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What groups of Mormons exist? Polygamy as criterion of division of Mormonism of

We got acquainted with history of emergence of Mormonism as new religious trend and with structure of the church power. Now it is a high time to talk about that how many different groups of Mormons exist and why they stood apart from followers J. Smith and B. Young.

Classification of Mormons

J. Gordon in the “Encyclopedia of the American religions“ subdivides Mormons into the following groups:

Mormons of Utah are not polygamous families which occurred from the Mormons who followed Brigam Young to Utah. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the largest of these groups.

Mormons of Missouri is a group which refused to accompany Young and remained to live in the State of Missouri. In this group there are several subgroups: Christ`s community, Christ`s Church, the Remained church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

the Mormons who kept polygamy. These groups sometimes call fundamentalists. They still continue to adhere to policy of polygamy.

Family way

Mormons of the first two groups have one wife . To marry, the man and the woman have to be “sealed“ with each other that the marriage union was valid also in afterlife. The ceremony of “closing“ (wedding) passes in the temple. Children after the birth can be “pripechatana“ to the parents that related communications were eternal.

For the rest it is a usual family. The husband can be engaged on service in church hierarchy or work in any private or government institution. The wife is engaged in the basic with the house and children. Nobody prevents it to go to work. Children attend school. If they have a thirst for knowledge, then they can get good university education.

And one more feature of traditional Mormons. If the person died, without having passed the corresponding ceremonies, then they can be made after his death. There is, for example, an office of Baptism for the dead. According to the church doctrine of Jesus Christ of Sacred last days, all Mormons can hear and accept or reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ and church sacraments in this life or in following.

How the situation with family traditions at Mormons - fundamentalists is? They live in the USA, Canada and Mexico. For example, the city of Colorado is of City on our State of Arizona where there live exclusively polygamous families. The population of the city makes about 6 thousand people. Big two-storeyed houses are hidden behind high fences from curious eyes of strangers.

City lives in Colorado the former Mormon - the fundamentalist Richard Holm . It had three wives. The first time he married in 1971 the girl with whom he was in love since youth, the second time in 1985 and the third time in 1996 Holmes had at the same time three wives who gave birth to it to 17 children, was dear member of a community of Mormons - fundamentalists.

But a few years ago he was disappointed in religion, left a community, officially got divorced from the wives. Now it works as the guide and accompanies bus sightseeing tours. On the excursion course he invites to come into the 30 - the room house in which there lived his big family.

One of leaders of a Mormon community Joe Dzhessop to whom now 88 years, have 5 wives, 46 children and 240 grandsons. Ordinary Mormons of Colorado of City usually have 2 - 3 wives. Mormons have a rule: if someone from his relatives dies, then he is obliged to take the wife and children of the dead. Thus, the woman - the widow and her children receive social protection from the new spouse.

In a community there is a temple and school. Mormon families are forbidden to watch television, but it is authorized to use the Internet. All property of Mormons under the law belongs to church, and they only operate it. All community cares for each member. For example, houses are under construction the whole world. As all large families, the area of the house can exceed one thousand square meters. Work of assistants is possible to the new owner of the house.

Mormons - fundamentalists believe that in life they have only one occupation, worthy men is a work on the earth. When Mormons came to the earth of future city, they found there the waterless desert in which cactuses and undersized bushes grew. In 80 years of life they turned the district into the blossoming garden. Deep artesian wells give in plenty cool and pure. People have enough it for drink, for watering of fruit trees, and also for the maintenance of cattle and any small living creatures.

30% of the earth and cattle are municipal property of a community, and the income from them goes to church, on a construction of roads, free houses, the maintenance of school. In Colorado such communal property brings in to City the income in several million dollars.

All needs and problems of a community are regulated at general meetings of members. They are carried out on Saturdays to churches. Only men have the right to vote. The decision which has legislative force in this place is by a simple majority vote made.

If work on the earth is a privilege of men, then the main duty of women - to give birth to children and to look after them. Many women in Colorado of City give birth to 12 - 15 children. Medical care here at height practically all newborns also survive.

Unfortunately, in such closed communities which the community is, there is a closely related crossing of people. It leads to birth of children with hereditary genetic diseases: they note various uglinesses and mental deviations, for example, epilepsy.

Girls from early age are trained for their main destination in life and married when they are 15 years old or even earlier. Nobody asks their consent to marriage and the age difference of “the groom and the bride“ concerns nobody.

Here such different family ways at traditional Mormons and fundamentalists.