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Cosmetic chemistry or When Catholicism recognizes divorce?

its Catholic majesty Louis XV issued the decree: “The woman attempting by means of whitewash or of blush, spirits, essences … to involve in a matrimony of subject its Majesty, admits charodeyky and will be punished. That marriage is dissolved“.

“In the face of Tezhe, on lips of Tezhe, on cheeks of Tezhe - to kiss where?“ It is so sung in a chastushka.

What meant this TZh? Zhirkost trust, that is State trust of the highest perfumery of the fatty and kosteobrabatyvayushchy industry! Here that served as raw materials for socialist cosmetics.

There was also such instruction before a campaign in the REGISTRY OFFICE: “I in a basin put you, and forced to wash legs, watered with threefold cologne“...

Words space and cosmetics - single-root. Ancient Greeks considered that the order, harmony and beauty reigns in space ( kosmeo ).

Perhaps, one of the most ancient directions of chemistry are cosmetic chemistry (from the Greek kosmetike - to decorate art), means and methods of improvement of appearance of the person. In any case, connection of one of eleven ancient known chemical elements of antimony powder of antimonial gloss (natural Sb 2 antimonite S 3 ) - was applied to blackening of eyebrows. Expression to part antimoniya appeared thanks to cosmetics too, is more true - to application in antimony cosmetics that was business long.

You sometime saw the lady in a mask from fresh strawberry ? I do not advise - not a sight for the faint of heart. Except this means, there is a mass of other improvised substances for care of skin. Cucumber, tomatoes, lemon, apple peel, potato starch, calendula, camomile and even nettle!

Is known the fact that “skin is the biggest body“. Also it is necessary to think of how this body functions, and how substances which we apply on its surface, to what consequences leads this or that influence work. The main products of cosmetic chemistry are shampoos, soaps, creams.

Distinguish medical and decorative cosmetics . With decorative everything is clear (see above Louis XV`s decree). And medical? It is science about methods of prevention and treatment of diseases on skin of a cosmetic way, care of nails and an oral cavity of medical methods.

Its tasks : treatment of diseases of face skin and hair; disposal of surplus of skin on a stomach, hips; change of a shape of mammary glands; elimination of various deformations on a face and a body.

Methods : Botox - a trade name of medicines of botulotoksin - for smoothing of steady and deep wrinkles; yuviderm - gel for injections, after introduction under skin “filling“ emptiness and smoothing wrinkles and lines around a mouth, a nose, in corners of eyes; a chemical peeling - procedure of drawing on skin of solutions of various acids for the purpose of partial or full removal of a horn layer; a mesotherapy - treatment of diseases of skin; treatment of cellulitis, baldness, acne illness . Bleaching of teeth - too a task and a method of medical cosmetics.

In the field of this subject the Institute of plastic surgery and cosmetology works (Moscow), the almanac “Kosmetika I Meditsina“ is issued. It is possible to esteem: Vshivkov A. A., Fundamentals of cosmetic chemistry (Yekaterinburg, 2005).

So ladies - to opponents of chemistry - have nothing to do in beauty shops.