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If the woman asks. Whether it is necessary to satisfy its requests?

“It is possible to lay down on a female. It is impossible to rely“ to

“the Road! Bring me, please, coffee!“ It lies all such beautiful, bared on a wide bed. Morning. I nod, and I splash on kitchen. It is pleasant to me to make by it coffee. “Road! Give me, please, a cosmetics bag in a handbag that weighs at you in a hall on a hanger“. I hurry in the specified direction that my charm put to itself on a face the next portion of cosmetic plaster. Then it will grind it, powdering a nose. As it is lovely to be useful to the lassie!

“Road! Go for me to the station and redeem tickets on armor. I fly to mother“. I stiffen in the doorway, me gnaws doubts, to me at all not the fountain to go through the plug capital behind its tickets now. But it such charming in not dressed look among down pillows that I go instead of it. If only it was easier, more pleasant to it. I come back in the afternoon. Or rather, in the late afternoon. It is exhausted as though I am a ball of threads and all wound me, wound, wound. I hardly move as in the building of the station to me moved the porter`s cart a thumb of the left leg.

“Road! Go to a dry-cleaner at the market and take away my evening red dress there!“ I turn to the darling and involuntarily I shoot words “the Darling! But whether not to go to you to the back ….? Well, there, where Makar of calfs did not drive?“ Tears, breaking off of thin hands, lamentations about the heavy share and rustic callousness follow.

How to us to men to be if the woman asks?

to Run on all time and to execute.


Such man is very convenient to the woman. It is similar to the old man Hottabychu. That granted desires by means of discharge of density of own beard. Only hitch: the woman begins to treat such man as to Hottabychu. No, she does not tear the boyfriend hair from a beard or moustaches (if they are available), but begins “to walk all over with it“. Run there, bring that, wash here …. So henpeckeds turn out. to Send to

it where far away.

On the slightest female request, replace, say, with a whisk for yourself sand from the street in a hall, the man is enough the same whisk and the lady nearly on a face. Any request of the woman is ignored, given a hostile reception. If the woman very much loves the man, then and ignoring, and “the beating on mordasa“ takes down stoically. She suffers, suffers, and then as will give in reply a cauldron for pilaf weighing 10 kg on “dome“ and - all. Exist very little women who willingly would live with the man who does not put the woman in a penny. With which all its requests fly by his ears.

to Comply only with small, not burdensome requests of the woman, but global - let does.

This approach develops independence in the woman. She knows that if her brain requests the invigorating coffee cup, then her man already in all “rustles with flippers“ at the coffee machine. If to ask to sit month with the child that broke a leg on classes in track and field athletics, then such man will give in: “Itself sit. I cannot leave work for in any way a month“ Here she clearly realizes rules of the game: to serve coffee - it it can, but that`s all in what in this life it is possible to rely on it.

to Comply only with those its requests that you want to execute for it.


A to want to make something for the woman, it is necessary to feed for it though some feelings. The your feeling to it, the more intensively desire to be it useful is stronger. Here in what I am confident from height of the years and experience. That attachment, love to the woman - piece, wasteful for the man. The speech not only about money. More true even, not so much about money, how many about expenditure of own energy, emotions, sincere forces, nerves, and various liquids.

That is why so often after communication with the woman you feel devastated, squeezed out as a lemon. In this case this condition of a vyzhatost most often is even pleasant, but it is necessary to keep constantly in mind the fact that once your woman can squeeze out the requests and whims you so intensively that you will turn into a lemon lump. … And you will be brushed away from the field of her life, the same as brush away a dried peel of a squeezed orange from a dining table …

not to become a davleny dried peel, it is impossible to satisfy ALL requests of the woman. On the other hand, if to be her man, then it is necessary to comply with female requests AT ALL. In one famous song it is sung: “Snowfall, snowfall, do not sweep to me on braids! Do not knock at my door, at gate do not turn! Snowfall, snowfall if the woman asks …“

Turns out if the woman asks about something again, and you do not know whether it is necessary to comply with her request, then wait for winter. Go to park, hold up a forehead to the falling snowflakes and ask snowfall. Only he will give the right answer for all 100% whether it is worth doing about what the woman asks.