnost of efforts public relations - the expert. Here we understand: transfer of accent in business communication from goods (as driving force of trade), from economic profit - on quality of relationship with the consumer, care of it, first of all, and in the second - about the benefit. It will lead to fixing of the consumer, repeated transactions it.
Fourth criterion:
- responsibility - to perform work in time, to be able to distribute the time (a time - management) etc.
the Fifth criterion:
- creativity: in spite of the fact that PR contains a lot of standardly fulfilled technologies, but it always has to be able to find advantages before competitors.
- personal qualities public relations - the expert: ability to work in collective, keenness and tolerance, analytical mentality, ability to speak and write competently, ability to be convincing and charming, to adapt to different situations, to develop versatily, comprehending other interesting professions.
Even to professional, skilled PR-to the expert needs to increase the level of the qualification as scientific technologies do not stand still, and society easily brings innovations in daily occurrence. Versatile knowledge of the person helps it to establish relations and contacts with the different directions in business.
In work of the PR manager happen the moments when decisions have to be made in seconds - therefore it is necessary to possess high resistance to stress and to react quickly in such situations.
Knowledge of foreign languages, it of course not the basic, but influences an assessment of the PR expert. Very often it is necessary to be engaged in the personal website of the company, often even to create it therefore knowledge of WEB technologies is necessary and ability to work with graphic editors.
Depending on work which the PR expert should carry out needs to understand rules of business to place own priorities in this sphere.
Trying to obtain real use of the criteria of success of the PR expert created above, we will promote transition of business in Russia from stages of “consulting“ sales, “strategic“ sales - by an era of partnership with the consumer when lead to repeated transactions quality of relationship, and goods not positioning of goods in the market.