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Victor Tsoi - forever?. On June 21 many of us will note

as special date - birthday of the poet and musician whom could not but just be in our life - Victor Tsoi. This year to it 50 years would be executed. Though why? And today we can see inscriptions both on walls, and on beautiful posters of the cities: “Tsoi - is living!“. It will be told you and aging “nonconformist“ - today the solid man, and the young girl. It will be told by both the poet, and the music lover...

Poet. - We celebrate Victor Tsoi`s fiftieth anniversary - we note without it... But I remembered 2000 now - y year. Article in “Arguments and the facts“ where persistently proved that in music and Tsoi`s verses there is nothing original, musicians almost all were so-so etc.

the Music lover.

- the Thesis about lack of originality in music of Kino group it is good to i to take for a ride to the Odessa herring. Tsoi had absolutely unique merge of the Russian and Korean melodics in many songs, merge Slavic and east. It is more convenient to just some misters to consider that the Russian rock is not capable to be original and it is doomed to eternal imitation the West. And we, actually, in the seventieth had original groups and soloists.

Poet. - And Tsoi`s verses are far not so simple as they can seem at first sight. In its simple lines - deep and ambiguous meaning … Though Tsoi of did not consider as the poet - did not want “excess laurels“. The vocalist it was very original, recognized from the first notes. Plastic natural, there was in it something from kiplingovsky Mowgli. Perhaps therefore - “a blood type on a sleeve“?.

Music lover. - Saying about musicians, personally I first of all call Yury Kasparyan. Titov and Tikhomirov - masterly bass players, but “Cinema“, with its simple songs, quite could manage ordinary a rhythm - section (as managed quite average drummer Guryanovym). And Kasparyan`s guitar did a half of all music, and it was absolutely the on anybody not similar guitar style.

Poet. - And though Kasparyan was not a virtuoso, but it was that guitarist who was necessary to Tsoi.

Music lover. - Yes, quite so. Tsoi needed stylish, melodiously original guitarist, but not the masterly “guitar hero“ because the message was always important text, words of songs, and all these solo and other tricks take away too much attention of public. Imagine, for example, Richie Blackmore or Jimmy Hendrix in the accompanying Bob Dylan`s structure - a nonsense, absurdity full …

the Poet. - By the way, about styles. Not without reason in the first years of existence of group Tsoi called himself the beatnik. Big - the bit of the sixtieth fine affected it, and often there was an interesting mixture big - a bat to a nu - veyvy, guitar a post - the punk... And many songs of Tsoi perfectly sound in big - to bat - I quite so hear it.

Music lover. - But to Tsoi was not successful the punk.

Poet. - Of course, no. “Anarchy“ it is necessary to sing and play mother time five more angrily that it became the punk. The fact that Tsoi played some time on a bass in “Automatic udovletvoritel“ - I think, it is a casual episode. Tsoi was not a punk in essence, he was a romantic. But - it should be noted special power of Tsoi. I am this power charge, fate - the hero just skin I feel this aura, even through a TV screen (it did not happen to visit concerts of group, alas).

Music lover. - Lyrics of Tsoi, his message … How you estimate now what was pleasant to you, admired you more than twenty years ago?

Poet. - I all this time continue to listen Vitina to songs. Interesting the fact that the perception changed a little. The same things, in general are pleasant, as then, during lifetime of Tsoi, and after his leaving, in the ninetieth … Both the first albums, and “Blood type“, and the latest works are pleasant. Its honesty and sincerity, integrity of character are pleasant. Tsoi had no bifurcation between verses and everyday life, unlike many and many poets and rockers … If to speak about Tsoi`s texts, then it is very serious material for literary critics, actually. And though it is considered to be fate - poetry, I all - think that it is Poetry, without any prefixes. Tsoi did not play with words, seeking undercover roots and deep semantic musters as it was done by Bashlachyov (and long before him - Velimir Khlebnikov). But it very precisely and laconically expressed the thoughts and feelings, and did it very poetically. As for the remembered sophisticated digging in words - me it something reminds Pushkin Salieri`s phrase that he “Music razjyal as a corpse“. Generally, me this method is not nice, and I consider it deadlock. On my modest understanding, it is so possible to be added before full disintegration of language, and will begin to write there is nothing. And there is nothing.

Music lover. - Of course, Tsoi`s verses is a poetry. And this poetry carries on primordial traditions of the Russian literature for which the morality was always important, accurate morally - an ethical position. In life as occurs often? People for years listen to fate, “go bananas“ from music and the drive and do not notice that message which in these songs. Decades listen to the songs calling for good - and quietly create the small and big evil.

Poet. - “Cinema“ in studio and “Cinema“ at concerts - what you can tell about it?

Music lover. - First of all, it is necessary to separate studio works from butleg. “46“, for example, Alexey Vishnya let out without the knowledge of Tsoi. “The black album“ had to be completed already without Tsoi, after his death. And so - of course, concert sounding of “Cinema“ strongly differed from studio, but it is in the order of things. It is far more important that all concerts were very driving - I heard them much, but I do not remember sluggish performances.

Poet. - It is very good that else in the ninetieth published a remastered discography of “Cinema“, many live recordings are published, many rare songs became the general property, video is published … by

the Music lover. - And, everyone listens as it is pleasant to it more. Someone - a compact - disks, someone - MP3, someone - vinyl …

the Poet. - Grudges only that behind loud hits less effective are not always noticeable, but too excellent songs... In general, it is necessary to tell that our generation found many early death - Vysotsky, Dassin, Lennon, Bashlachyov, Tsoi … We were still absolutely youths when to us all these people, everyone after the own fashion, told: “Time!“ Because any person who is engaged in creativity has to wonder sometimes - and if I die years in 30 - 40? What will I leave behind? And business here not in the one who, is how gifted and who is famous and who - is unknown …

the Music lover. - Of course, it is not it. Matter in the fullest creative self-realization.

Poet. - And here we talk many years later after Vitya gave the last concert - and its songs sound, and, likely, will sound for a long time … That fatal August I wrote the poem of memory of Tsoi and when worked on this verse, the simple thought came to mind: while the voice of the singer sounds, the singer is living. And, on present cynical times I will be told that it is too pathos and very naive. But I am sure that it is the real truth.