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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 29 - on May 1? “1+1“, “Between“, etc. The the summer, a season of holidays, country sorties and other entertainments is closer than

in the open air, the stronger movie theaters try to entice on a spark of the inhabitants who remained in the stuffy cities. However, just from this point of view this week will provide some respite to film fans.

Days off without blockbusters will treat the viewer to new French cinema, the next fighter with Jason Statham and a long-awaited horror film from master Francis Ford Coppola.

1. “1+1“ (Intouchables, 2011)

the Rich French aristocrat after accident becomes “real estate“. Without wishing to be given on favor of destiny, Philip employs the personal assistant. And, to horror of acquaintances and servants, the huge Black with the criminal past appears them. However Philip is sure that Dries is the one who is necessary to him. His life not especially played paints and to the tragedy, and now the aristocrat risks to get stuck in routine and gray everyday life at all. Be not afraid, the faithful assistant will not allow the boss to relax.

Olivier Nacache and Eric Toledano`s French comedy which received so unintelligible name in the Russian hire is based on life of the real French businessman Philip Pozzo di Borgo. More precisely, on its book “Second Chance“ which appeared in 2001. The aristocrat insisted that directors shot the movie in a comedy not to create around his person an aura of “pity and compassion“. Apparently, authors managed to consider as much as possible its wishes because the tape turned out easy, cheerful and touching.

2. “Defender“ (Safe, 2012)

Jason Statham good fellow. He sneezed on criticism and charges of an uzkolobost. Chose to himself a genre niche and from year to year develops it, despite of current trends and fashion in cinema. There is, of course, a certain danger to get stuck in this bog seriously and for a long time, up to full not return, but Statham follows the principle “dance, young so far“.

In the new storm fighter “Defender“ (he is “Safe“) the actor again one in the field soldier suprotiv hordes of artful Asians, the mafioso and selling cops. On a game - the huge sum of money hidden in somebody the safe and belonging to the Chinese Triads. The code from the safe is known not only to bandits, but also the little girl with an infallible memory. The task of our hero includes protection of the girl against bastards who by all means want to eliminate the excess witness. Sounds as a synopsis of a computer game, however movies with Statham`s participation are seldom selected with a nonlinear plot. Admirers will be happy. And on that thanks.

3. “Between“ (Twixt, 2011)

was not taken Very long ago in hand of checkers by Francis Ford Coppola. More precisely, large-scale games for the maestro ended with an exit of “Benefactor“ at the end of 90 - x years. Since then Coppola prefers to shoot the independent film, without relying on large budgets of the known studios and without rushing on orders of the day. This practice was pernicious because new works of the person who once presented to the world of “Godfather“ “An apocalypse today“ and “Kotton Club, are almost unknown to wide audience.

And still there came the moment when bothered “to write Coppola to a table“. The director shot the picture “Between“ in a popular genre of the mystical thriller, having mixed in a tape of the grown old Val Kilmer, the blossoming El Fanning, own Istanbul dreams and visual finds of Rodriguez from Sins of the city. And also visited Moscow within an advertizing campaign of the movie. Nevertheless Coppola never, even in the blossoming of the creativity, pursued cash desk, and now and even less so. It “Between“ - the movie chamber, “not for all“, and therefore the agiotage is not expected.

4. “Street Dance 2“ (Street Dance 2)

the Typical example of the fact that the cloned creations can have a posterity too. The British tracing-paper from the American franchize “Step forward“ got the sequel and, apparently, is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

To watch similar movies at movie theater it is simply sad. Pulls legs in a dance, and you are forced to sit quietly in a chair and to chew popcorn because brains are in a condition of stand - by. Zero dialogues, cheap emotions, the fabricated scenario courses. Only music and dances, improbable on flexibility and an ingenuity, are capable to keep attention of the viewer, but also those perish under shaft of stamped remarks. It is quite possible that in 3D it and it looks perfectly, but not cinema. It is the reporting from a disco.

5. “Nurses“ (2012)

Prolific Sarik Andreasyan, at the suggestion of someone`s hairy hand literally showered the Russian film distribution the with creations. Only three years passed from the phenomenon of “Burdocks“, and on hands at the audience already a lot of projects of this Armenian cinematographer, beginning from a remake of “Office romance“ and finishing with the recent comedies “Mothers“ and “That Still Karloson“. In line “Nurses“, the tape with participation of stars of TNT channel of Ararat Keshchyan (“University“) and Nikolay Naumov (“Real boys“) put by the elder brother of Ararat Ashot Keshchyan.

In other words where do not spit, continuous media persons, povylazivshy from a TV screen in search of real money and glory. The plot of the movie strikes with “innovation“ - two idlers go to Turkey where are forced to nurse juvenile hooligans of the chief, type to build career and to shirk responsibility. Let`s hope that at least creators of the movie have much fun on shootings because they did not leave to the viewer of such opportunity.

6. “Shelter“ (Take Shelter, 2011)


the Unusual movie was presented on court of the viewer by the young American Jeff Nichols debuting at cinema in 2007. His hero performed by Michael Shannon (“Jonah Heks“ and series “Underground Empire“) sees strange, more precisely, bad dreams about the future storm and the terrifying natural cataclysms. Michael treats the visions as caution therefore digs the bunker on a backyard that does not delight his wife and acquaintances.

“Shelter“ caused some one-sided stir. On the one hand, a prize in Cannes and participation in a festival of independent cinema in Sandensa, with another - zero reaction from the Oscar. The success of Michael Shannon who played whether the paranoid, whether the seer (the final will sort things out) unambiguously demanded encouragement, but opinions of critics and wide audience did not coincide. Nevertheless something in this picture is certain to eat.

Besides the above-stated tapes, this week in the Russian hire the animated screen version of the first of Gideon Defoe`s books in which speech goes about adventures of pirates - losers debuts. Animation project “Pirates! A gang of losers“ it is removed in a plasticine manner of “Wallace and Gromit“ and comes out in 3D - a format.

Admirers of the Japanese animes will be pleased by emergence at movie theaters of a manga with the vast name “Berserk. Golden Age: Movie I. Bekherit the Master“ . The chamber psychological drama “Somewhere tonight“ with John Turturro`s participation (“Transformers“, “Barton Fink“), telling about loneliness in the big city will become the last participant of a wide release.

In limited quantity of cinema halls to us will suggest to enjoy the three-dimensional version of the well-known ballet “Giselle“ directed by the Maryinsky Theater, and also “Vacation by the sea“ , the next director`s project of the French actress Julie Delpi will show the comedy (many remember it according to the unsuccessful sequel “The American Werewolf in Paris“).

Behind this the April party of film novelties comes to an end. In line the whole assembly of May premieres, among which the engaged comic book “Avengers“, Russian “Match“, “Gloomy shadows“ of Tim Burton, the crushing comedy “Dictator“ from authors of “Borat“, long-awaited third part of “Men in black“ and “Prometheus“ of Ridley Scott.